3 SEO Case Studies: How To Rank Sites And Grow Targeted Traffic In 2020


3 SEO Case Studies: How To Rank Sites And Grow Targeted Traffic In 2020

Whatever kind of online business you run, whether it’s a blog or website, a sales funnel, a landing page or you’re even sending people directly to an affiliate offer, they all need one thing…


Everything online lives or dies on the traffic it gets.

Yet, it’s probably the one thing all online businesses, entrepreneurs and webmasters struggle with.

Hoth are masters at getting quality, targeted traffic to your sites and, yesterday, they ran a webinar (you can watch the replay below) covering 3 SEO case studies…

Case Study #1: Recovering A Site Hit By Google Core Updates In The Competitive Financial Space

They explained how they were able to take a financial website with traffic in a steep decline and turn it into this:

SEO Case Study 1 - Fixing A Financial Site With Declining Traffic

Case Study #2: Maximizing Traffic In Localized Searches (Grey Niche)

The team breakdown how they were able to produce localized service pages for several cities and build out content to each page in order to 3X their traffic!

SEO Case Study 2 - Maximizing Traffic In Localized Searches (Grey Niche)

Case Study #3: Capitalizing On Easy Wins In E-Commerce

The team get into the weeds on how they strategically built guest posts to their client’s key money pages in order to get their big products to page 1 of Google:

SEO Case Study 3 - Capitalizing On Easy Wins In E-Commerce

At the end of the live training Hoth opened up their calendars to take calls and give clients a head start.

Their consultants are standing by to dive into your site, look at your competition, and devise a roadmap for your business.

They’re offering a FREE 30-minute, personalized SEO strategy session.

Book Your FREE SEO Consultation Here!

They will analyze your site and tell you:

Watch The SEO Case Studies Replay:

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