7 Reasons Video Is Great For List Building And Affiliate Marketing


7 Reasons Video Is Great For List Building And Affiliate Marketing

This is a short video ad I created with the Content Samurai online video maker (you can read about that here).

As you can see from the title, it’s about how to get free traffic to your website.

So why have I included this video on this website?

Here’s 7 reasons why I put this video on this post and why video is important for list building and affiliate marketing...

1. Adding the video here will help it rank a bit better on YouTube.

2. It’s more content for my YouTube channel.

There’s a chance that anyone who watches one of my other videos will end up watching this one too. And vice-versa.

The more content on my YouTube channel, the more eyeballs will see my videos and the more exposure my squeeze pages (to build my list) and affiliate offers (to earn direct commissions) will get.

3. The video will drive traffic to the page on YouTube that hosts the video, so more people will click on the link in my video description.

This is a common tactic used by YouTube marketers to drive free traffic to their offers, promotions and websites.

4. Since the video was specifically created as an ad, I can also display it as an ad on the YouTube network.

I could have it appear as a skippable ad in front of someone else’s video or it could appear at the top of the list when someone searches for a related term.

It could also appear at he top of the Recommended Videos list at the right of any page on YouTube. And advertising on YouTube is even cheaper than on Facebook.

5. The video is designed to drive traffic to a squeeze page (that offers a free ebook on how to get free traffic).

This tactic would normally help me to build my mailing list. But in this case I’m sending traffic to Sarah Staar (who I’ve talked about before).

Why would I do that?

Because once someone gets added to her mailing list, they’re tagged with my affiliate ID. And if  they buy anything from her in the future, I get the commission.

Ok, I lose out on adding a subscriber to my own mailing list but because she has a huge number of products she’s created and exposes her list to, I’m happy to trade not getting an email address for potentially earning big commissions.

6. I also get to showcase the kind of videos that can be created with Content Samurai.

My affiliate link for it is at the bottom of my video description on YouTube as another potential way of earning from this video.

7. I get to show you that Content Samurai can create quality videos that you can use to drive free traffic to your website, squeeze pages or wherever.

And that you can use video very effectively as a way of building your own email list.

If you’re looking for your own “business in a box” list building and affiliate marketing solution, then check out this free webinar. It will show you how powerful list building is as a business model and how you can shortcut building your own sales funnel from scratch.

I hope I’ve shown you some of the possibilities that creating your own videos can bring to your online business. And that using an online video maker like Content Samurai means you don’t have to appear on camera, have your own studio or even talk on a video for it to look professional. You have no excuse now not to use video in your business!

By the way, if you haven’t signed up for the free training I offer, watch this video:

See what I did there? smiley face

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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  1. I enjoyed this post and it came right on time. I just recently did my first video this week. I just wonder how I am going to collect more subscribers to watch those videos.

    In your post you talk about driving traffic to your page from Youtube. Don’t you have to have subscribers for this? You also talk about advertising on Youtube. Have you personally done it and if so how effective is it?

    Thanks for this post and I look forward to your response.

    • Hi Shwana. Most people who look at your videos on YouTube won’t subscribe to your channel. That’s why video creators go out of their way to ask people to subscribe and share at the start and end of their videos. It certainly helps if you have subscribers since they’re almost guaranteed to watch your videos. But most of your views will come from people who find your videos from searching on YouTube or on Google (videos tend to rank well in the Google search results).

      I’ve dabbled with YouTube advertising. Google say that they review videos quickly before approving them for display or rejecting them. I’ve tried submitting 4 videos for ad display. None were reviewed at all. I had to contact Google to prompt them into reviewing the videos. All were then accepted for ad display. However, it took them so long to do this that one of the video ads had already expired by the time they approved it. Not a good customer experience.

      I tested with very low budgets – $1-$2 per day. My videos got no clicks but they had very few impressions (views) too. My keyword bids might have been too low.

      This raises another issue. If you edit and change your ad in any way, including if you change your bids, your video ads have to go through the review process again. And in my case, yet again, the videos weren’t reviewed in the timeframe Google gives. It’s been a couple of weeks now since I changed the bid amounts and my videos still haven’t been re-reviewed.

      The YouTube advertising network leaves a lot to be desired in this respect. It’s ridiculous that videos have to undergo review again if all you do is change the bid amount on your keywords. Make it veeerrryyy time-consuming to fine-tune advertising campaigns.

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