A Joint Venture Opportunity That Can Result In BIG Commissions


A Joint Venture Opportunity That Can Result In BIG Commissions

This is a medium-ticket opportunity that pays out about $500 in commission per sale and, at maximum, can pay out about $3,200 in commissions.

Those high-end commissions put this offer into high-ticket territory.

This Joint Venture (JV) opportunity os free to join – you only need to go here to sign up (free) to get your affiliate link and promotional materials.

While there are affiliate links on the JV page, you will need to go through the actual signup process, otherwise you will not receive any commissions. 

Without signing up, you won’t be whitelisted to receive commissions ans your affiliate links will not be included in emails sent out on your behalf (more on that below).

Partnership To Success JVClick the link or image above to go to the JV page and scroll to the bottom of the page to watch the actual video

The Partnership To Success program was created and developed by John Thornhill and gives students the opportunity to tap into the hottest new trend in internet marketing: e-learning!

Students receive everything they need to launch their own digital product businesses within 60 days and be successful, regardless of technical skills or previous experience.

It’s proven, easy to set up, and taps into a booming $370 billion industry… soon growing to $1 TRILLION!

The program includes step-by-step training, 1-on-1 coaching, and a full 3-day joint venture promotion to his email list.

It’s a foolproof way for total beginners to launch their own digital product business from scratch!

The offer converts at 8% to cold traffic and at up to 20% from emails John sends out to people who get added to his email list.

If that person signed up under you, John’s email will contain your affiliate link, so John is emailing on your behalf.

The front-end price is $995 (paying a 50% commission) while the value of everything in the sales funnel is $6,486, 50% of which you would get if sales are through your affiliate link.

The refund rate for the program is also very low – less than 3%.

Any product that has a refund rate of less than 10% is usually worth promoting and one with just 3% is pretty exceptional.

Let’s say you run a promotional campaign for Partnership To Success but none of your leads buy directly through your links.

After your email campaign ends, anyone who hasn’t purchased will be added to John’s internal email list where he will continue to promote the program to your leads with your affiliate link.

There are a lot of testimonials on the JV signup page that you can check out to see if this is a program you’d like to promote.

You get two affiliate links to promote…

  • one for a webinar that teaches John’s 4-step system for cranking out highly profitable digital assets like clockwork and profiting from the $1 trillion e-learning industry.
    Partnership To Success Webinar
  • the other is for a long-form sales page that reveals why there has never been a better time to start selling digital products, and why so many entrepreneurs try and fail. Very high-converting.
    Partnership To Success

You also get access to banners, images and email sequences to use in your promotions.

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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