A New Version of MailerLite Is Just Around The Corner


A New Version of MailerLite Is Just Around The Corner

MailerLite is a low-cost autoresponder service that offers a free plan along with its paid plan.

With the free plan, you can collect up to 1,000 subscribers and send out 12,000 email per month.

So it’s a great option for those just starting out who don’t want to pay up front for one of the other autoresponder services.

Technology never stands still, so the team behind MailerLIte have been busy over the last couple of years creating a new version of the web-based app.

They’ve added an  advanced infrastructure that will allow them to release updates and add new features fast.

Multiple automation triggers and more reporting options are on their priority list!

The new MailerLite will launch on March 22nd.

The current MailerLite will be rebranded as MailerLite Classic and will continue to work simultaneously.

Current MailerLite users will have the option to continue using MailerLite Classic and transition to the new app when they’re ready.

Starting March 22nd, all new account sign-ups will have access to the new MailerLite.

For a limited time, anyone with a Free plan can upgrade to a paid plan and lock in the current pricing on MailerLite Classic forever!

How does the offer work?

If you purchase a paid plan for MailerLite Classic before March 22nd, you will be grandfathered into the existing plan pricing—forever!

This means that if at any time in the future the pricing on MailerLite Classic is increased, the changes will not apply to your account.

MailerLite Classic PricingMailerLite Classic pricing

You can check out MailerLite’s (Classic) features here (no information on what additional features are in the new MailerLite have been released yet).

Why A New Version of MailerLite Was Created

You’ve probably already noticed that people are spending more and more time online to stay connected and conduct business.

(New) MailerLite’s improved infrastructure will enable the developers to deliver new features faster, and adapt to their customers’ needs more effectively.

Feature requests will be implemented more quickly.

The new MailerLite will launch with a fresh design layout, faster UI (User Interface) flow, several new features, and tiered pricing plans that address different customer needs.

There are too many note-worthy updates to list here but you can check them out on this MailerLite blog post.


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