A Q&A On Zach Crawford’s New $7 Beginner’s Digital Marketing Course


I’ll be publishing an in-depth review of my mentor, Zach Crawford’s, recently launched affiliate marketing course for beginners that costs just $7.

That’s not $7/mth – that’s a one-time $7 payment!

You can check what the course includes here.

Zack Crawford's New $7 Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners

Zach has been getting tons of questions about his new $7 program so here’s a Q&A he put together about that (these are his words)…

1) What is the difference between your $7 course and (insert company name’s) $7 challenge

Zach Crawford's CourseAnswer: Simple, my $7 course is what my competitors charge $1000-$2500 for.

I designed it this way on purpose.

Most $7 courses/challenges just give you a bunch of information on “what you could do” and then leave you hanging unless you pay $2,000+.

I just decided to give you the $2,000 course to give you massive value and let you see what it’s like to be a customer and do business with me.

You could literally make $100k+ with what I give you.

2) Do I need to purchase anything else after the $7?

Yes and No.

I designed the course so you can get results even if you’re truly broke and can’t afford to spend any more money.

I also give you options if you want to do things at a higher level and have money to invest.

I do have higher-level coaching programs, but I understand these are not for everyone.

You will have the option to join my higher-level program if you see value in them, but it’s not required.

3) Is there a guarantee I will make money or get results?

No, absolutely not!

I can’t guarantee you results and no one can, regardless of what they tell you.

I don’t make bogus guarantees that I will pay you thousands of dollars if you don’t get results or if I waste your time.

People who do this are the scum of the industry and they are praying on your greed.

Read the fine print… 99% of these guarantees have ridiculous terms, hoops, and backflips you must go through and you still will never get what you’re promised.

If you want someone who has made millions with affiliate marketing and helped others make millions with affiliate marketing, I’m your guy.

If you want someone who has a track record of doing this for 9+ years, I’m your guy.

If you want someone who will tell you exactly what you need to do without all the BS, I’m your guy.

If you want someone who will promise you the world and make you ridiculous promises they can never back up, save your $7.

The only person who can guarantee your success is yourself by putting in the work and sticking with it until you get results.

4) Can I do this without promoting your products?

Yes, you absolutely can.

I designed this program to give you the information you need to promote any product you want successfully.

All I ask is once you get results remember who helped you and provide me a testimonial I can use in my business.

It would be much appreciated 🙂

5) Will there be any 1 on 1 coaching?

There is no way I can offer 1 on 1 support for just $7.

It would exhaust my team and me.

In order to be able to help you at a high level, to review your work, answer all your questions and for me to give 110% of myself, I need to be paid well.

Would you work 40+ hours a week if people only paid $7?

Me neither, but with that being said, I give you everything you need to get results.

If you implement the plan I give you, I’m 100% confident it will work well for you.

I even back it up with a lifetime guarantee I’m so confident.

If you’re not happy with what you paid for I don’t want your money.

My goal is to create more six and seven-figure earners and the reason I created this program is it helps me do that.

I know that if you apply what I teach you that you will get amazing results and you will continue to be my customer because you want to keep leveling up.

So it’s a win-win for both of us.

I did my best to answer the questions I keep receiving.

Zach Crawford.

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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