Unboxing The One Funnel Away Challenge

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day course from Russell Brunson and his team that teaches you how to create your first sales funnel. If you don’t know what a sales funnel is, it’s explained in the video above, or you can read my post about them here.

Whether you run a small business, are on online entrepreneur or an affiliate marketer, a sales funnel will help you get leads and convert those leads into customers.

The ultimate goal of a marketing funnel is to add leads to your mailing list and ultimately convert a percentage of them into paying customers.

Since you’re building an email list through this process, you have subscribers that you can mail to again and again.

That may be to remind them of the your offer and why it’s a good fit for them, or you can email them training, advice and tips so they get value from being one of your subscribers.

This way they get to learn who you are and what your expertise is, and that you’re not just going to be bombarding them day by day relentlessly with offer after offer.

How you relate to your list is an important as the people you get to sign up to it.

If any of these scenarios describe you or your situation, taking the Challenge is one of the best ways you can get out of the rut you’re in:

As courses go pricewise, this is one of the least expensive you’ll find from a proven marketer.

The course is just $100 and you’re getting access to some of the best marketing teachers in the business.

If you’re serious about building an online business as a sideline income or as a full-time replacement for a job you loath, then you need to approach it the right way.

Looking to make a few bucks on the side online as a hobby isn’t going to cut it.

This is a course where you will have to do homework. But this is the best way to learn. Reading or just watching videos is little more than entertainment – learning stuff because you enjoy learning new things.

But if you don’t apply what you learn, you’ll never progress as a marketer.

The One Funnel Away Challenge gives you the tools, insights and knowledge to start building a real, sustainable online business.

Are you up to that challenge?

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