Affiliate Marketing Opportunity: Builderall 4.0 Is Coming And Why You Should Take Notice!


Builderall 4.0 Launch
Builderall offers a compelling 2-Tier affiliate program that pays generous commissions and it’s one to capitalize on with the upcoming launch of Version 4 of this toolset at the beginning of October…

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Why I Use Clickfunnels Instead of Builderall

As I’ve mentioned in several other posts on this blog, I use the Clickfunnels sales funnel builder.

One of the main reasons for this is that I use a lot of shared funnels.

These are funnels created and shared by other Clickfunnels users.

These funnels cannot be imported into other funnel builders as the funnel sharing mechanism is built into Clickfunnels itself.

But Clickfunnels is comparatively expensive, starting at $97 per month for the basic plan.

This plan is also limited in that you can only build, at most, 20 funnels or 100 pages.

Gary’s Clickfunnels® Review – Does This Sales Funnel Builder Live Up To Expectation?

If you want more funnels, then you have to upgrade to the Pro plan which is a pretty hefty $297 per  month.

That’s not a huge sum for a business, but for a lone marketer, both price points will likely seem expensive.

So, less expensive alternatives look a lot more appealing to marketers.

You may have received emails from various marketers touting that “insert product name” is a “Clickfunnels killer”.

Oh, come on!

Clickfunnels makes a profit of around $100 million per year!

What small outfit is going to have the marketing resources to counter what Clickfunnels can bring to the table?

Most of these “Clickfunnels killers” don’t even make it onto Clickbank and are only sold on JVZoo (if they’re good) or WarriorPlus (if they’re not quite so good).

And 6 months after they’re launched, they’ve disappeared into obscurity.

Real Clickfunnels Alternatives

GroovePages Logo

The only real contender to Clickfunnels is GroovePages but it’s plans and pricing are now similar to Clickfunnels’, now that they’re out of their Beta testing phase.

When I first became aware of sales funnels and the tools needed to create them, two companies were always mentioned – the ubiquitous Clickfunnels and Builderall.

That was back in 2018 when Clickfunnels was 4 years old and Builderall was just over 1 year old.

Back then, Builderall was touted as the cheaper version of Clickfunnels.

I don’t think Builderall promoted themselves that way, but a lot of their affiliates did.

The problem was that Builderall didn’t have a sales funnel builder.

Why You Should Consider Promoting or Subscribing To Builderall

Builderall Logo

Builderall is a different beast to Clickfunnels.

Where Clickfunnels is a dedicated tool for building sales funnels, Builderall is actually a suite of tools commonly used by marketers, all housed under one roof.

The idea was to cut costs for marketers so that they wouldn’t have to pay for various services and tools separately.

But, as I mentioned, a sales funnel builder wasn’t part of the toolset.

That changed earlier this year when Builderall did introduce a sales funnel builder into their suite.

And now they’re launching Builderall Version 4.0 in the immediate future (looks like it will be on October 1st).

I have more information in this post about why Builderall is a fantastic affiliate marketing opportunity, no matter when you heard of it.

So here’s why you should take notice of the Builderall 4.0 launch:

1. If you’re an affiliate marketer:

  • Builderall have an affiliate program that’s free to join, so you don’t need to subscribe to the service first.
  • They’re making promotional material for the launch available on September 24th (2020).
  • They’re running a launch contest where the Top 3 prizes are muscle cars:Builderal 4.0 Top Launch Prizes
  • The next 37 top affiliates will win a Macbook Pro!
  • Affiliates earn 100% commission on their clients’ first payment and 30% commissions on recurring payments.
  • They also run a 2-Tier affiliate program and affiliates earn 30% commissions on clients’ recurring payments (from affiliates brought in by you).
  • You can sign up for the affiliate program here. Please make sure to read the Affiliate Terms and Rules on this page so you understand how the competition works.

2. If you’re looking for a less expensive option to Clickfunnels

  • As I mentioned above, Builderall is not a direct competitor to Clickfunnels, but it does now include a sales funnel builder in its suite of tools.
  • A new Builderall Super-Free Plan is being introduced in Version 4 where you can access all the tools with some limitations. You can upgrade to the paid plan when you feel ready to take full advantage of the platform.
  • Builderall currently has 5 pricing plans, ranging from Free to $69.90 per month, depending on the tools you need. The price of the Premium Plan will change from $69.90 per month to $99 per month (new customers only) but, during the launch, customers will be able to get a Lifetime 30% discount and go Premium for $69.90 per month. You will also get Agency Rights to be able to run your own website agency, creating sub-accounts for your clients, and charging them directly with your preferred payment gateway. (100% into your pocket)
  • A new “Secret Plan” is being introduced but details on this will only be announced at launch.
  • A new “Builderall Funnel Club” is also being introduced which will cost $199 one-time + $69.90 monthly. It’s not clear but I think that $69.90 monthly fee also has the 30% discount applied and will be $99 per month after launch. This plan gives access all the Builderall Tools and more than 400 Funnel templates and chatbot funnels.
  • New tools are being added to the suite:
    • Builderall Funnel Club – More than 300 funnel templates for you to edit and build money-making funnels to promote and Lead capture funnels to build your email list in different niches. And there’s more! Agency funnels for you to sell your services as an agency and local business Chatbot messenger funnels to offer your clients.
    • Builderall Booking Calendar app – The official launch of the Booking calendar app integrated with google calendar and zoom…
    • Builderall Design tool – A tool for you to download hundreds of designs and images for your website… all copyright free since they have created all the images.
    • New animated mockups for the Design Studio – Create amazing new animated mockups for your website with this new tool.
    • Webinar upgrades – Now you can start a live or recorded webinar with ghost audience, waiting room, tagging, automation, call to action, new layout, new share screen layouts, and much more.
    • Builderall Marketplace – Buy and sell products with the massive Builderall affiliate network.
    • Share locker upgrades – The all-new share locker is now much more powerful! Create the viral effect on your website with videos and pictures.
    • Chat builder and private chat builder – Start a group or private conversation with your visitors on your website or membership area, and yes… it can be used as a help desk system.

So it looks like Builderall has really come of age and provides a wealth of tools that marketers need, all from one central dashboard.

Final Thoughts

Builderall vs Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is only a tool.

It doesn’t build sales funnels for you.

You either have to use/modify the included funnel templates, create your own from scratch or import funnels created by other users.

What Clickfunnels does is make all of this as easy and painless as possible, especially for someone who’s not into HTML coding.

It’s all drag-n-drop page building, filling in text boxes, uploading images and changing settings.

Builderall’s sales funnel builder does the same job, if in a slightly different fashion.

Plus you get all the additional tools that Clickfunnels doesn’t provide.

Yes, the Premium Plan price is rising to match that of Clickfunnels, but you are getting all those additional tools as well.

So, if you’re looking for a way to build sales funnels, Builderall (especially the upcoming version 4) is certainly worth taking a look at.

And if you’re primarily an affiliate marketer, then the Builderall affiliate program is definitely one to consider.

Clickfunnels’ affiliate program has changed since it was first introduced.

Originally, it provided a 2-Tier affiliate program where you earned 40% commission of your direct referrals’ fees and 5% commission on fees from people recruited by your own referrals.

Now, the affiliate program is 1-Tier only and affiliates start out on a 20% or 30% commission from their referrals. Once you recruit 40 people, your commissions rise to 40%.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program Benefits

Compare that to Builderall’s affiliate program where you earn 30% from your direct referrals and 30% from the people they recruit.

Builderall Affiliate Program

But there’s no reason you can’t be an affiliate for both programs! 🙂

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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  1. I have never heard about this Builderall before but I think that it is a very good platform for me to learn what I need for affiliate marketing. It’s literally the first time that I am coming across it. It will be good to know more about it when it is launched the way you have shared it. Thanks!

    • Hi Suz, Builderall has been around since 2017 and you can sign up for it now, if you’re interested. All existing customers will be upgraded to Version 4 when it’s launched and will be locked into the current price they pay for the service.

      Paying for all the tools that Builderall provides separately costs a lot more than paying for Builderall. It’s that cost-saving measure that’s one of its biggest advantages.

  2. Great to read this review, Gary. I have had Clickfunnels for a while, but no funnels at that time. And then it definitely is too costly.
    A friend of mine has Groovefunnels and is very enthusiastic about it.
    And now I can also have a look at Builderall.
    It’s good to compare programs to each other, depending on ones’ needs. So thank you very much for this information. 🙂

    • Hi Hannie, i use Clickfunnels as well and am up to my limit of 100 pages (in 19 funnels) on the basic plan.

      Its $97/mth price may have been worth it when it was launched 6 years ago, especially since there was no competition but I now find it clunky to use and over-priced for what it offers.

      I thought about buying GroovePages when it was on offer for the one-time $497 fee but I didn’t want to pay for another tool that I might or might not use.

      I primarily use Clickfunnels for the shared funnels you can get that can’t be imported into other funnel builders.

      I could re-recreate some of the simpler funnels in other funnel builders and I’ve done that using WordPress plugins. But I still need Clickfunnels to see the shared funnel in the first place.

      It’ll be interesting to see how Builderall 4.0 stacks up, especially its own funnel builder.

      Whether I decide to subscribe to it remains to be seen…

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