An Easy Way To Generate Targeted Leads


An Easy Way To Generate Targeted Leads

Every business is different when it comes to generating targeted leads online.

What might work extremely well for one business may flop for another.

That’s why you might be pleasantly surprised to know that there are 7 different ways that UpViral  can help you to grow your email list and sales.

1. Sweepstakes – One of the most popular ways UpViral can help you grow your list is by running a sweepstake that gives away a product or service targeted to your ideal audience.

UpViral customer Gisèle Rebel used this method not only to generate 2,599 leads but also to bank €8,000 (about $8,140) in sales for a brand new Ecom store.

2. Viral Lead Magnet – One of the most effective UpViral list-building methods is to offer an irresistible lead magnet that your audience can only get their hands by sharing your campaign with their friends.

Jocelyn Quintero’s viral lead magnet campaign earned her 7,201 leads and an unbelievable 761.55% return on advertising spend on Facebook (in just 3 days!)

3. Fill Your Event – Want to get more people to register for your virtual events? Webinars, Summits, Workshops, Masterclasses…

UpViral to the rescue! Florence Bernard crushed it with her very first UpViral campaign and got 24,533 leads for her event in only 30 days.

4. Viral Newsletter – Newsletters are hotter than ever, and for good reason!

You can grow a community of engaged subscribers and you can monetize it by promoting your products & services to them.

But how do you spread the word about your newsletter and get more people to sign up?

Stacked Marketer’s evergreen UpViral campaign has directly contributed to 20% of their entire newsletter subscriber base! (That means 1 in 5 of Stacked subscribers were added for free with an UpViral assist.)

5. Contests – This is like building your email list on steroids ?.

Have an irresistible prize and have contest participants compete against each other to win the prize.

How can they win the contest? By referring others to join the contest, resulting in a large number of leads generated at zero cost for you. ?

SaaS review platform Saastronautics used this strategy to generate 7,000 targeted leads over a 30-day campaign.

6. Prelaunch – Want to build buzz, plus create instant market authority and win over a new audience?

Creating a pre-launch campaign with UpViral ticks all the boxes!

Wilco de Kreij (UpViral creator) put his own twist on clever marketing strategies from Jeff Walker and Russell Brunson and supercharged them with UpViral magic to get 16,653 free leads (in a very competitive market!) for his software product launch.

7. Waiting List – Getting leads on a waiting list ahead of your product launch is a sure-fire strategy to massively boost your launch conversions.

Karl Schuckert & Chase Bowers put UpViral to work ahead of their dropshipping app launch to presell their audience on the advantages of their dropshipping app. This helped the duo net an incredible $38,458 in sales before their app went live. ?

You can learn more about UpViral here and see an exclusive offer that I’m not allowed to advertise publicly.

UpViral Viral Referral System

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  1. UpViral seems to be a product that can deliver results!
    The ‘special offer’ price is not bad considering the results that you have shown here in your review.
    Included in their 7 strategies for generating targeted leads are a few I hadn’t thought of before…. so Thank you for the information. Now the question is can I make them work for me?
    I’ll need to consider this a little more before taking the next step of investing.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Andrew, UpViral definitely provides more unusual ways of driving traffic to your offers and pages. The special offer price equates to paying about $29 per month so that does make it a very affordable tool (though you do have to pay annually rather than monthly to get the 50% saving).

      Many tools fall in the $17-$97 per month range depending on what they offer. I have a Clickfunnels account which costs me $97 per month which, I think, is overpriced for what is provided. So why do I stay with it? Because many of the sales funnels I use are shared funnels, created by other Clickfunnels users who make them available to other members. So it’s easy to clone and modify funnels.

      I did switch to Builderall for a while and while I liked some aspects of their system a lot more than Clickfunnels, other aspects were extremely frustrating to use. Plus, there was no way to import funnels from Clickfunnels so I had to rebuild some funnels from scratch. And that took a lot of time.

      Whenever you spend money on a tool you have to be certain that you’re going to use it. There’s no point in subscribing to an online service because you think you’re getting a bargain and may use it some time later. I’ve done that in the past and almost never ended up using that tool either because it was too niche or something better came along in the meantime.

      So yeah, do take a look at UpViral reviews, check out their YouTube channel and watch their training videos that they put out from time to time to get a better idea of what the service can do.

      All the best,

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