Brand New Video Series Called ‘What The Funnel?!’

What The Funnel?

What The Funnel , created by the folks at Clickfunnels, is a cheeky little series that addresses all of the things you want to know about funnels, and marketing…

…and all of the emotions and thoughts that probably run through your head as a business owner and entrepreneur, (but you might not necessarily admit or say out loud).

It also breaks things down in a fun way that makes you smile and laugh, and know that you’re not alone in your journey!

Expect new episodes to drop every week.

Check out the Trailer and Episode #1 below…

“What The Funnel?!” Trailer:

This is a brand new super high definition video series that cleverly and concisely defines what sales funnels are and clearly illustrates how to use them while not being in a boring lecture or sales pitch!

Episode #1: Ecommerce Stores + This Funnel = New Customers

In this episode, Tom dives deep into the best ecommerce sales funnel every online store must have. This is called the Cart Funnel.

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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