Build Your List At Warp Speed Using The Gamification Strategy


Build Your List At Warp Speed Using The Gamification Strategy

List building, while it’s a necessary ingredient for any online business, is often a pain and hard work.

Building a list with organic (free) traffic can be slow and a real slog.

On the other hand, you can pay for advertising or buy leads to increase the speed at which you build your list, but there are no guarantees that the traffic you do get is targeted properly, and you can end up wasting money this way.

The Gamification strategy takes a different approach to engaging with people and converting them into subscribers.

And the guys behind the UpViral list building system are putting on a free Gamification Boot camp next week, starting on Monday, May 23rd, that runs over 5 days.

In the bootcamp, you’ll…

  • Discover the gamification strategy to grow your email list at WARP speed with little to no ad spend.
  • Generate more email subscribers in 5 days than you have done in the past 30 days.
  • Learn why the old way of getting leads is dying with skyrocketing ad costs and iOS14 updates, and why gamification is cheaper and way more profitable!
  • Discover how a simple gamification system has helped UpViral’s customers generate 51,430,204 email subscribers in every niche you could think of (with little to no ad spend).
  • Why 30,500+ business owners are swapping traditional list building methods for a contrarian gamification method instead!

The live 5-Days Bootcamp starts in:

That’s at these times in these timezones (these are updated times from what i first posted):


Yes! I Want To Know More!

If you decide that UpViral, the software used during this Bootcamp, is for you, a Starter Plan (most people won’t need to get the Business or Premium Plans) costs $79/mth (which would cost $948 over a year).

If you pay annually, you can save 30% on all plans, so a Starter Plan would cost $708 per year.

But I’m able to offer you a 50% discount on the Annual Starter Plan (rebills will also have the 50% discount), so an Annual Starter Plan would cost just $350.

That’s actually an ongoing 63% discount on paying for UpViral month by month.

At this point, I don’t know if there will be any replays. Yes, there will be replays but there’s a catch. There is a VIP upgrade you can pay for ($47) that will get you lifetime access to all the replays plus these additional benefits:

  • Access to the Bonus Live Q&A session on the last day of the Bootcamp (Friday 27th). Only for VIPs. So if you have questions about what was covered or you’re stuck at any point you can simply join the session and ask one of our experts. (value: $297)
  • Fill-in-the-blank templates and proven-to-convert email swipes, so that you can eliminate all the guesswork on what works and what doesn’t to start collecting subscribers in no time. (value: $197)
  • Private VIP Facebook Community. If you want to hang out and network virtually with other business owners around the world who are committed to growing their email list, you NEED to be in this exclusive group. You’ll get to interact with them, discuss ideas, and learn from others who are going through the exact same journey as you are. (value $397)
  • 14-Day trial to the UpViral software. With UpViral, it will be a breeze to set up your gamification campaign as it’ll do most of the heavy lifting for you. It’s also what we’ll be using and demonstrating during the Bootcamp, and you’ll get 14-day free access which is more than enough to create your campaign and get initial results, whereafter you can decide whether you’d like to keep on using it. Bear in mind that if you decide to upgrade your UpViral account to a paid account after the 14-day trial period, you will end up paying FULL PRICE. If you want the lifetime 63% discount (on an Annual Starter Plan only) cancel your account and use this discount link instead (sign back up using a different email address if you can).
  • Full Campaign Review. During the Live Bootcamp we’ll be working with you to set up a campaign that will fill your email list with quality subscribers that will translate into customers and revenue. Those who upgrade to VIP will have the opportunity to get their campaign reviewed and receive tailored advice so you avoid making a rookie mistake and you set yourself up for success. (value $997)

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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  1. Hi Gary,
    Thanks for the information.
    I have been struggling with email marketing and building a list for quite a long time no matter what I tried. It really is such a pain as you rightly noted. I am curious about this gamification technique and hope it might provide me with the direction I have been looking for. I will sign up for the Bootcamp and will try to make it although it is at 1am MST!

    • Hi Ceci, the times I published for the Bootcamp were wrong initially. They were based on the countdown timer on the registration page which appears to be wrong (I’ve alerted them to this).

      The Bootcamp sessions start at a far more reasonable 🙂 10AM EST which I think is 8AM MST. I hope to be able to squeeze the sessions into my own schedule as I’ve had me eye on UpViral for a few months now but between work and following courses, I haven’t had the time to invest in it.

      Anything that makes list building easier is to be welcomed! 🙂

      All the best,

  2. Hi Gary
    It sound like something I will need in the future. I think these course are worth every penny as you learn a lot. I have been winning with free traffic but like you said it is slow. I would like to learn this strategy one day When I can afford it.

    • Hi Angee, while the Bootcamp is running this week and is free, the UpViral software is not. Yes, there’s a course that teaches you how to use the tool to build viral campaigns, but the true power is is actually using the UpViral system.

      With my special link, you can get UpViral for $350 per year which equates to about $29.17/mth. Compare that to the $79/mth or $708/year price you pay on their public-facing page and you can see the special offer provides real savings.

      I know $350 is a lot when you don’t have it (been there) or, if you do, it’s a big whack out of your budget. Like you say, only buy/subscribe to a tool like this, first, if you can afford it and, second, only if you’re actually going to use it and get value from your purchase. There’s no point subscribing and then doing nothing with it (I’ve done that with tools in the past myself).

      You’ve got the right approach when considering business tools like this.

      All the best,

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