Building An Email List By Promoting A Product


Building An Email List While Promoting A Product

List Building With Little Effort

One way of building a list without needing to pay for an autoresponder system like Aweber, GetResponse and so on, is to promote a product that builds your email list for you.

The idea is this:

  • You sign up for the product and pay a fee to become a reseller/affiliate
  • You then can promote 2 referral links – one for the product itself and the other for the product’s reseller program
  • Whichever link you promote, a referral will have to provide their email address to get access
  • That email address is added to your personal email list within the program
  • The product (on the reseller side) includes an in-built autoresponder that allows you to send emails to your referrals

Let’s Look At The Pros And Cons Of This

Pros And Cons


  • You can start building a list without having to pay for separate tools like an autoresponder and a landing page or sales funnel builder
  • All the promotional materials from emails to banner ads to optin pages are provided for you
  • It’s beginner-friendly
  • It boils down to simple affiliate marketing so you’re getting commissions from promoting the service and the reseller option while building a list at the same time
  • There are usually multi-tier commission plans with this type of program so it’s perhaps more network marketing than simple affiliate marketing
  • You get what’s called “spillover” – people who join someone above you (usually your own referrer) end up being placed below you so they end up in your personal downline and you can earn commissions from these people
  • There’s usually more than one way to earn commissions within the program
  • If the product on offer has real-world value, then it’s likely to sell well and keep its customers
  • Since you have access to your list of subscribers inside the program, you can send them email offers to other programs or to optin/landing pages you’ve created yourself (with an all-in-one platform like Systeme for example) to build your external email lists (use quality lead magnets to attract subscribers)


  • You have to make ongoing payments to remain a member and be able to make commissions
  • You don’t really own your email list and there’s usually not a way to easily export your leads so you can import them into another autoresponder
  • You can only continue to receive commissions if you remain a paying member
  • You have a separate email list and autoresponder that you have to manually interact with consistently
  • You have the same problems with driving targeted traffic as you do with any other affiliate program – you need to do the work so this is not a push-button solution to making money

GotBackup – A Product Worth Looking At

The GotBackup service launched in the second week of April (2023) so it is a brand new program.

What GotBackup Does

GotBackup Online Backups And Security

It provides an online backup service for devices and all sorts of files – photos, videos, PDFs, anything from your device be that a PC, Mac or mobile device.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t need the security of backups these days?

They keep precious files and memories safe from theft, breakage, hard drive crashes, water and fire damage and so on.

If you lose an important device for any reason, you can be up and running again fast, saving a huge amount of time and heartache.

GotBackup stores files online in the cloud and you can sync your devices with the online backup so that as files change on your PC, they’ll be uploaded to the cloud automatically.

The service’s basic option is backup for one device with 1Tb of storage for $7.97 per month.

Yet, a Family Plan which allows you to backup up to 6 devices and provides 6Tb of storage is only $2 more expensive per month ($9.97/mth).

You can also allocate as much space as you want for backups for each device – it doesn’t have to be 1Tb per device.

All files are stored using 256-bit level encryption and are also password protected.

So there’s no worry about someone else getting access to your files.

What Sets GotBackup Apart From Others

What sets GotBackup apart from another online backup service such as DropBox is price and storage – DropBox is at least 50% more expensive for users, yet only offers 2Tb of storage.

DropBox ‘s family plan (6 users) is over twice as expensive as GotBackup, though they do offer unlimited storage.

GotBackup is comparable to Microsoft 365 OneDrive on price though you do also get access to the Microsoft Office tools with OneDrive.

But OneDrive does not have an affiliate program like GotBackup does…

GotBackup’s Reseller Program

GotBackup Affiliate Opportunity

GotBackup offers what they call a “reseller” option where you pay a one-time $40 fee to be able to promote the program and earn commissions from it.

You get 200% commission for the first payment of your referrals and then 25% per month thereafter.

But it also uses a hybrid binary and matrix compensation model which will earn you more than simple basic commissions.

The matrix can go “infinitely” levels deep so is not limited to a set number of levels.

I’m not going to even attempt to explain the compensation model here.

GotBackup’s Commission Structure

Instead, you can download a PDF of the commission plan that explains how you’re compensated in this program.

You can earn up to 75% commissions because you’re also earning from people in your downline who you do not personally refer.

And, while all of this is happening, you’re building a list of prospects and referrals that you can send emails to from your back office.

This is also a targeted list as those who have handed over their email addresses have shown that they’re at least interested in what GotBackup offers.

GotBackup Commission Plan

GotBackup Webinars

And if you want more information about GotBackup, what it does and how it works, and how the affiliate program works, check out this webinar replay:

And in the latest webinar replay, these things are covered:

  1. GotBackup now has 1800 paid members since April 4th, 2023
  2. Conversions from pre-enrolled to paid members is 42% because of the Powerline funnel (see the above replay for more on the Powerline)
  3. Gotbackup is already backing up over 3.4 million files, photos and videos
  4. An amazing 28% of its members are Backing up their devices (not just files).
  5. Referrers are loving GotBackup because of price and simplicity – it also provides instant use and gratification anywhere in the world

I’m a GotBackup member and reseller myself, so if you have any questions about the service or reseller program, ask away in the comments below…

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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