Building My First Sales Funnel With Builderall – Part 2


Dealing With Enforced Double-Optin

Since Builderall enforces double-optin for subscribers, I had to create a “Pending” page for new subscribers to my Cash FX funnel .

Double-optin means that, after someone submits their name and email address, they get sent to a page that asks them to check their email for a signup confirmation link.

The argument for this is that it keeps out the tyre-kickers and those who enter bad email addresses, either intentionally or by accident.

It’s also supposed to to filter out people whose email addresses are used without permission.

For example, if I signed up to a program with your email address to get the free gift they were offering.

You wouldn’t know about the free gift so wouldn’t click the confirmation link and so neither you nor the disreputable subscriber would be redirected to the download link.

In practice, double-optin just adds one more hurdle for people to jump over to get what they’re looking for.

And, as is pretty obvious, it really reduces the number of actual subscribers you get.

However, such confirmed subscribers are of a higher quality – they really want to know about what you’re promoting – and so they tend to open your emails and click links more often.

And that helps your email deliverability rate.

So there are pluses and minuses to double-optin.

I prefer having the option of choosing single- or double-optin for my lists, but that wasn’t an option with Builderall.

Or so I thought.

Creating My “Pending” Page

I spent time creating my “Pending” page and confirmation message, and this is what the pending page looked like:

CFX Pending PageClick the image for a full-sized view

With this gateway page in place, I wasn’t getting many signups.

I needed to tell people what they had to do next on the page and to remove the confirmation email from the Spam folder if that’s where it ended up.

For some people, it’s too much trouble to go to.

They have better things to do with their time and, while they may have been genuinely interested in the program, they don’t want to jump through hoops to get access to the free video they were told about.

After several re-tweaks of this page, to see if I could improve signup rates, I just found that it was a block to getting signups.

Switching To Single-Optin

It was around that time that I came across a post in some forum that said that you can ask Builderall Support to switch your list to using single-optin instead.

But you have to give a valid reason for them to turn off double-optin.

A “Because I don’t like double-optin” reason will not get them to disable it.

What the forum post suggested was telling Builderall that double-optin typically does not work in your particular niche (and specify the niche) and provide something to prove that assertion, such as a link to a blog post or research article.

This is what I did, and it worked.

My Cash FX list was now single-optin and I could dispense with the “Pending” page entirely.


Ultimately, I wasted a lot of time building and tweaking this page and the confirmation email it reminds people to open.

Still, I guess I did learn how to build a better “Pending” page for lists where I would have to use double-optin.

People interested in the Internet Marketing / Affiliate Marketing / Make Money Online niches are generally pretty savvy about the subscription process and they expect to quickly get access to what’s being promoted.

So single-optin is the best option for lists in these niches.

Something to keep in mind, no matter what autoresponder you use.

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