Building My First Sales Funnel With Builderall – Part 3


Building My First Sales Funnel With Builderall - Part 3

Providing What The Subscriber Signed Up For

Originally, as I mentioned in Part 2 of this short series, I was directing people to a “Please Confirm Your Subscription” page when they signed up for my offer.

That was because Builderall effectively hard-wires subscription sign-ups to use double-optin.

After, giving Builderall a good reason to allow me to use single-optin instead, I then dispensed with the ” Confirm Your Subscription” page and instead directed new subscribers straight to the “Thank You” page which provides the information they’re looking for.

There’s a graphic header at the top of the page that directs them to watch the video below that explains what Cash FX is and how it works.

This is what the top of that page looks like:

CFX Thank You Page

I added 6 Testimonial videos below the main video to show that people are making real money with the program.

There’s a whole other section below what you can see in the image above, that talks about the Forex Training that’s available if you want to learn about it, along with the list of bonuses you get when you sign up to the program.

The Email Sequence

Since I wrote the Part 1 post in this short series, I’ve added additional emails into my email sequence so it now contains about 14 follow-up emails.

Some of these new emails contain links to new, hidden, pages I’ve added into my funnel.

These pages contain video training about the program, how to get started in it, how to promote it, a couple of longer testimonials, etc.

All these pages are designed to provide more proof that the program is legitimate and steer people towards signing up.

Once a subscriber reaches the end of the follow-up sequence, a tag is added to their record that puts them onto my Broadcast list.

I send additional cryptocurrency related offers to my Broadcast List as well as updates on what’s happening with Cash FX, weekly and monthly returns, webinars and so on.

These emails are not received by subscribers in my follow-up sequence as such messages would only confuse them at this stage.

So emails are my persistent contact point with subscribers.

Final Thoughts

Whatever program you promote, only a small percentage of people will initially sign up for it.

Many people will remain interested in a program like this but will want to see proof that the program delivers on its promises and is not just another in a long list of online scams.

By reaching out to them with progress updates and the experiences of members, I can provide that proof to them.

That can mean that people who were initially sceptical about joining eventually decide to join themselves, even if it’s several months after they joined my list.

If I was sending people directly to my affiliate link, I’d never have any chance of signing up these people.

That’s why building a list and doing email marketing is such an important component of any online business

Most people require multiple exposures to a product before they ever purchase, whatever that product is.

It’s why Amazon is constantly sending you emails directing you to products you showed some interest in when you were on their site.

It’s a marketing strategy that works and it maximizes your chances of getting a sale.

So, if you are promoting either your own products or affiliate products, and you’re sending people directly to them rather than to an opt-in page to collect their email address…maybe it’s time you re-evaluated your approach to getting sales?

If you want to see my full Cash FX sales funnel, then you’ll just have to sign up! smiley face

Just to remind you, everything in my sales funnel is handled within Builderall – the sales funnel and its pages; my email follow-up sequence; the email marketing automation tool; the optin form on my squeeze page and the autoresponder that stores my subscribers’ email addresses and sends out my emails to them.

There’s no hooking up of separate services that have to be paid for individually; Builderall removes that complexity from the list building equation.

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