Clickfunnels Vs GrooveFunnels – Which Is The Better Sales Funnel Software Option?

Clickfunnels vs GroovePages - Which Is The Better Sales Funnel Software Option?

Update 4 February, 2022:

February 4th  – 22nd: This is the absolute LAST chance to get the Groove lifetime deal. (or you can get it through my Bonus Page) After that, it’s done. Groove will be switching over to monthly payments only for new customers after this.

If you’re interested in becoming a GrooveFunnels affiliate, their affiliate program is free to join – sign up here (there’s over $150,000 in launch prizes). They pay out 40% recurring commissions on people you directly refer (Tier 1) to GrooveFunnels and 10% recurring commissions on people your direct referrals sign up (Tier 2).

Finally, you can open a free GroovePages account but there are a lot of account limitations and restrictions. Still, it will let you test drive that particular tool. GrooveSell – a shopping cart app – is completely free to use and there are no account restrictions.

Update 19 June, 2021:

Coming up on September 1st, 2021: The price for the Groovefunels Lifetime Membership will be increased from $1,397 to $1,997.

UPDATE October 5th, 2020: GrooveFunnels is now the umbrella name for the “Groove” suite of tools of which GroovePages is one. GrooveFunnels is being launched to the public at Noon, Tuesday, October 6th. Pricing will be monthly and the one-time $497 payment option has been removed. There is still a back-door page to get GrooveFunnels for a one-time $1,397 fee which will likely be taken down when the tool suite is launched. I’m also offering a bonus package for this.


Joining The Funnel Building Revolution

So you want sales funnel software to get started in the funnel building revolution…

And Clickfunnels has probably been high on that list of software.

But there’s a problem…the price of Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels, in case you didn’t know, is $97 per month for the standard plan.

That’s pretty steep for someone starting out with funnel building.

And there are restrictions on what you can do in that plan.

You can build, at most, 20 funnels or 100 pages, whichever limit you reach first.

You might think that sounds like a lot, but when you start factoring in that your funnels really should include privacy policy, terms of service and disclaimer pages (as required by Google), then your page count starts to get eaten up fast.

If you’re building larger funnels, like this one for example, where there are several tutorial videos in the funnel, then your page count goes up even faster:


And suddenly you find yourself trying to balance the number of funnels and pages you can create and what funnels you maybe should leave out of the mix.

There’s another issue with the Clickfunnels $97 plan – you don’t get access to the more advanced features like the inbuilt autoresponder and email marketing system.

So you have to pay extra each month for an autoresponder service like Convertkit, Aweber or GetResponse.

So now you’re looking at paying $120+ each month in business expenses.

If you want access to all of Clickfunnels’ features, then you can always go for the Etison Suite Plan.

Except, that’s $297 per month.

But at least you don’t have to pay for a 3rd-party autoresponder.

Is Clickfunnels Worth The Cost?

Russell Brunson Creator of Clickfunnels

So does this mean that Clickfunnels is way overpriced and not worth the money?

Well, no. It’s a business service with a business price tag.

Registered businesses will be able to get a tax write-off on this ongoing expense.

But if you’re a lone affiliate marketer looking to move into funnel building, then coughing up $97+ per month just to build a few sales funnels might seem like a non-runner.

Clickfunnels was founded in 2014 – and one of its co-founders is the well-known marketer, Russell Brunson.

Having a name like his associated with the tool gives it legitimacy and kudos.

Even more so when you learn that it was his marketing skills that turned Clickfunnels into company that makes over $100,000,000 each year.

The Clickfunnels Killers (Not)

Over those intervening years, there have been a number of services that appeared (and some subsequently disappeared) that claimed to be a “Clickfunnels Killer”.

The tools that advertise themselves as such and are sold for buttons on the likes of WarriorPlus don’t last long.

These are tools you pay for once.

They may actually be pretty good in what they do but the developers aren’t interested in maintaining them over the long term.

That takes an investment of time and money.

And they’d rather be off developing their next “must have” tool that they can get to market quickly and make a quick killing on.

Rinse and repeat.

A company like Clickfunnels is prepared to keep their system going which includes ongoing maintenance costs, paying staff, renting space for physical assets like servers, desks, chairs and people, and all the other ongoing costs that are part of running a bricks-and-mortar business.

And the only way to cover those costs is to charge a subscription fee rather than a one-time fee.

Ok, so now you understand why Clickfunnels and other cloud-based page builder services like Builderall, LeadPages, LandingPage Monkey, etc., charge monthly or annual fees.

I’m not going to go into a full-blown review of Clickfunnels here; I already did that in my review post, if you want to learn more.

Gary’s Clickfunnels® Review – Does This Sales Funnel Builder Live Up To Expectation?

Are There Any Real Clickfunnels Competitors?

There are very few real competitors to Clickfunnels out there.

Some reviewers promoted services like Builderall and LeadPages as essentially being cheaper versions of Clickfunnels, but that’s mis-selling those products.

Neither service is a direct competitor to Clickfunnels on price or on features.

Clickfunnels was specifically designed to make building landing pages and sales funnels easy, especially for non-techies.

You can also build membership sites with it.

Builderall is more of a business tool suite that contains a page builder as part of that suite. It only recently added its own dedicated funnel builder into its mix.

LeadPages is more of a landing page builder than a funnel builder.

These tools all have their place and what you want to do, and the price level you can work within, will dictate which tool best suits your particular needs.

If your budget is tight, you may have to compromise on the tools you use until you can afford to buy the tool you really want.

But suppose you decide that Clickfunnels is really the tool you want but you can’t afford the monthly fee.

That’s where GroovePages comes in.

The Rise of GroovePages

GrooveFunnels Lifetime Offer

You can also get the Lifetime Platinum off through my Bonus Page.

Another well-known and long-established internet marketer is behind the GrooveFunnels business software suite – Mike Filsaime.

Again, I won’t go into detail here about what’s in GroovePages (GrooveFunnel’s funnel builder) – I covered this on my related site in this blog post.

There’s a webinar replay in that post that gives you an inside look at GroovePages, what it can do and the features and tools it includes.

Clickfunnels Vs GrooveFunnels

So is GrooveFunnels (the full business too suite) an actual viable alternative to Clickfunnels?

I’ve talked about how some services that were touted as Clickfunnels Killers were nothing of the sort.

And about how some other superficially similar services were promoted (by affiliates, not by the companies themselves) as alternatives to Clickfunnels…

…when, in reality, they weren’t.

But GrooveFunnels can make the claim that it’s a true alternative to Clickfunnels.

It may be the first service that can stand over such a claim [Update Oct. 5th, 2020: Builderall can now lay claim to also be a viable alternative to Clickfunnels].

So let’s summarize the differences between the two services so you can get a better idea of why taking a look at GrooveFunnels is worth your time:


1. GrooveFunnels’ Price – it’s a one-time $1,997 (see below for further information).

[Update Oct. 5th, 2020: GroovePages is one tool in the GrooveFunnels suite and and the one-time $1,997 fee is for the entire GrooveFunnels suite of tools rather than just GroovePages which was the original offer last year.]

GrooveFunnels is currently out of Beta Testing mode but is not yet on direct sale to the general public. People can sign up for the Free (very limited) version and will then get the opportunity to upgrade to the Lifetime Platinum edition. But, currently, no price is displayed on the public website.

GrooveFunnels is available through a secret back-door page until Feb 22nd, 2022. After that, new customers will only be able to join through a monthly subscription program and there will be some account restrictions.

Buying GrooveFunnels now means that you’ll never have to pay any future fees for the system. You get unlimited everything(no account restrictions) and all future upgrades are free.

2. The Features

You get Lifetime Access and Unlimited Everything for that one-time fee.

That will remain the case when the tool opens its doors to the public on February 23rd, 2022.

You also get free updates for life and free access to new features when they are added.

GrooveFunnels will open its doors to the public on February 23rd, 2022 and, at that stage, new customers will be charged a $99/mth or $199/mth fee, depending on the plan they go for.

Account restrictions will also be in place for new customers, so they’ll only be able to build a set number of pages and funnels, depending on their membership level.

It looks like pricing and plans will be very similar to those offered by Clickfunnels.

3. The Autoresponder

GrooveFunnels has an inbuilt autoresponder so there’s no need to pay for a 3rd-party service like Aweber or GetResponse.


1. GrooveFunnels Is In New Tool Suite

While bugs in the system have been squashed in the Beta testing phase, the suite hasn’t been stress tested in real-world conditions where tens of thousands of members are using it at the same time.

2. No Track Record

It doesn’t have the history or record of Clickfunnels so it’s not an established tool.

There is a risk that things might not work out in the long run and GrooveFunnels will be shut down.

To be fair, that could happen to any online service, including Clickfunnels.

3. No Endorsements

Clickfunnels has been tried, tested and honed over the years since it was first created and it’s used by some really big names in the marketing industry like Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

People like this do their research and pick the companies best suited to moving their own business interests forward.

With names like this enthusing about how great Clickfunnels has been for their businesses, that bodes very well for Clickfunnels being around for a long time to come.

That claim can’t be made by GrooveFunnels yet and only time will tell if it gets similar support from big names in the marketing industry.

4. Smaller Number of Page Templates

Clickfunnels has hundreds of templates to choose from when building pages.

While new templates are constantly being added into GrooveFunnels, there are less than a hundred templates available so far.

Summing Up

There’s no denying that buying GrooveFunnels carries some level of risk.

Maybe it will never live up to its aims and goals; maybe it will just not gain enough market traction and subscribers to keep it going as a viable business.

But for a single $1,997, assuming everything is delivered as promised, you do get Lifetime Access to all features, present and future, free upgrades and Unlimited Everything.

Clickfunnels’ closest subscriber plan to what’s in the GrooveFunnels suite is their Etison Suite plan which costs $297 per month.

That’s $3,564 every year you continue to use this level of Clickfunnels’ service.

So, is GrooveFunnels worth risking $1,997 on?

That’s something you’ll have to be the judge of.


BTW, I am a Clickfunnels subscriber myself (I’m on the $97/mth plan) and in 2020 I subscribed to Builderall (I’ve since cancelled my Builderall subscription) so I wouldn’t have to upgrade to the Clickfunnels Etison Suite just so I could build more than 20 funnels.

I gave serious consideration to buying GrooveFunnels but I didn’t buy it myself.

That’s because all the funnels I use in Clickfunnels are shared funnels – funnels provided by other Clickfunnels users, including some provided by my own mentor.

These funnels cannot be shared to GrooveFunnels (or any other similar service) and, even if they could, there are videos on some of the pages in those funnels that will only play on pages hosted on the Clickfunnels domain (that’s to prevent them from being used without permission by unscrupulous marketers).

I’m at my limit on funnels and pages on my Clickfunnels plan but I just can’t justify spending $297 per month on their Unlimited plan.

Hopefully, I’ve given you enough information here to help you make an informed choice about which sales funnel software is best for you.

My Bonuses

I’m actually offering the same bonus package worth $7,100 (which includes some PLR products) for both Clickfunnels and GrooveFunnels.

If you decide to order GrooveFunnels, the bonuses will be delivered to you automatically.

If you opt for Clickfunnels instead, you’ll need to email your first receipt to me to confirm, as Clickfunnels don’t offer automatic bonus delivery.

Click the images below to go to the relevant bonus page:

Mega Bonus Package For GrooveFunnels
Mega Bonus Package For Clickfunnels

GroovePages Pricing Update

In order to help marketers during the global pandemic, the “Groove” team are giving Lifetime Free Access to their GrooveSell platform, which normally costs $99 per month.

GrooveSell is a shopping cart that product sellers can add to their websites and is separate from GrooveFunnels.

If this is something you’d like to get, you’ll also see an offer to get free access to GrooveFunnels on the sales page.

This is, in fact, for GrooveFunnels Lite and not the full-blown version of the tool.

You can build up to 3 pages with this free version – so you’ll be able to play with it without committing any money up front.

Once you log into GrooveFunnels Lite, you’ll see an “Upgrade To Pro” green button on the left side of the page that prompts you to upgrade to get access to the full version of GrooveFunnels with 3 plans on offer:

  • the Silver Plan at $99/mth (coming February 23rd, 2022)
  • the Gold Plan at $199/mth which gives access to more features (also coming on the same date)
  • the Platinum Plan which, at the moment is the one that gives you Lifetime Access to GrooveFunnels and all its features for a one-time $1,997

If you opt for the Platinum Plan, there are two other payment options if $1,997 up-front is too costly:

  • 2 monthly payments of $999 ($1,998 in total)
  • 3 monthly payments of $699 ($2,097 in total)

The Silver and Gold Plan prices will come into force once GrooveFunnels officially launches in February 2022.

The Platinum pricing is in effect now, and Lifetime Access can be purchased through the order button there.

My bonus page also links to that secret backdoor page where the one-time payment is available.

I hope all that hasn’t been confusing.

It’s just if you are interested in buying GrooveFunnels, I don’t want you paying the monthly launch price rather than the backdoor price.

If any of this is unclear, just let me know in the comments and I’ll try to do a better job of explaining the pricing structure.

Just to be clear, to get GrooveFunnels at the cheapest price ($1,997 one-time), only buy it through the backdoor page.

Here are the GrooveFunnels Plans and what they’ll cost when it officially launches in February:

GroovePages Launch Pricing in June 2020

And here’s what’s included in the Lifetime Access Plan (note that you get access to more tools than in the above plans and, if you’re interested in being an affiliate, you get 40% commission instead of 20% and you also earn 10% of what your direct referrals earn):

GroovePages Lifetime Access Plan

All the best,

Gary Nugent

P.S.: Don't forget, if you want to create an internet income of your own, here's one of my recommended ways to do that:


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  1. Hello, Thanks for your amazing reviews on the best sales funnel software. Personally, I have been looking for which software to use for my affiliate marketing and your review has exposed me to that opportunity. With all the information about the groovepages and clickfunnels, I will go with the groovepages.

    • I think you’ll be glad that you decided to pick up GroovePages, Joy. The amount of money you’ll be saving in the long term will be significant 🙂 Plus, you won’t have any account restrictions so you can build as many pages and funnels as you want ?.

  2. GroovePages sounds like it could be a real competitor to Clickfunnels. I will wait and see how they do before making any commitments any time soon. Like you said, Clickfunnels is already working and established. I am a firm believer of not fixing anything that is not broken. 

    BUT the one time payment for GroovePages could be a real great choice if they turn out to be just as good. That would eliminate the monthly cost.

    • A little competition is a healthy thing. If GroovePages lives up to expectation, Duni, I think Clickfunnels will have to up their own game. That’s more likely to be a raising of limits on the basic package than a reduction in price. 

      Since you get everything and can build an unlimited number of pages and funnels with what Clickfunnels are now calling their Platinum Membership (the $297 per month one), I don’t think anything will change there much. 

      The one change I have seen recently is that all the content on their FunnelFlix training platform will be available free to Platinum members. This will include access to to training programs from Tony Robbins and other big-name marketers that would otherwise cost a hefty amount of money to buy directly. 

      Right now, that one-time $497 fee for GroovePages is its key selling point, at least as far as I see it. But that’s only available until some time in June (no official release date for GroovePages has been announced yet).

  3. Hello there! I find your reviews very exciting and informative as your sincerity in explaining things is not to be compared. For me, I will prefer the GROOVEPAGES to click funnels if for nothing but the fact that price is fair enough and also not limited.

    Thanks for sharing this with me, i have learnt alot.

    • Hi Chimmhogevagreenesnr, yeah, price can be a huge factor in what tools you end up buying. If I wasn’t already committed to Clickfunnels and the funnels I can only run through it, I’d have picked up GroovePages in a heartbeat.

      I might still buy it before the one-time payment offer closes in June. With the limitations in Clickfunnels, I could leave my Clickfunnels-specific funnels there and move all my other funnels over to GroovePages where there are no account restrictions for people who get it before the offer closes. 

  4. Hello Gary 

    I would like to start with a big thank you for this clickfunnels comparison. It really is an eye-opener and I just remember what I passed through back in the days of forex and zeekreward. I invested without knowing the tools and I end up loosen money. $97 is not little money for someone to invest on a site and he/she will not be able to access all the tools available there.

    I am still searching that unique platform to prove me wrong about the Wealthy Affiliate program. Your review is very educative and well-articulated. I would love to share this on my social media platform so others can learn from it. It is also my first time to hear about GroovePages and I am happy to have learned a new thing.

    Thanks a lot for sharing and I already signup to your email list for me to have an alert for any new content.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Jeff. It’s always hard to justify spending a lot on any tool, especially if you’re spending a sizeable amount each month. There are tools I subscribed to in the past that I never really made use of, so I eventually stopped those subscriptions. But I did lose that money since I didn’t make us eof the tools. 

      You really need to be using a tool regularly to get value from it, no matter what you end up paying for it. 

      You mention the Wealthy Affiliate program. For those who don’t know, it’s a platform where you get the best “affiliate marketing through blogging” training that I’ve come across, and you can also build up to 50 WordPress sites on very secure servers and have the sites hosted, all as part of your membership package. 

      I’ve been an affiliate marketer for a long time now, and I’ve bought many courses over the years that teach the “affiliate marketing through blogging” business strategy. The only one that has stood the test of time is Wealthy Affiliate. All the others, some of which ran for several years, have now disappeared. 

      There’s a reason Wealthy Affiliate is still around after all these years – it constantly moves with the times, updates the training regularly and adds new training as new tools and marketing channels (like social media) become available. I don’t you will find any other program that will outclass Wealthy Affiliate! 🙂

  5. Hello Gary. While on my search for ways to make money online, I stumbled on several mediums including ClickFunnels and BuilderAll. Sincerely speaking, 

    I considered BuilderAll a funnel builder but after reading your comparison and contrast I must admit the fact I’ve seen reasons to go for ClickFunnels but the monthly fee is kinda too much for me as a newbie to funnel building and the limitations makes it even disturbing. 

    GroovePages one time offer is something I am considering for real. This is because the one time payment offer would eventually be withdrawn and people would have to pay monthly if they weren’t lucky enough to catch up with the offer. This way, GroovePages wouldn’t need funds for management, updates, upgrades and more features in the future. Even though the price looks huge, I don’t mind investing in it considering the money I’d pay monthly if it were to be ClickFunnels.

    • Hi MrBiizy, as I mentioned, I’m on Clickfunnels‘ $97 per month plan and I’ve hit the limitations of that plan several times – I’ve either tried to create more than 100 pages or more than 20 funnels. 

      What I ended up doing was rebuilding some of the smaller funnels on my Affiliate Marketing Circle blog using the InstaBuilder 2.0 plugin I have installed there. Though, if I was starting out now, I’d use the Elementor Pro plugin instead. 

      I’ve left my more “meaty” funnels at Clickfunnels as some of the pages in those funnels that offer video training will only play videos from the Clickfunnels domain name. 

      This isn’t a limitation imposed by Clickfunnels themselves but by the creators of some of the shared funnels I use. 

      The people who created those funnels obviously don’t want unscrupulous marketers to be using their videos without their permission, so the videos are locked so that they only play from particular domains. 

      Even if I bought GroovePages myself, I wouldn’t be able to rebuild those particular funnels there as the videos wouldn’t play. This is a factor that’s kept me from jumping on the GroovePages offer myself. 

      That said, building other funnels in GroovePages is probably a better option in the long run for me than building funnels on one of my WordPress sites. 

      I’m still mulling over the pros and cons of buying GroovePages as they pertain to my particular circumstances. If you’re starting as a new funnel builder, you won’t have my particular problem to worry about.

      If I hadn’t already committed ot using Clickfunnels, I’d have jumped on the GroovePages offer by now.

  6. Hello Gary, thank you for this very detailed and informative review on clickfunnels and groovePages. i must commend the conscious, calculated and deliberate effort was put in in this review and ascertaining the disparities between clickfunnels and Grovespages. This post has really help me in deciding the sales funnel software option that I should I go for.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for taking the time to let me know you found my comparison useful, Jomata. I always try to give as much info as possible in my reviews so people have the info they need to make an informed decision on whether a product is right for them or not.

  7. Hey nice article you have there. Your thoughts about Clickfunnels and Groovepages is highly recommendable. In my honest opinion, the services rendered on Clickfunnels is not worth the price, having paying a huge fee and still be restricted in some services is not economical. Unlike GroovePages if you sign up, the fee is just one time, which is more economical to consider.

    • To be fair, Clickfunnels is a business-level tool rather than one designed for lone marketers, edahnewton1. That said, there are plenty of internet marketing related membership sites that charge $97 a month. 

      It all comes down to whether you’ll  get value out of a tool or membership site or not and are willing to pay the price they charge, be that $27 a month or $297 a month. 

      I can understand why you think that Clickfunnels isn’t good value for money. The software is only one side of the equation. The funnels you build with it have to to make money for you or paying for the service isn’t economical. 

      With GroovePages and its current one-time payment, you can afford to fail a lot more times before you build that winning funnel since your financial commitment will be much smaller over time than paying continuously for a service like Clickfunnels. 

      Like I said, if i was coming to this with no commitment to Clickfunnels (I have funnels built there), getting GroovePages would make sound economical sense. If there was a way I could move my current funnels from Clickfunnels to GroovePages, that would seal the deal for me too.

      But the difficulty in moving funnels from CF to GP isn’t due to CF themselves making it hard. It’s due to the fact that some of the CF members who’ve created shared funnels have locked video content in those funnels to only play from a funnel created on Clickfunnels. And those happen to be my most active and profitable funnels right now. 

      But for someone starting out in funnel building, getting GroovePages is definitely the way to go simply because of the one-time payment option. Once they switch to charging a monthly subscription next month, potential customers will have to weigh the pros and cons of each service to pick the one that suits their needs. 

  8. HellooooI Gary, thanks for sharing these information with us, I was actually doing some research when I saw your website,I believe these article will be of great value to my uncle, your description of each item’s was great, love your contents, I will surely do some recommendations,thanks alot for the info

    • Thanks for the feedback, Skuchmane. It’s always great to hear when people find the stuff I post useful! 🙂

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