Free Funnel Fridays Webinar With Russell Brunson And Jim Edwards – Book Funnel Secrets

In this recorded episode (below), see how Russell and Jim leverage the power of a book funnels to build a tribe of rabod buyers, increase credibility and expand their businesses…no matter what they sell!

And how to apply these techniques, even if you’ve never written a book.

As a bonus, Jim Edwards reveals the 5 ways he creates original book content in 24 hours or less!

So, not only are you going to see Jim and Russell build and write the copy for a winning Book FUNNEL…

And not only are they going to share and reveal the secrets behind how they sold tens of thousands of books and backend products with their Book Funnels…

They going to GIVE you 7 (or MORE) FREE custom designed Book Funnels.

But you’re also eligible for a chance to WIN fun Prizes!

If you need a Clickfunnels 14-Day Free Trial, you can get one here, along with my bonus package.


All the best,

Gary Nugent

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