Get Started With List Building And Email Marketing With These Heavily Discounted Tools

Freedom Sale Package 2021

A Very Affordable Way To Do List Building And Email Marketing

If you’re looking for a low-cost way to get started with list building and email marketing, this is one of the best chances you’ll get.

But this is a time-limited sale that runs over the July 4th weekend and ends on Monday, July 5th at 11:59PM EDT – that’s in…

Omar & Melinda Martin have been in this game for 14 years and have mentored many well-known affiliates over the years, including Laura Casselman who runs the JVZoo affiliate network.

Omar & Melinda Martin

Omar & Melinda really do know their stuff and their goal is to make it as easy for affiliate marketers to build an online business while providing the tools, training and resources to do that.

They’ve created a range of products over their 14 years online and three of the most popular are ConverToolz, Commission Magnets and IMClinic (more on these below).

To buy these 3 tools at full retail price would cost $691, but this July 4th weekend, they’re running their annual FREEDOM SALE where these products are discounted by 93% (as a bundle).

It’s called the FREEDOM SALE because it happens on the July 4th weekend and because the products focus on creating financial freedom!

Omar & Melinda have been able to pull themselves up from homelessness by building an online business.

They’ve achieved FREEDOM from the chains of traditional jobs by selling digital products on the internet.

Now YOU TOO can enjoy the FREEDOM to make your own hours working when you want and where you want!

Their software products and training courses have helped countless people create an online income right from home.

They’ve assembled this FREEDOM package and drastically lowered the price so that you can finally afford to do the same!

Each of these 3 products will play a very important role in your success.

By combining them you will be able to…

  • Create beautiful lead funnels in minutes (with just a few clicks).
  • Attract hot customer leads that want to buy from you.
  • Build as many targeted lists as you want.
  • Assemble killer bonus offers with QUALITY products.
  • Avoid the deadly marketing traps that will kill your progress.
  • Keep your online business healthy and flourishing.
  • Finally make consistent commissions!


ConvertToolz creates beautiful lead funnels and grows your list on steroids!

Here’s a demo:

Here’s What You Get With CONVERToolz:

  1. An easy-to-use page builder
  2. A license for 100 websites
  3. Done-For-You cloud hosting
  4. A library of 200 internet marketing products to give away as lead magnets
  5. A library of 250 high-quality background images
  6. Over 2,000 marketing emails ready for you to swipe and deploy
  7. Over 20 audience-building and traffic training videos

Commission Magnets

Use Commission Magnets to offer bonuses to all your new subscribers!

Now you can use Omar & Melinda’s own proven bonus pages, products and marketing material to…ATTRACT BUYERS, MAKE SALES & EARN COMMISSIONS DAILY!

Here’s a demo:

Here’s What You Get With Commission Magnets:

  1. Instant affiliate approval for Omar & Melinda’s 7 core products
  2. Secret JVZoo Approval Codes for 19 more products created by their partners
  3. 40 Original Bonus Products – these are VALUABLE and ATTRACTIVE products for you to give away as incentives for people to buy through your affiliate links
  4. Customizable Cloud-Hosted Bonus Pages – no need to set up domain names and hosting for your bonus pages. All this is done for you
  5. Delivery Documents – your bonus products are already placed into beautiful PDF documents for easy delivery to your customers
  6. Cloud-Hosted Monetized Download Pages – you can send your customers here instead of sending them a Delivery Document
  7. High-Performing Traffic Material – every one of your bonus pages comes with 6 professionally copywritten post adverts and 6 proven emails to market with
  8. Built-In Stat & Tracking – you no longer need a scientific calculator to figure out exactly how your bonus page is performing and how much money you’re making
  9. Facebook-Friendly Affiliate Links – no more banhammers from the social media titan. You can share your Commission Magnets links on Facebook without fear of reprise!
  10. Easy-To-Understand Training – this training is the cherry on top of your perfect commission sundae. You can finally learn the “WHY” & “HOW” that has held you back for so long.


The IMClinic is a series of 4 comprehensive online business courses created for internet/affiliate marketers who are stuck in an unproductive rut.

This is not a bunch of regurgitated or hyped-up theory.

These are actionable lessons that include both practical demonstrations along with training on the fastest and most reliable methods to succeed today.

The four video courses are:

  1. Traffic Driving Clinic
  2. List Building Clinic
  3. Conversion Clinic
  4. Scaling Clinic

The Freedom Sale Deal

The full price for these 3 tools is normally $691.

During the sale, that price will be discounted by 93%.

The Freedom Sale only comes around once a year, on the July 4th weekend, and it’s your only chance to pick up these tools at this bargain-basement price.

Miss the sale and you’ll either have to pay full price for the tools individually or wait another year in the hopes that the sale will return in 2022.

I picked up the tools in this package last night for $35.25 (I’ve blurred out some sensitive info in the image below):

Freedom Sale 2021 receipt

The 3 tools are currently on sale for $47 (a one-time payment) but in their pre-launch webinar last night (on July 1st) Omar & Melinda provided a coupon for an additional 25% off, for attendees only.

If you’re on my email list, then you’ll have received a few emails already about this sale and last night’s webinar.

There’s no replay available, but here’s what was covered:

  • A Behind The Scenes Look – a walk through of the FREEDOM sale products that will give you an affiliate marketing advantage!
  • An Early-Bird Coupon – attendees received special FREEDOM discount code that saved an additional 25% on the already heavily discount price.
  • A preview of new features that will be added into ConverToolz in the next couple of months which include the ability to create Quiz pages, Bonus pages and more.
  • If you buy the FREEDOM SALE package, you will get these upgrades for free. You’ll never need to pay anything else for these tools again.

This was the page advertising last night’s webinar (it now redirects to the sales page as there’s no further webinars or replays). 

Freedom Sale 2021

The Upsells

As with any sale of affiliate marketing / internet marketing products, there are upsells on offer here too.

However, there are only two, rather than the 5 or 6 upsells that are typical of this type of sale.

ConverToolz, Commission Magnets and IMClinic are all complete tools, not cut-down versions being offered for a lower price.

So the upsells being offered do not “upgrade” the tools with extra features or any of that stuff.

They will help you extend your business tools and training but are in no way needed to get more out of ConverToolz, Commission Magnets and IMClinic.

These upsells are being sold at full price, so there is no discount for buying them in this sales funnel.

I didn’t buy these two upsells last night because I already own them, having picked them up a while back.

The two upsells are:

My Unfair Advantage

1. My Unfair Advantage – this is a membership site where you can get everything you need under one roof.

It’s a robust and “complete” done for you system.

There’s a wide variety of pre-made products for you to choose from, pre-made websites, proven traffic systems, detailed list building and HELP.

There’s also Expert ongoing LIVE help on a weekly (webinar) basis, the answers you need when you need them.

There are 2 options for paying:

  1. $37/month
  2. $297 one time payment – this is the most cost-effective option if you’re interested in this upsell and can afford it

Commission Automation Webinar

2. Automated Commission Enterprise – this essentially is a license to sell all of Omar & Melinda’s products for 100% commissions instead of 50% commissions as a regular affiliate.

It’s a one-time $697 fee.

My Additional Bonuses


If you decide to buy the FREEDOM SALE package through my affiliate links on this post, then you’ll also get the bonuses below.

Each is a top-quality ebook accompanied by a training video.

Videos typically run for 30-45 minutes though some are longer, some shorter.

Click Here To Check Out The Freedom Sale Now

By the way, this is a time-limited sale, and it will end at 11:59PM EDT, Monday, July 5th, in…


All the best,

Gary Nugent

P.S.: Don't forget, if you want to create an internet income of your own, here's one of my recommended ways to do that:


And you can get some free training here on how to build an online business and start list building here:



  1. Hello Gary,

    Thank you for sharing this article about these awesome tools. While I already started with my email listing building last year, how can I incorporate the other tools if I have an already existing website? I love how you explained and outlined every tool in the package and I really like how you are being honest about the upsells.

    I learned a lot here and will research more about Omar and Melinda and their products before I make the decision. Thank you!

    • Hi Lemuel, thanks for the feedback.

      As you know, the start of any email marketing campaign is the squeeze or optin page that collects the email addresses for your list.

      There are basically 2 ways to build these optin pages – either with a WordPress plugin, which you either pay for once or annually, or you use a 3rd-party online service like Clickfunnels, Builderall, GrooveFunnels, etc to build you pages and sales funnels. These services require ongoing subscription payments.

      The issue many people have with the 3rd-party services is their cost. Clickfunnels starts out at $97 per month whereas Builderall is $69.90 or $99.90 per month (depending on the plan you want). GrooveFunnels is currently a one-time $1397 fee but will move to a monthly subscription model in a few months (for people who don’t take up the one-time offer).

      While going the WordPress plugin route is definitely a less expensive alternative, your squeeze page loading speed depends on your webhost and the overall speed of your website. These can sometimes be slow whereas pages served from the 3rd-party online services always load fast.

      ConverToolz is an alternative to the big-boy 3rd-party services. It sells for a one-time $197 fee while providing the speed and hosting of a 3rd-party service. Plus you get some lead magnets with it so you can set up squeeze pages in minutes.

      It’s easy to change every aspect of a squeeze page as well so you can make it look just the way you want.

      The big advantage here is that ConverToolz was created by Omar & Melinda based on their 14 years experience as affiliate marketers and that it commands a one time payment.

      Since the FREEDOM SALE is offering 3 tools for $47, one of which is ConverToolz, you’re getting that tool for about $14 in the sale.

      Being a 3rd-party tool, you don’t need to have your own website to use it or integrate it with your own site.

      But having signed people up to your mailing list(s), you can send them emails that link back to your website to drive traffic to your blog posts.

      Commission Magnets is a collection of eBooks and accompanying videos that you can give away on your squeeze pages to entice people to give you their email addresses. It means you can create a huge number squeeze pages with different lead magnets in ConverToolz.

      2-3 new products are added each month which means you can also continue to build out your virtual real estate empire of squeeze pages.

      The IMClinic is the training that puts everything together and helps you lay out your game plan for success.

      Hope that clarifies things.

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