Upcoming GotBackup Webinar (see schedule below):

Gotbackup Webinar on Zoom

GotBackup Live Webinar Schedule

Webinars will no longer be held on YouTube but exclusively on Zoom from now on.

This is because Zoom allows real-time translation from English into other languages so people from non-English speaking countries can watch English webinars whenever they want to.

This is the weekly schedule for webinars (English and other languages) – all webinars can be watched live by clicking the image above of this link:

  • Tuesday/Martedi (in Italian) – 3PM ET: Dalle 21:00 alle 21:45, apertura porte alle 20:50. (Paris) / From 9pm to 9.45pm, doors open at 8.50pm. (Paris). Host: Jean-Marc Guinnard
  • Wednesday (in English) – 8PM ET: Weekly Cutoff Webinar with intro to GotBackup & the Team – learn what makes GotBackup the go-to opportunity of 2024. Hosts: Joel Therien & Mike Potvin
  • Friday (in English) – 11AM ET: Friday Morning recognition – bring your guests and we will close all your sales for you. Hosts: Chris & Tammy
  • Saturday (in English) – 10AM ET: Saturday morning training session – all aspects of building a successful business in network marketing! Hosts: Chris & Tammy
  • Sunday/Dimanche (in French) – 3:30PM ET: Heure de début 21h30 (Heure de Paris) / Start time 9:30 p.m. (Paris time). Host: Naowel Abt

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Wednesday’s Webinar Replay…

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Welcome To The GotBackup 2.0 Reveal Webinar…

The webinar took place at 10AM Eastern Time, May 4th, 2024 and you can watch the replay here:

Get Started With GotBackup Today!

Welcome To GotBackup’s 1 Year Anniversary Celebratory Webinar…

The webinar took place at 10AM Eastern Time, April 6, 2024 and you can watch the replay here:

Get Started With GotBackup Today!

Make Passive Income Spreading The Word

With Got Backup, you can participate in the burgeoning industry of online backups.

This data backup service features a reseller scheme where you can earn ongoing commissions (passive income) from customers you refer directly, as well as from customers who refer their own customers.

The number of people in your downline from whom you can receive commissions is actually unlimited.

That is why this reseller scheme is so appealing.

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme; as with any affiliate program, your success depends on your own efforts in promoting it.

Because of this, introducing new customers directly takes some work, although plenty of marketing materials are provided.

Look at this post I recently wrote on one of my other blogs if you want to learn more about Got Backup and the reseller program.

The post includes a PDF that discusses the compensation plan in depth, and two webinar replays that go into greater detail about the program and what it offers are located at the bottom of the post.

New Updates

New members can now choose to subscribe via credit card, debit card and now even cryptocurrency.

GotBackup Cryptocurrency Options

The next step coming in the next 2 weeks is your ability (if you like) to get paid your commissions in crypto as well.

Many members have been waiting for this and now GotBackup is really poised to grow even faster internationally.

Once this feature is ready you will be able to choose crypto as an option for your commissions from your back office.

Also just as a reminder that GotBackup’s next traffic co-op will be closing in the next few days…

Remember… the co op is NOT

I sign up for the co op and generate leads which means I don’t have to do anything

Eh, no..

The co op will generate you leads, but you need to follow up with your leads daily to get them to know you and want to join your team.

Another Recent GotBackup Webinar Replay

Here’s a replay of GotBackup’s best webinar that introduces you to the team, the company and the opportunity – you’ll find other webinar replays on this page:

Gotbackup Webinar Replay

Remember, you can watch their regular webinars on Wednesdays at 8PM Eastern Time.