GrooveFunnels Price Rise Coming September 1st

GrooveFunnels Price Rise Coming September 1st

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What Is GrooveFunnels Used For?

GrooveFunnels is a business tool suite that contains a variety of essential tools for creating sales funnels, planning webinars, blogging, and even creating a membership site.

It’s a tool I’ve taken a look at before in these posts:

The product originally appeared in early  2020 under the name GroovePages when it could only build landing pages and simple sales funnels.

It was rebranded as GrooveFunnels in October 2020 when additional tools were added to the suite.

Despite it being around for over 18 months now, GrooveFunnels still hasn’t been officially launched to the public.

Those in internet marketing / affiliate marketing circles have probably heard about it through word-of-mouth though, and that it is available to buy.

Who Own GrooveFunnels?

Mike Filsaime

The main guy behind GrooveFunnels is Mike Filsaime though others are involved, so it’s more than a one-man project.

Mike has been an internet marketer and entrepreneur for well over a decade and has released a sizeable number of products and services in that time,

He’s also well-known in internet marketing circles rather than being some anonymous marketer.

Why Should You Look At Buying It?

Anyone who gets GrooveFunnels before the public launch in December is still seen as an “Early Bird” and special pricing for the tool suite is available.

It’s currently a one-time $1,397 for Lifetime access but on September 1st, that price is rising to $1,997.

All future upgrades and additions to the tool suite are included in that one-time price.

But that new price will only be in effect until December 15th.

After that date, the monthly payment plans will be introduced and the single Groove Funnels Lifetime Access payment option will be removed.

I don’t know what the exact monthly pricing will be, but expect it to be comparable to Clickfunnels’ pricing (about $100/mth for a Basic plan and about $300/mth for a Pro plan).

Buying Lifetime Access gets you unlimited everything as well as access to all tools, future upgrades and new tools.

Subscription-based customers who sign up after December 15th will have account limitations, especially those on the basic plan.

GrooveFunnels Features

How GrooveFunnels Pricing Compares To Similar Services

$1,397 sounds like a lot of money to pay up front for a tool.

But compare that to paying for a year of Clickfunnels which would cost $1,164 per year (year after year).

And that’s just for their limited Basic Plan where you can create, at most, 100 pages or 20 sales funnels.

To go unlimited with Clickfunnels and get access to their own autoresponder and email tools, you have to pay $297/mth, or $3,564 per year (year after year).

Builderall is another very popular all-in-one tool suite that costs $69.90 per month for access to a similar suite of tools.

That’s $838.80 per year.

They have a higher-level plan for $99.90 per month ($1198.80 pre year) where you get access to hundreds of prebuilt templates.

A one-time $1,397 for GrooveFunnels compared with those competing figures doesn’t look so bad now.

And if you can’t afford that amount of money for one payment, there are two multi-payment options available (though you will end up paying more this way):

GrooveFunnels Lifetime Payment Options

Even the $1,997 price that GrooveFunnels will cost from September 1st is still a great deal in comparison.

GrooveFunnels Free Account

Groove Funnels does offer a free account but it is extremely limited.

Still, it lets you get the flavour of the tools so you’ve a better idea if it’s something you want to invest in or if you’d prefer to use a comparable tool like Clickfunnels or Builderall.

If you decide to sign up for a Groove Funnels free account,  you’ll also get these bonuses for a a LIMITED TIME:

  • 🎁 The ONLY Funnels Masterclass You’ll Ever Need
  • 🎁 The Secrets Of Internet Marketing And Online Business Superstars

Then you can immediately dive in and build as you learn, or just start building everything in Groove.

Groove Free Account

But, if you’d like a walkthrough, make sure you check out the Groove-A-Thon replays here.

They go over special features, tips, tricks, and even do live builds that you can follow along with.

And on August 30th,  you’ll be able to see how to tap into the skyrocketing ecommerce industry with $0 investment on the Groove-A-Thon livestream.

Check out the schedule and get your FREE Groove account here.

Why is GrooveFunnels free?

Well, the free account allows you to see the potential of the full GrooveFunnels platform without having to hand over any credit card details.

It’s not a free trial where you have to remember to cancel your payment after a set number of days of you find you don’t like the system.

And the free account is not time limited in any way.

You sign up for a free account and it’s yours forever.

So, even if you’ve no intention of buying the full-blown product, you can still get some use from your free account.

My Bonus Package

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All the best,

Gary Nugent

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