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GroovePages Lifetime Access

NEW: GroovePages Webinar Replay

UPDATE: This is a replay of a webinar that was held on March 20th (2020) that delves deep into what GroovePages is and how to build sales funnels with it:

Key moments in the video:

  • GroovePages Demo Starts at 1h 9m 30s
  • Import Any Live URL or Page off the Net 1h 30m 30s
  • GrooveSell Demo Starts at 1h 51m 30s

You can also watch the replay on the official replay page here.

If you’re interested in buying GroovePages (it’s a one-time $497), I’m offering a mega bonus package here if you buy through my links on this post.

Is GroovePages Really A Viable Alternative To Clickfunnels?

You may have seen from some of my other posts on this blog that I both use and recommend Clickfunnels as a marketing business tool.

The one issue that tends to put people off from using the service is that it’s subscription-based and a basic account costs $97/month.

In addition to that, the basic service (which is what I use) has limitations – you don’t get access to the inbuilt autoresponder and some other tools.

You’re also limited to creating, at most, 20 sales funnels or 100 pages, whichever limit is reached first.

Clickfunnels has a fantastic reputation in the internet marketing community, and rightly so.

The sales funnel software makes creating sales funnels, websites, membership sites and single pages easy.

And customer service is second to none.

It’s designed for non-techies to use and uses a drag’n’drop and block interface (like Gutenberg in WordPress) to add, edit and move page elements around a page.

If you’re not creatively inclined, then you can use free sales funnel templates and simply customize them for your needs.

You can also import templates created by other Clickfunnels users. Some of these are completely free while others you pay for.

There have been several so-called “Clickfunnels Killers” in the last couple of years.

Most, from what I’ve seen, have been on the likes of WarriorPlus or JVZoo, meaning they’re low-priced one-time payment products.

The thing with a service like Clickfunnels is that it’s a real business with real business costs.

That means a business premises has to be paid for as do staff salaries.

Servers have to be bought or rented.

Programmers and developers have to be hired to maintain and upgrade the service.

So a business like this requires an ongoing subscription so it can cover its ongoing business costs and make some profit.

Tools that charge a one-time fee will generally stop being supported after a couple of months as the developers simply can’t afford to maintain them.

So now, I come to GroovePages, which is the first tool I’ve seen that could genuinely be seen as a serious competitor to Clickfunnels.

At the moment (the end of December 2019 is the time of writing), this new sales funnel software is in Beta access.

What that means is that you can get access to the software and all future upgrades for a one-time payment.

Yes, I know I said you should treat a one-time payment service like this with suspicion and caution.

But there are a couple of mitigating factors that swing things in its favor.

Why Should You Even Consider Buying GroovePages?

The first is that Internet Marketing veteran, Mike Filsaime, is behind it.

Mike Filsaime

The second is that this tool is in Beta access, not Public Release status.

What this means is that the software isn’t quite ready for the public yet and needs further testing.

As a customer, you’d have input into how the tool works, identify bugs and so forth, aiding the developers in getting the tool ready for public launch.

And, as a reward, you get Lifetime access to the service for a single $497 fee.

Now, this isn’t some buggy, half-assed system where the developers are trying to raise some quick cash from the unwary.

It is a working tool that just needs some rough edges ironed out.

With the Lifetime access, you get Unlimited Everything, so no restrictions like in a basic Clickfunnels account.

Let’s take a look at some basic costings:

1 year of a basic Clickfunnels account (with restrictions): $97 x 12 = $1,164 per year.

1 year of a Pro Clickfunnels account (with no restrictions): $297 x 12 = $3,564 per year.

Lifetime access to GroovePages (while it’s in Beta access): $497 one-time fee.

GroovePages Features

Isn’t Buying Now Risky Since GroovePages Is Still In Beta?

Is there a risk with using a new, untested service?

Yes, of course there is.

You have to weigh the pros and cons of any tool you’re looking at using and decide for yourself if it’s worth the risk.

But GroovePages has very strong backing and it stands an excellent chance of becoming a viable alternative to Clickfunnels.

Once it’s out of Beta and released to public, it will then cost new subscribers $99 per month.

While it will be marginally more expensive than a Clickfunnels subscription ($2 more), there will not be any restriction on the number of pages and funnels you can build (unlike Clickfunnels).

This is the most common question asked about GroovePages – the answer is provided by Mike Filsaime (MF)…

Why GroovePages, and why NOW?

Shouldn’t I wait until it’s out of beta and stable before I switch or invest in it?

Mike Filsaime: Here’s my answer… and it may surprise you.

Yes, you should wait until it’s out of beta to switch from GroovePages from your current funnel builder (or webmaster).

BUT… you should still jump on this incredible offer today.

Here’s why.

Yes, GroovePages is in Beta. In this case, beta means it’s been tested and functional. In fact, it’s being used exclusively right now to handle the beta launch of the software.

Sure, there may be a few bugs… and that’s why it’s open to a larger group of Beta testers.

And GroovePages definitely doesn’t have the hundreds of templates and pre-configured designs that some of the competition already has (don’t worry… I’ve seen the development schedule for GroovePages and know that these are coming in hot and heavy over the next couple of months.

So why not wait? 

Well.. here’s your answer, in two words.

Lifetime access.

That’s right… right now, during GroovePages Beta opening, you can get access to all of GroovePages… for lifefor just one payment of $497.

That means you pay once now, and in a year, when GroovePages is blowing away literally ALL of the competition… you won’t have to pay again.

And I mean nothing…

No monthly hosting bill.  No annual software fees. No payments…ever… after your initial investment.

Compare this with other funnel builders that come in at $97 or more each month.  When you’re able to cancel those, you’ll get a solid return on your GroovePages investment in just 5 months.

That means an investment in GroovePages earns you 140% return on your investment in just a single year.  Just by making the switch.  

There are a few dozen templates already built-in… but there are plans for hundreds of full funnel templates in the coming weeks. 

And even though it’s in Beta… here are some of the things that are included when you log in today:

  • Unlimited web pages
  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited free hosting
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • Thousands of searchable royalty-free stock images
  • Image galleries, countdown timers, testimonials, video players, forms… everything you need to build a high converting website.
  • Mobile-first responsive design

All built using super-fast code that simply works and works well…even in beta! 

Plus, there’s a published list of developments so you can know what’s being worked on by the dev team, and vote up any feature requests that you’d like to see prioritized! Like:

  • Analytics
  • Split testing
  • Funnel sharing
  • Blog functionality
  • Video backgrounds
  • And so much more!

Are you ready to see it in action?

GroovePages Video

The GroovePages Affiliate Program

Like its established competitor, Clickfunnels, GroovePages runs its own affiliate program.

The regular commission rate is 40%.

Like Clickfunnels, GroovePages will also be a subscription-based service once the Beta phase is over and it’s launched to the general public.

So, as an affiliate, you’d receive 40% of the the $99 per month fees ($39.60 each month as commission).

Clickfunnels recently changed their affiliate terms, and affiliates who’ve recruited less than 40 paying customers will receive 30% commissions instead of the original 40% they used to offer.

So that’s $29.10/mth in commissions from Clickfunnels vs $39.60 per month from GroovePages.

That said, unlike Clickfunnels, GroovePages do not have any additional courses or webinars to promote, where you can earn additional commissions.

The best option is to sign up for both affiliate programs since they’re both free to join.

It gives you double the chance of being able to sell a funnel and page builder service to your readers, visitors and subscribers.

Click here to join the GroovePages affiliate program (it’s by invitation only)

Click here to join the Clickfunnels affiliate program

My Bonus Package

Mega Bonus Package For GroovePages

Since GroovePages is a high-ticket tool, I’ve put together a bonus package that I think is worthy of it.

In all, you’ll get 50 bonuses worth $12,000!

GroovePages – In Conclusion

The new webinar replay at the top of this post should answer any questions you have about GroovePages or its associated affiliate program.

Sales funnels have been a rising trend in affiliate marketing circles in the last 12-18 months.

It can be tempting to think that a trend is just a passing fad.

But sales funnels have been with us, probably since people started selling goods to one another.

It’s the “can I upsize that for you?” effect you see in the likes of McDonalds.

Sales funnels give you control over how you expose your visitors to the products you’re promoting, whether they’re your own products or ones you’re an affiliate for.

The who other side – the back end – of a funnel is typically an email marketing campaign where you can reach out to those interested in your offers time and time again.

Instead of just once, when they visit your website.

That’s the old way of doing things.

And to build sales funnels, you need a tool.

Cost is often an issue for marketers new to building tunnels.

And if your budget is tight, then you can always start with these 5 low-cost sales funnel software solutions I wrote about recently.

But, if you’re serious about building sales funnels, then you need a serious tool.

Clickfunnels is the established king with ongoing running costs.

While GroovePages may seem expensive at $497, it’s a fraction of the cost of Clickfunnels subscription.

The software has everything you need to build modern, responsive funnels and there are no limitations on how many funnels you can build.

Mike Filsaime’s reputation would be severely damaged if GroovePages turned out to be nothing more than a cash-grab or a supremely sub-standard tool.

I don’t see that happening.

Personally, I think GroovePages is worth the risk. But that’s just me.

Don’t forget to check out my bonus package here.

Clickfunnels Vs GroovePages Comparison

You can check out the comparison between Clickfunnels and GroovePages here.

Clickfunnels Vs Groove – Which Is The Better Sales Funnel Software Option?


All the best,

Gary Nugent

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