Grow Your List To Epic Proportions in 2022


Grow Your List To Epic Proportions in 2022

While this Live Event is now over, you can still try out UpViral for 14 days for $1 to see what it’s capable of. And, if you want to know more about UpViral, check out the free Workshop here.

If you’re feeling a little gloomy right now because ad costs just keep climbing on every platform (including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & TikTok)…

And the predictions are that they’ll keep climbing in 2022…

Then I’ve got a little something to cheer you right up.

While ad costs might be climbing fast, there is a solution to your traffic woes.

And that’s to build a monster email list as fast as possible!

I can almost hear you scoffing at me as you’re reading this.

Sure, Gary. Sounds great in theory…

But building an email list big enough to actually make a difference takes months, even years.

My business can’t hang on that long, so I’ve got no choice other than to grit my teeth and pay the ad networks.

Doing things the old way, that’s almost certainly the case.

But when you add a little ‘Gamification 2.0’ into your marketing stack, it makes it’s incredibly easy to get people to sign up for your list…

UpViral Testimonial 1

UpViral Testimonial 2

UpViral Testimonial 3

UpViral Testimonial 4

Now that you can see for yourself how powerful combining gamification with list building truly is, here’s an exciting announcement.

There’s a special live 3-day event called “Monster Your List Growth in 2022 using my Gamification 2.0 Hacks” coming up that explains how all this is used to grow your list, but registration ends at midnight PST, Thursday, December 30th.

Normally for a live event like this, there’d be a minimum charge of $997.

But you can get access to this event (and the replays) for only $1.


Then check out full details on the event here.

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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