Have You Outgrown Your Current Email Marketing Setup?


ConvertKit July 2022 Special Offer

Having the right autoresponder service for your business is essential and if you…

  • Are frustrated by how hard it is to level up
  • Have outgrown your email marketing platform
  • Feel stuck by your current marketing set-up
  • And ultimately, are ready to give your marketing a clean slate

…then it’s worth giving ConvertKit a look (I actually reviewed it in this previous post).

In July, ConvertKit are running a special offer which gives 1 month free on ConvertKit, plus bonuses for a smooth transition and fresh start with the platform.

This includes a full migration for professional creators, a free private workshop, and a setup service to move your email list and more.

ConvertKit Bonuses

During their July Special Offer, these are the bonuses ConvertKit are offering…

  • BONUS #1: Onboarding plan – ConvertKit will set you on the right path with an onboarding email series to make your free month with them even more worthwhile. You’ll get tips on building your email reputation, saving time with templates, scaling your revenue, and you’ll get real examples of how creators like you are already using ConvertKit to grow their business.
  • BONUS 2: Live group coaching call with Matt Molen & Angel Marie – ConvertKit are bringing you a live group coaching call with their Creator Educator Angel Marie, and Matt Molen, the creator of Email on Autopilot, to teach you how to do a complete email makeover and make email into your most powerful marketing tool.
  • BONUS 3: Setup Service (for email lists with over 5,000 subscribers) – Got a big list to bring with you? Convertkit’s in-house expert team will work with you to audit your current system, bring over your subscribers, and get your ConvertKit account set up. Here’s what the audit includes:
    • Deliverability audit – Prune your list and increase open rates
    • Automated workflow audit – Streamline your marketing work
    • Tags, segments, and custom fields audit – Create a system you can build on

My Exclusive ConvertKit Bonuses

In addition to the 3 bonuses above that are being provided by ConvertKit themselves, I’m offering 7 additional bonuses which you can see on this page.

Mega Bonus Package For ConvertKit 960

Signs That You’ve Outgrown Your Current System

You know all those issues you’ve had with your current email marketing platform?

They’re like little paper cuts that sting in the moment and you eventually move on.

But those little issues have been adding up.

Maybe it’s time to step back and wonder, “What’s not working here?”

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re annoyed with the smallest task…

  • Managing opt-in entry points – You just want to figure out how people are entering your list so you can pinpoint which form or landing page performs the best.
  • Finding the number of unsubscribes – A simple number that gives you so much information. You shouldn’t have to dig for it.
  • Cutting through all the “extras” – When you just want to do one task, it’s annoying having to navigate through all the stuff you don’t need.

You’re frustrated by how hard it is to level up…

  • Paying more for doing more – Your list has grown and now you send more emails to market and launch your products. You should be celebrating except you just got hit with a huge bill for exceeding sending limits.
  • Wasting time on logistics – You want to set up different marketing campaigns for different opt-in entry points, but you spend more time setting it up than writing the emails.

You feel stuck with your marketing setup…

  • Thinking there’s too much to move – You feel weighed down because you’ve been using the same platform for 5-10 years. But you also believe there’s an easier way to do the kind of marketing you want to do.
  • Feeling like it’ll cost your business – Every decision is a big one when it comes to your business. You want to make a move, but you’re scared because this marketing is what you rely on to drive income.

ConvertKit Podcasts

ConvertKit run 3 free separate podcasts that are aimed at content creators, the creator economy and how to get people to open and read your emails:

Convertkit Podcasts


All the best,

Gary Nugent

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