How AI Marketing Is Changing How Online Business Works

Building a successful online business takes work.

There are no push-button solutions to making money online, despite what you’ve been told or would like to believe.

Where affiliate marketing is concerned, you need to reach an audience in order to promote your offers and get sales.

And that requires you to create content.

That could be long-form content like blog posts or short-form content like Facebook / instagram posts, tweets, etc.

Or it could be long-form content like landscape-format videos on Youtube or short-form videos for TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Facebook or instagram Reels.

If you want to collect email addresses to build a list (which you should), you have to create landing /squeeze pages.

If you’re doing email marketing (again, which you should do), you’ll need to regularly (think daily) create emails to send to your subscribers.

And you’ll need online services to do all these tasks for you.

What Is AI In Marketing?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and it’s going to revolutionize how affiliate marketers and online businesses run things from here on out.

Its arrival is one of those pivotal moments where everything changes and you either make the pivot or you get left behind.

So, as I talked about above, having to create quality content constantly is one of the banes of running an online business.

What if there was a solution where all you your content needs were met by an AI powered marketing platform?

And I’m not talking about ChatGPT here.

That AI was designed to answer pretty much any query and, while it is very powerful, it has not been trained to work in any specific niche.

The AI powered marketing service I’m talking about has been.

It’s been trained to create content for the affiliate marketing / make money online niche specifically.

What’s more, it will create the assets you need to create an online business…

Things like landing pages, sales funnels, optin forms, videos, voice-overs and the content that all of these display.

Check out the video above for more information.

Yes, it is over an hour long and you can go to 37:45 to skip the free training and go straight to learning about what the MarketingBlocks platform can do for you.

The video includes demos of what the AI service can create.

If you think MarketingBlocks is for you, there should be a coupon code on the site that will save you some money on the cost of this artificial intelligence marketing platform.

However, if you sign up to my email list, I’ll give you a coupon that will get you a 50% discount on MarketingBlocks price.

You’ll find the coupon code at the bottom of my Welcome email (it’s subject line is: your training starts now…)

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