How Do I Get Professional Training As An Affiliate Marketer?


How Do I Get Professional Training As An Affiliate Marketer

The best way – the one that presents you with the most options – is to find a quality mentor online who provides top-class training.

There are a lot of mentors and so-called gurus out there, from the poorest of quality to scammers to people who are very highly regarded in the online business space.

No mentor, no matter how good they are, will suit all potential students.

You have to factor in their personalities, teaching styles and level of knowledge in the things you want to learn to see if you think you could work with them.

It’s a personal decision.

However, there are some things you should do so as to not waste your time and money on someone who either won’t or can’t deliver.

  • Do online research and look at reviews of people you’re interested in partnering with.
    • Pay particular attention to word-of-mouth comments as these will be more honest than online reviews of particular courses or mentors.
    • No mentor will have a 100% reputation – there’s always someone who will be unhappy for one reason or another.
  • Watch any free videos or free training by mentors you’re interested in.
    • This lets you gauge their personality, teaching style and level of knowledge.
    • You’ll have a much better idea after this as to whether you want to spend money with them.
  • Look at how they treat their students and particularly how they interact with them.
    • Look for a mentor who puts their students’ needs ahead of their own.
    • Look for a mentor who engages with their students daily through some interactive platform like a Facebook Group, Telegram or Discord.
  • Look at the history of any prospective mentor to see what kind of products they released before.
    • Do they have a habit of releasing a new course every few months and charging students for each one or do they grandfather existing students into their new courses?
  • Are their courses kept up to date?
    • Some so-called mentors will release a course that they support for a couple of months and then they move on to their next project, leaving their students high and dry.
  • Pay attention to the price of course.
  • In general, the higher the price, the better the course will be (you get what you pay for).
    • Higher priced courses tend to follow the pay-once-for-lifetime-access model where updates and upgrades are free.
    • Creators of lower-priced courses will typically charge extra for you to upgrade.
  • Avoid courses that tell you you can make the likes of $323.11 per day within X number of days.

You need to look at whatever money you pay for a course is an investment in your education and your future rather than an expense that you may not be able to recoup.

A mentor will not do the work for you.

You are expected to do the work they assign and to pull your weight within your partnership.

They’re not there to massage your ego and give you comfort when things don’t go according to plan.

They are there to provide the framework for building an affiliate marketing business using the same methods and strategies they’ve used to become 6-, 7- or 8-figure earners.

They are there to provide help and advice to assist you get past any obstacles or hurdles you encounter.

And you WILL encounter them. We all do.

A mentor will also push you to go outside your comfort zone so you can grow your business as well as grow as a person.

Finally, you should look for a mentor that provides mindset training as that is vital to your success. It stops you from undermining yourself and being self-limiting because of your current beliefs.

If you want more tips on choosing a mentor and some potential mentors to look at, take a look at this article:

How Do You Find a Good Affiliate Marketing Mentor?

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  1. This concept of finding a quality mentor online who provides top-class training was something I never really knew existed. I only thought that most online training was restricted to different programs and other training platforms. Your article provides good tips and strategies on how to go about finding a mentor. I plan to explore them.

    • Thanks for letting me know that you found the article useful, Ceci.

      The best mentors will tell you to concentrate on promoting just one program when starting out and using just one platform to promote that program. Other courses may advise you to promote on multiple social media platforms, for example, or spread your promotions onto YouTube, TikTok and facebook among others.

      The problem with promoting more than one offer is that you have to effectively double or treble your time doing the promoting or, if you only have a set amount of time to use each day, you’ll have to split that time among the products your promoting, so no one of them really gets the time they deserve.

      Same thing when promoting on multiple platforms at the same time. No one platform gets enough time from you during the promotion process.

      Only after you’re getting consistent sales with your one product on one platform should you look at either promoting additional products or promoting on alternative platforms.

      Some affiliate marketing programs, while the training is good, really only teach you how to promote that program. They don’t give you the skills to promote any program or product in any niche.

      The best mentors will teach you marketing skills that can be applied anywhere and you don’t have to promote their program if you don’t want to.

      It’s that old adage about teaching you how to fish (so you can be self-sufficient) as opposed to giving you a fish (so you have food for a day).

      If you have any questions about any of the mentors listed on my associated How Do You Find a Good Affiliate Marketing Mentor? post, let me know and I’ll do me best to answer them.

      All the best,

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