How The LinkWhisper WordPress Plugin Improves Your Site


How The LinkWhisper WordPress Plugin Improves Your Site

Using LinkWhisper

Something incredible has happened with Spencer Haws’ site over the past 12 months.

His organic traffic from Google has increased a whopping 471% when compared with this same time last year!

Spencer Haws Site Traffic

His site, NichePursuits.com, has been around for a long time, but a little over a year ago, he decided it was time to revamp, re-energize, and boost the growth of the site.

The results have been even better than he could have expected, especially when you consider the long history of the site.

Spencer Haws Site Results

So, How Did He Achieve These Results?

Here’s the high level strategy:

  • Developed a content plan to have better topical coverage of existing topics.
  • Developed a content plan to cover keywords/topics that were tangentially related to existing articles.
  • Restructured site categories based on above plans (added and removed several site categories).
  • Removed and/or redirected some old content that was not relevant or underperforming.
  • Did in-depth internal link research and analysis. (Using Link Whisper)
  • Added internal links to any orphaned pages that he wanted to rank (Using Link Whisper)
  • Removed internal links pointing to un-important articles. (Using Link Whisper)
  • Added new internal links to better structure topical authority. (Link Whisper).
  • Removed broken links, 404 pages, and links with errors (Using Link Whisper).
  • Added hundreds of new articles to the site.
  • Hired more writers and editors to help scale the business.
  • Created Standard Operating Procedures to better remove himself as a bottleneck in the business.
  • Launched a new web design to make the site more professional, faster, and more mobile friendly.
  • Implemented a process to always include at least 1 internal link TO any newly published article (to prevent orphaned pages in the future).

You may notice that it’s ALL on-page SEO focused – he did no off-page SEO.

You may have also noticed that several of the steps involved using the Link Whisper plugin (for WordPress)

Who Created Link Whisper?

Yes, Spencer created Link Whisper to be the ultimate internal link management, reporting, and implementation tool out there…but he truly does use it in his own business.

Link Whisper has saved me MANY many hours over the past 12 months as he’s managed his internal link structure.

LinkWhisper Testimonial 1

Since the time of publishing this post is Black Friday, he’s decided to allow any new Link Whisper customers to save $30 on all the Link Whisper plans.

As well as that, existing Link Whisper users have the ability to UPGRADE and also get $30 off!

So, if you currently have a 1 site license and choose to upgrade to a 3 site license, you will lock in your subscription at $30 off for the 3 site license!

Wondering How To Upgrade Your License And Lock In The Discount If You’re An Existing User?

Overall, the process is pretty simple:

Simply login to your Link Whisper account. (Do a “forgot password” if you don’t remember your password).

Once in your account, simply click “Manage License” then click “View Licenses” and “View Upgrades”.

This will show you the price to upgrade your account.

My Own Results With Link Whisper

This is only a mint Link Whisper review.

I bought the plugin myself a while back but only installed it on this very site in late September.

I have the 1-Site Licence plan as I’ve been testing out what the plugin does and how it works.

It’s early days yet, but already I have seen an increase in site traffic.

ELBT Link Whisper Results

The reason I installed the plugin is that you can see that this site hasn’t been getting a lot of traction and traffic immediately increased after I installed the plugin.

The dip in late October / early November is because I didn’t post a lot of new content as I was reworking and updating old content instead.

But you can see that traffic has essentially doubled in the last couple of weeks as I implemented many of the strategies that Spencer used himself.

The plugin itself won’t magically bring in traffic though it will make Google like your site more.

You still have to be consistent with publishing posts regularly and target keywords that people are looking for.

It’s all too easy to write about a topic you’re interested in but it may not be something that others are really looking for.

So always write for your audience and not yourself is the lesson here.

I do think the plugin is worth the investment as it helps you better organise your site and helps the search engines navigate it better.

That leads to more of your posts and pages being indexed and no longer having orphan posts – posts that don’t link out to any other sites or to other internal pages on your site.

Such posts may not even have inbound links – no other internal page or post links to it and no external site links to it.

There are reasons for having posts like this if you want to intentionally hide them from public view but if that’s not your goal, then they’re a waste of space on your blog.

Find them with Link Whisper and then either link to them internally or add some links to the page/post on external sites.

Anything that make your job of managing your site and making it more appealing to the search engines can only be a good thing.

LinkWhisper Testimonial

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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