How To Stop Feeling Boring: The Key To Confidence

In this episode, Legendary Marketer founder Dave Sharpe talks to Tori Hamley.

Tori works a full time job at a financial firm while building her online business on the side.

Here she shares how she got started with Legendary Marketer, what she’s learned in college vs what she’s learned in Legendary, how to get past the feeling of being “boring”, and much more.

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Episode Transcript

Dave: What’s going on my friends? This is Dave Sharpe.

Welcome to Wake Up your ass Legendary baby.

We’ve got yet another fantastic guest Tori.

I was just talking to her here.

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So I’m looking forward to seeing everybody on December 3.

With that being said, let’s mastermind a little bit here on the internet Tori, welcome to the show.

Tori: Hey, what’s going on?

Dave: How are you and where you calling in from

Tori: I’m great and I’m from Arkansas.

Okay, so that’s where you’re from and where you’re at, right? Yep, that’s where I’m into.

Dave: Yeah.

All right.


So what led you to Legendary? You are, you know, young in your journey of life here and you’ve got the whole you’ve got the world in your hands.

So I mean, what has led you online and eventually to Legendary and in choosing to start an affiliate marketing business?

Tori: Well, I was just on TikTok one day and never heard that never heard that story.

I mean, I just didn’t like my job.

You know, I just graduated college.

A couple years ago and got a job.

I was commuting and I was being micromanaged and I just hated everything about it.

And I was like, doing my job.

Dave: What are you still doing?

Tori: No, I work remotely now.

But whenever I first had my first job,

Dave: So we can talk like legit shit about this job and that boss because you’re no longer there so you can let it all out.

Okay, all right.

Tori: All right.

But I was constantly being micromanaged and I just hated being in a cubicle all day in the office.

It was really small, and I couldn’t walk around that much.

And I just felt trapped.

And I hated it so much.

And so I was like, I cannot do this for 40 years, you know? Sounds like torture.

Dave: And it does sound like it also sounds like Guantanamo Bay, are you sure you aren’t there?

Tori: I wasn’t.

Dave: Is that shutdown now honey? Was that inappropriate? Did I push the line on that joke? Okay, my wife tries to reel me back in like if I get too close to the line of like, basically getting canceled or whatever she’s like, Babe, that’s not okay.

Tori: No, it’s okay.

That’s exactly how I felt.

And honestly, my online journey started whenever I was just on TikTok at work.

And I was like, Oh my gosh, I just saw a regular girl like me and she made, you know, quite a bit of money promoting other people’s products.

And I was like, This is insane.

You know, if she can do it, then I can definitely do it, you know? And so I took the training that she was like, if you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing, like me, you know, check out the link in my bio, and I did and I took, you know, the 15 day business builder challenge and I just absolutely blew my mind how you can earn money without clocking in, because that’s the only way I knew how to make money and that’s how I was raised.

You know, you clock in, you know, you do an honest day’s work and clock out and then you go home, and I just never I’ve seen people make money online, on the internet, but I don’t know she just seemed pretty genuine and she just started and I was like, Okay, if she can do it, I can do it.

So I took the challenge.

And I was just absolutely blown away with all the information that was given to me.

And I was like, This is what I want to do.

This is what I want to do.

This is legit, and I want to see where this takes me.

So I decided right then and there to put all my effort into it, you know, and it’s honestly been one of the best decisions of my life.

Not even kidding.

Dave: Nice.

Yeah, you made some money and you’ve proven that you know, it’s not just a fantasy.

Have actually gotten some real real emerald incomes.

Yeah, real results.


That’s fantastic.

Yeah, yeah.

It’s always a fantasy until you get that first like a deposit in your bank account or check in your hand and then you’re like, holy shit.

Right? Life, you know, this is real life.

Like this is crazy.

I didn’t have to sell my soul or trade, you know, clock in or whatever.

You know, I didn’t have to.

And I think it almost feels like cheating too, because you’re like, golly, I’ve been listening to this whole you know, honest days.

You know, an honest day’s work for you know that.

You know, good old saying and, and good old mindset and then you’re like, holy shit I just made, you know $2,000 today and and I don’t even know what I did.

I didn’t do anything.

I basically was fooling around on my phone a little bit on TikTok and decided to stop creating or consuming and start creating a little, a little bit.


Yes, awesome.


Well, I’m happy for you what has been? What are the big takeaways? I mean, you’re you’re, you’re in your 20s, early 20s.

So you’ve got you know, you’ve got so many, like I said, so many options.

Did you say you even went to college?

Tori: Yeah.

Dave: And you have a degree in what?

Tori: Business marketing

Dave: So that is interesting is shit.

So what? Wait, hold on a second.

So you went to college for how many years and I’m not going to totally make you feel total and absolute, you know, guilt and regret for but how much in student loans or did you pay or how did you finance that?

Tori: I didn’t have to take any loans.

Fortunately, because I lived at home and the university is about five or 10 minutes away from my house.

So I just you know, commuted to school

and helped you out with the housing.

Dave: You didn’t pay for the school itself though?

Tori: Yeah, I had several scholarships that I had throughout my four years.



I had scholarships.


Dave: You’re smart.

She’s smarter than I am.

I don’t know what I really even can talk about whether I mean she’s got friggin academic scholarships and shit.

You know, a degree in Business Marketing.

Erin, maybe you should come over here and talk to her because you’re a college graduate.

I’m a friggin ninth grade dropout.

I can’t really spell my own name.

Tori: But Dave, let me tell you I learned more in a challenge than I did in all my four years of college.

Dave: From an old alcoholic, ex addict teenage father.

As a homeless guy who just you know, used to drive around in an old 1990s Ford f150 With this magnet on his car trying to get people to.

That’s fascinating.

I mean, say more about that.

How could you possibly have learned more in a 15 day challenge than in four years in college?

Tori: You think about it, the professor’s there, you know they go to school for a long time in marketing or whatever.

And, but the real thing is they don’t have actual real marketing experience.

They only teach what they’ve been taught.


So I didn’t really learn a whole bunch from that.

I learned how to be a good employee, you know.

And the 15 Day Challenge taught me how I can make money for myself but not make other people rich, you know, so I didn’t really know anything about direct marketing that much.

And I learned that through the 15 day challenge, and I didn’t know what affiliate marketing was.

Dave: Let’s just talk about some of the things that are more prevalent nowadays in you know, in the in just in the marketing game.

I mean, affiliate marketing really is something that every top person likes if you go to any company who is small or large, you know, popular, you know or little not not well known.

You scroll down to the bottom of their site, you see a little link that says affiliates have an affiliate program now whether they’re getting tons of traffic, whether they’re getting tons of traffic from affiliates, or whether they haven’t many affiliates.

I mean, but they all have affiliate programs, and many of them are getting a lot of their sales from affiliates.

I mean, you look at Amazon, and you know, I think that I don’t know what the exact percentage is, but I would guess it’s a pretty significant amount of their sales.

I know.

Companies like click funnels are getting tons of their you know, signups to their software through affiliates and many of the other products and programs that you see marketed online.

So did they ever have anybody who came from the outside who was running successful marketing businesses in different areas kind of talk to you about entrepreneurs?

Tori: No.

Just people from big firms coming in, you know, giving their expertise in their marketing department, you know, so, not from the entrepreneurial, entrepreneurial aspects.

No one for now.

Dave: I feel like I feel like the majority of or so many stories, I don’t want to speculate or generalize but the stories that I hear are, you know, about like, what’s being taught and the experience that I’ve had interviewing people who have marketing degrees who want jobs, they it’s almost like the, the, they’re talking about, like throwing like putting your banner up putting your phone number in.

Your face up on a billboard, like that’s the extent of the marketing depth, you know, and, I mean, I even have friends who they’re starting to roll out these programs for you know, social media and social media marketing and social media communication.

And I mean, I know people who are taking these courses and, you know, as much as I, as much as I like the people, I’m not seeing them doing much or able to do much or equipped with many skills to go out in the marketplace and actually either get a job or have some unique skill that is able to able to add a lot of value to a company.

But I think going back to your original point there, or one of the points that you brought up, which is the only thing that I that I that I learned how to do was to make somebody else rich, but the truth is, is that we did even get a job in marketing.

I mean, you said that you were doing data entry and stuff.

Tori: Yes.

So my first job was with a billboard company.

Talk about old school marketing.

Dave: Holy crap.

Well, that’s weird that I’ve mentioned billboards and you were with a billboard company.

Tori: Yes, that’s ironic.

But yeah, now I work remotely because what I first hated my real job, and I was like, well maybe if I work remotely, I’ll be happier because, you know, I won’t have to commute I won’t have to have a manager like hovering over me, making sure that I’m working and stuff and I and that is it just makes me feel better.

Like working remotely, but you know, lock in I still like working remotely.

Dave: Well of course you do.

I think a lot of people are, are I want everybody to realize the opportunity that we have at our hands is the reason why the reason why tech companies earnings are exploding and billionaires in Tech have made no more money than then all of America over this pandemic is because everybody’s sitting at home companies like us have more than doubled in growth over the pandemic.

Why? Because everybody’s sitting at home, and they’re on the internet or they’re working from home and they don’t want to go back into the office.

So, you know, when’s the best time to plant a tree 20 years ago, when’s the second best time or 10 years ago in my case I got started 10 years ago.

And although people have called me lucky, it’s all that preparation which meets the opportunity like this pandemic, which I have a huge part of me that’s empathetic to anybody who’s had struggled throughout this pandemic gotten ill had financial insecurity or struggles.

But the truth is, is that, you know, there we’ve all been presented with opportunities.

You know, many of us have been presented with online opportunities in the past, and for whatever reason, we didn’t seize them.

And so now we’re reaping what we sell, but when’s the second best time and maybe not you? You’re too young, but a lot of us who were in our 30s and 40s and 50s we have, but when’s the second best time to plant a tree? Well, it’s right now.

Because not only is now this a great time to get started because we’re really in the middle, or even the beginning of an upswing of just people staying nimble.

Staying online, being online, wanting to work from home earn online.

And you know, and I just, I just believe that, you know, this is a unique opportunity.

You’re not going to learn as you’re saying the things that you need to take advantage of by going to some traditional school like diction, tactics that are either philosophical, or like the idea of it but not the application.

And I think that the colleges in some respects, when people find out that you can learn this information, like the actual information that you need, there, they’re going to be screwed.

You know, now it’s going to take a lot to unwind this big massive system that pumps people at the age of 18 into 40, 50, 60 $80,000 in debt and makes them feel like they’re the only choice for them.

It’s going to take a lot to unwind that system because it’s a big system.

In its systemic, right.

It’s a full system, that that’s worldwide right going to uni they call it in Australia.

Going to university, going to college, we say here in America, but it’s all part of our language and it’s all part of, you know, it’s all part of culture in society.

But, you know, conversation after conversation, including the one that we’re having this morning proves that you can learn the skills that you need to thrive in today’s economy, online economy online.

Now, whether that’s taking the 15 day online business builder challenge or whether that’s, you know, going through somebody else’s course or whatever, finding some YouTube video or having you know, some aha moment I don’t know finding following somebody on Facebook and they show you day trading or crypto or whatever.

But the truth is, it’s like there’s more opportunity today than there’s ever been.

It just baffles me when people feel like they missed the boat or things are too saturated, or whatever.

So tell us from your perspective, not being exposed to a bunch of shit over the past decade because you’re fairly young.

How do you see your future now? Where do you see things going?

Tori: I think the digital age is just going to keep blooming.

It’s just going to keep getting bigger and bigger.

So if people think that they miss their opportunity, they are 100% Wrong.

I started only four months ago.

If I can do it, they can do it.

I had no experience.

I had no followers to begin with.

I started from scratch.

Like anyone can do this seriously, anyone.

They just have to be consistent and put the work in and not give up if they didn’t see results in a matter of like two weeks, you know, because you have to just keep putting the work and then people often quit before the magic even happens, you know and that’s the important part is to just not give up.

Like I said, if I can do it in four months, anyone can do it.

Dave: Well speaking of your TikTok, we’re gonna go over here and look at your tick tock here real quick.

Now you know those of you who are listening, I usually just throw people’s handles up, but you know, don’t, don’t run off and go.

We’ll put her handle up and we’re showing her TikTok here and you can go back and follow her after the show.

Listen to what she’s saying.

I think there’s some people who once we put somebody up they just run right over there.

And just start and it’s like listening to the strategy behind what people like Tory are doing to be able to grow from zero to 112,000 followers in profits coming into their business in four months or under.

So what have you been doing, Tori that you’ve that you’ve learned that you’ve discovered over the past four months? That’s really worked for you because just to remind anybody who just came on.

Four months ago, you were scrolling through TikTok you were consuming you hating your job.

You’re sitting there with a four year degree, wondering what’s next for you.

And now you’re on fire, about digital marketing about, you know, affiliate marketing, and you’re starting to build your audience in your email list.

So what have been some major aha moments or takeaways that have worked? You know, that has worked in your favor.

Tori: Right.

So in the beginning whenever you don’t know what you’re doing, you often go to you know someone else in your niche and kind of look at their content that they are providing and you kind of see like, what’s working with them and what’s not working, and you can kind of find inspiration from those videos.

And that’s how you kind of get up and move and and get that so sorry.

Oh, my phone just freaked out.

Sorry, my phone is ringing out more but you really want to just find inspiration from other content creators within your niche so you can get that first 1000 followers and once you have your first 1000 followers, you can put your link in your bio, but you know once you kind of get going and you kind of understand how TikTok works you can start doing your own thing.

You can start making your own like original content.

And honestly I feel like that’s where that’s what people want to see.

They want to see original content, and they want to see you being genuine.

So if you’re upfront with them and being genuine then people like that and are attracted to that from what I’ve noticed within my own content people really like you just being up and real with them and being super straightforward.

And another thing is to reply to comments.

So in TikTok, you know, there’s a reply feature.

So you can reply, a comment, like, make a video of the reply of a comment and just make a video of that.

A lot of our content is about just answering questions or comments or something like that.

And people just genuinely love that stuff.

Dave: It’s interesting because we hear a lot of people who talk about, you know, being themselves and it’s kind of like, you know, what does that mean? So a lot of people talk about hey, you know what? Be yourself, you know, I mean, we’ve been we’ve been we’ve been titled this show stop being something that you’re not like, what does that mean? Because I’m, I would like to give this more context because we hear this a lot.

This is such a big thing.

And it’s like I feel like the people who really have massive breakthroughs, this tends to be one of their biggest breakthroughs, like, I stopped trying to be something that I’m not like, what what does that specifically like with specific examples? What does that mean to you? Or one example like, what does that actually mean?

Tori: It means just stop caring about what other people think of you.

And as soon as you can be yourself.

That’s, that’s where the magic happens is being you and there’s only one two, right so you telling your story, the way that you explain content, the way that you think about things, tell your audience and just be you and don’t be so uptight.

Don’t you know, think about you know, not everyone’s gonna like me, Stop.

Show up, be you.

And of course, you’re not going to like you, but who cares, right? Who cares? And that’s what I’m saying.

Like, just be you.

And that’s seriously like where the magic happens.

Don’t be like somebody else.

Be who? You know, show your personality.

People love that.

Dave: So Sherry, Sherry Smith, says but I’m so boring.

What would you say to Sherry?

Tori: No, you’re not, you’re not boring.

Hey, I’m an introvert.

I did not post any content before starting up my TikTok and stuff.

So you could say that I was boring, right?

Dave: Tori did you ever think that about yourself or think that like before you were getting started? Like I’m I’m like I’m just a regular boring pro who’s gonna want to listen to me, right?

Tori: That’s exactly what I thought.

That’s exactly what I thought.

But that noise that’s just, you know, just don’t think about that stuff.

It’s holding you back.


It’s holding you back from you just blowing up.

Dave: Like I think I think one of the biggest things that we have to remember in this is just it’s become such it’s becoming come so proven on the internet, if you pay close attention, is that the less perfect people are the more people like really bomb with them in you’ll see videos going viral, not because they were perfectly produced but because they’re just you know, powerful like moments or situations are things that happen with like a child or with like an animal or with like you and your, you see a couple of you know, older people dancing or something and they’re not being perfect, they’re not looking perfect.

They’re, you know, they might even look at the video and say, Oh, I look so bad there, but other people are watching them just living their life authentically in the moment.

And when people see another person living their life authentically meaning with like light and without cares, and as if they have not a care in the world.

That’s so empowering and inspiring because most people, many of you included who are letting us know about your limiting beliefs and we appreciate that because because you as well as billions of other people out there are self conscious and insecure and so am I at times and so when we see somebody living comfortable in their skin, it’s it’s way more inspiring than a particular how they have their makeup on or if their hair is perfectly done because what we resonate with is that person spirit.

And that’s way more powerful than anything that can be manufactured or that can be done up right it’s like human beings.

I believe, in a sense that, you know, that marketing is connecting with people, especially in this sort of solopreneur-like influence or whatever you want to call it economy that we’re in right now.

It’s it’s really the most it’s the people who let their spirit shine the most are those who really are building followings and making tons of money because people you know, here’s what I can say this, I’m trying to also give it in a different angle to for those of you listening whew, it may not have clicked so far yet.

But when you’re sitting there thinking that you’re boring or when you’re letting you know you’re you’re closed off and you’re afraid of what people think in your, you know, not being comfortable in your skin, you’re tight and you’re You’re just afraid what you’re really doing this year is you’re covering your light, you know what I mean? Like pretend you have a flame inside and you’re just covering your light, you’re not letting people see your light.

And what happens is when you let all the barriers in which the barriers are what the fear is the insecurities worried about what people think when we let all that go.

It’s kind of like letting a wall down to where now all of a sudden people can see right inside our flame, you know, right inside our candle that’s burning bright, and their candle connects with our candle like their light sees our light and it has nothing to do with what we’re wearing.

Has nothing to do with how our hair is done has nothing to do with how much makeup we have on or what outfits we have on or how we’re talking even, or even what we’re saying sometimes, right? It’s about the spirit connecting with the spirit and I don’t mean in a religious way.

I just mean that there is an energy that is passed between human beings and thankfully, it’s able to be passed through digitally.

It is able to be passed through digitally because you’re still able to activate certain sensors or certain you know the five senses you can activate.

sound you can activate, right? And that activates feeling right and it’s still enough to activate people’s emotions.

And anyways you seemed like you were resonating with that.

Do you feel like that’s a good description?

Tori: One hundred percent, you hit it on the nail Dave that is just Yes, you said it perfectly.

100% Yeah.

Dave: Yeah, it’s interesting.

So how have you been some of the specific things that maybe you did like for me? I remember combing my hair a certain way.

You know what I mean? Because I was a little bit sly, kinda like I felt like I was a little bit scrappy and not really kind of put together when I first started marketing online, kinda like I still am now, but I hide it better.

But just not like I see guys with their hair perfect.

They always got the perfect part and a nice gentleman’s cut and a collared shirt on which I haven’t had to call it but I’m talking about a nice fun collared shirt.

It’s like pressed and shit.

And I’m like, How does this man do that? You know, like, how is he always looking so proper and good.

And so I remember like trying to comb my hair a certain way and when I first got on you know, and then finally I was just like, This is exhausting, you know, and I told my, my, my real story of who I really was and why I’m doing this and where I came from, and that happened to be my biggest day of sales and everything else and that was sort of like a that was sort of like a shift for me.

Was there a shift for you? Or is there something you can remember that happened over the last four months that shifted you from that carrying in being afraid and letting limit and not showing your light to when you you know, fuck it I’m gonna, I just kind of show my light and see what happens.

Tori: Yeah, so it all started with me just kind of testing out content.

So I was like, You know what, I’m just gonna show the world a little bit of me, just a little bit of my personality and see how that goes.

And I got a really good engagement.

And, you know, I got more views and I was like, Okay, this is a good side, you know, people want I’m just being genuine people like, seem genuine people who are just straight up.

And so I just started producing more content.

You know, you’re always like working on your craft.

You’re always seeing what’s working, what’s not working.

And whenever you see something that’s working, then don’t stop.

You know, Don’t stop, keep doing the same things and so that’s what I figured out was just like, being me is the biggest thing that made me have success.

And having that engagement, so whenever still today, but especially when you’re just starting out you really want to comment back with every single person.

And if you have emails, if someone emails you, you know, answer those emails, answer all your DMS, you know, just show up for them because people like that one on one conversation.

And I get just several thank yous a day just from me commenting back and replying to people answering questions because people love that.

They’re like, wow, she took the time to talk to me, you know, to answer my question, and they love that and that’s how you build trust too.

And that’s how you kind of build a fanbase as well.

Dave: Sure, sure.

It’s crazy.

It’s crazy how you can, you know, actually have fans or whatever, you know, you go from being somebody who’s just I don’t know watching other people.

And thinking they’re icons and celebrities online and then you know, suddenly you have people in your DMS and on your comments who are like, wow, this was really helpful.

Thank you, you know, this changed my life.

I mean, you have some accolades and validation at the beginning and sometimes it even feels like you know who they talk to somebody but like, who are they? Who are they talking to? You know, you know, because, you know, ultimately at the end of the day, I mean, I don’t ever feel like I’m doing anything special.

You know, I don’t.

I don’t feel like I’m doing anything super special, but it is just, it is special.

It is special.

Because when you’re when you’re reaching somebody who’s like minded or who’s willing to listen, and I think especially because in our lives so often, the folks who are closest to us don’t listen as much you know, because the the word like are they hear us and see us so much our friends and family sometimes don’t take us that seriously.

I’ve had people who legitimately like I was just like a nephew or just what you know, whatever not really pay me much attention and then come to like a live event and see like 5000 people going fucking bananas, you know what I mean? And rock in a crowd and then all of a sudden, they’re, you know, they treat me totally different, you know? Because it’s like, oh, wow, you know, wow, this is you know, it’s it’s just it’s fascinating, you know, and I think that feels I think that feels good to us, you know, after I think many of us also grew up just also maybe even being ignored or or or unnoticed a lot.

If we grew up in big families or being told to be seen but not heard and things and so you know, when we start to find our voice, maybe we got bullied in school maybe we felt just you know, like, you know, I think I think school also teaches us at least at least the a lot of my school did you mentioned cubicle and I had a flashback to when I was in fifth grade, you know, when I was ADHD if I misbehaved, right, which was really just having high energy and I was curious and bored, right really more than anything.

i They put me in this.

I had this teacher that put me in this Cubby, which was a cubicle back up to the wall, and you had to crawl up under it and you sat there with your legs dangling now with these walls around and I couldn’t see anything out in the classroom.

I mean, talk about being fucking silenced.

You know what I mean? Talk about being stifled.

Talk about somebody putting your life out, man.

You know, I mean, that’s the type of shit that this bucking society does to us and it is about time to get angry.

It’s about time to channel all those emotions instead of beating ourselves up.

Let’s beat up some of these limiting bullshit ass beliefs that we’ve been raised with to think that our destiny is to sit it up fucking in a cubicle.

You know, give me a break.

Yeah, I mean, I mean I think about I think about my my, the our ancestors and people who roamed this earth for fucking millions of years who walked in beautiful mountains and trails in, hunted fucking will the beast in I mean went out there and gathered their families in were in tribes and just live in life, man, I mean, out there, enjoying the sunset bathing in the fucking rivers man, you know, and I mean, now all of a sudden, it’s like, put me in a school for 12 years.

And tell me to just raise my hand if I have something to say.

I stand in line.

I got so fucking tired of standing in lines.

You know what I mean? I mean, I don’t want to stand in line anymore.

I wanna cut class.

I want to leave.

I want it right.

And so I don’t know maybe that’s one of the reasons why I dropped out in ninth grade.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I, even with my dad, was grateful enough to have you know, him work construction to help you know, take me under his wing, but eventually I wanted to fly the nest.

You don’t want to leave the nest.

I wanted to go explore.

I wanted to see what is out there for us, man.

You know?

Tori: Yeah, yeah, that’s exactly how I felt.

I was like, you know, my parents told me to go to school, get good grades, go to college, and find a good job.

And I did all that.

And I was bored.

And I hated my work.

I hated the job.

And I was like, why did I do it? Everything I was supposed to do.

And now I’m here and this just sucks.

You know? This just sucks.

I was like, there’s more to life than this.

I’m not supposed to live my life in a cubicle.

Dave: I want to tell you a funny story real quick.

Legendary was growing three years ago to the point where like, I was like, oh shit, you know? Are we gonna start a you know, we can have an office like we had an office here in st P.

And and it was big enough that like how was some people and I was like, Well, I mean, I feel like we’re at this crossroads to where we’re like, either gonna bring everybody into the office, right? Or we’re gonna, you know, really commit to staying virtual.

And I was like, you know, I had a buddy that is in town who’s a good friend and he’s got a pretty big company, and they’re an SEO company.

And he has this beautiful office with all these people that work in the office and, and I was like, yeah, maybe that’s maybe maybe that’s the right path.

You know, maybe I need to grow up mature, have a real company and really get people in the office.

So anyways, I finagled a couple people to start coming down move the guy from New York had had a couple of people hired a couple of people locally, some were still virtual, it had a couple of people locally, and started to kind of fill up the office and I gotta be honest, it was the worst.

It was the worst thing that ever existed.

And the reason why was because it was I.

It was because I didn’t, I didn’t want to micromanage people.

I don’t want to work with people that want to work.

I don’t want to have a company where the only way that you’re going to work is if I’m standing over your shoulder making sure that you do your work.

You know what I mean? Like that those are not the people that I want working with me for me, whatever.

I don’t, I don’t want those.

So anyways, I just one day just told everybody to go home.

I’m going to stay here in the office with my wife because I like being around my wife, and I like to hang out with her and work and stuff like that.

We have separate spaces.

And then eventually we moved out of that office into a house that’s right around the corner from our other house.

And we’ve got 70 People who work virtually all around the world.

And that’s just what we do.

And we’ve never deviated from that and will never go back.

And that’s my office story.

You know what I mean? That’s my cubicle.

That’s the closest thing that I got to a cubicle, like an environment.

And I was so turret-like, like just it gave me the creepies you know what I mean? It gave me the heebie jeebies to just see people walking in with like their lunch and their briefcase and they put it down and like they pulled up and got ready for like, I don’t want him all it’s like a fucking pizza mirror.

It’s like knowing that they just drove in traffic to care and that they were rushing to my God, I’m going to be late right and I got to stop for gas.

You know? You know now I’m fumbling around at the gas tank, you know, trying to get gas so I can still, you know, get to the office on time and I’m just like, and I’m and I’m like, I’m looking at these people as they’re walking in the door knowing that that’s the type of shit that they just did.

And I’m like, Oh my God, you know, I just was like this.

I started to have feelings like the end of the world.

I was like, Oh my God.

But then the thing people do all this is the norm.

Running out of the house in the morning.

Getting dressed doing your makeup, I see a guy shaved in the car.

It’s insane.

Tori: Yeah, I only did it for a year and a half and that was enough for me.

I’m like, No, this is not for me.

Dave: In this last 2020, 2021 It’s like everybody’s gone home.

You know what I mean? Or a lot of people have gone home not everyone.

And I’m really thankful for all the folks who can’t write like like what we call essential workers, like the people who were down at Walgreens when I wanted to paint you know, Cherry Garcia at night because you know, I wanted to just be a fat slob during a pandemic and you know, they had check me out, you know, I mean, swipe my credit card, or the first or the you know, the police or the fire department.

Look, you know, so don’t don’t cancel me.

You know, I was like, I think that people went home and they’re like, fuck it.

I’m never going back.

I’m not going back.

I don’t care.

And now we’re seeing it’s like it’s like there’s like all these openings were like the economy is gonna come roaring back.

You know, like the regular economy.

We know the internet economy is roaring but people were like, Alright, we’re good.

Like, everybody back to work, everybody get back in your cars.

Get back on the interstate.

Get back to shaving in the car.

Get back to brushing your teeth in the car, get back to a gas stop over.

You’re driving through Wendy’s or McDonald’s getting a baked something, piling it down.

Half Round the greasy beard.

You know, as you’re as you’re as you’re driving, you know, get back to that and everybody’s like, Man, I’m good.

I don’t want to go back to that.


So anyways, I’ve ranted and raved this morning but I mean, golly, jeez.

It’s like you know, I’m happy for you for your success.

I’m happy that you found us.

We’ve connected with you and I’m looking forward to your journey and having you continue to keep us posted.

And updated on how things go for you over the next couple of months and let me know if there’s anything that I can I can do or we can do to help you out.

Help you keep growing Okay, okay,

Tori: Thank you.

Dave: Alright Tori, we’ll talk to you later.

All right, my friends.

You can follow Tori over on TikTok and Instagram at @vlhbiz on TikTok on Instagram.

And, you know if that’s if, once again if that story doesn’t inspire you to you know, do something about you know, your situation, your life, your business, but take that leap of faith and most importantly, you know, if you already have started to remember that the best gift that you can really give your audience is for you to just kind of take a deep breath and not try to be something that you’re not just it’s not about you anyways, just deliver the information, deliver the value in an authentic way.

Stop caring what people think we say this over and over again.

And the day that you do that will be the day that you have a big breakthrough, as well.

All right.

We’ll see you guys tomorrow.

And gals, and everybody else.

Talk to you soon.

Love y’all stay Legendary.

Legendary Marketer Business Challenge

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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