If You’re Not Building A Recurring Passive Income…Why Not?

Passive Income

What does passive income have to do with list building and email marketing, you ask?


There are two fundamental ways to make money online with affiliate marketing:

  1. Sell individual items – you’ve got to do this lots of times and you’ve got to keep doing it to keep the money coming in
  2. Sell recurring items – these are products and services that require a monthly or annual fee to retain access to them. But once you’ve persuaded someone to buy, you keep earning regular monthly (or annual) commissions from them.

So which sounds better?

You have to do the same amount of work for both where promoting them is concerned.

Except one pays you month after month when the other pays you just once.

That’s the difference between Recurring Passive Income and simple Passive Income.

Building a Recurring Passive Income Business

How do you build a recurring passive income business?

You find a subscription-based product or service that you can become an affiliate for.

It helps if the affiliate program is free to join (some aren’t) and it helps if you don’t have to invest in additional tools to promote the offer.

It’s also much, much easier to scale up your income from recurring commissions than from single product sales.

I spent quite a bit of time looking around for an offer that fit this bill.

I also wanted something that would appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

Tools and services come and go pretty quickly in the Make Money Online and Internet / Affiliate Marketing niches. But I was looking for something that appealed to people outside these niches as well.

And I found it! 🙂

There’s a free-to-join affiliate program that offers these benefits:

Those aren’t shabby commissions!

I’ll spare you further suspense and tell you that this company is called Clickfunnels®. I reviewed their main software-as-a-service (SaaS) in a previous post.

To give you a brief description, Clickfunnels® is an online app for building a variety of web pages from sales pages to optin / landing / squeeze pages, membership sites to webinars and ordinary blogs.

Sales Funnels are sequences of pages that start with an optin form to collect email addresses and other pages that are used to put your offer in front of your subscribers again and again (so that’s where list building and email marketing come in).

It’s well-known that most people do not buy a product the first time they come across it. They have to see it a minimum of 7 times before they’ll pull the trigger and buy.

So, if you’re exposing people like your website visitors to a product or offer only once, you’re actually losing out on a lot of sales.

Using a sales funnel makes a lot more marketing sense since you’re constantly reminding your subscribers about your offer.

Any business online (or off) can use a sales funnel as a marketing channel.

What business doesn’t want to improve its bottom line and get more sales?

This is why I really like the Clickfunnels® opportunity. Yes, the page builder software service was created by an internet marketer.

But it’s a tool that can appeal to any business, anywhere in the world. There are no niche or geographic limitations here at all.

Who Created Clickfunnels®?

Russell Brunson, Creator of Clickfunnels®

As an aside, Clickfunnels® was created by Russell Brunson, initially for his own needs.

He had intentions of becoming a pro-wrestler while in college.

But a little thing called the internet and selling online sidelined him and changed the trajectory of his life-plan.

He has since become one of the top marketers in the business and many top names like Tony Robbins go to him when they want to launch a new product.

Russell set up Clickfunnels® in 2014 as a brand new startup, making zip, zilch, nada.

In 2019, it’s now a $100 million a year company.

I told you Russell knows a thing or two about marketing!

Promoting Clickfunnels® As An Affiliate

As I mentioned, it’s completely free to become a Clickfunnels® affiliate (I’ll even throw in a few bonuses if you sign up under me here).

Russell created a free Affiliate Bootcamp course (he’s big on giving stuff away) that teaches affiliates how to promote Clickfunnels®.

Unfortunately, the course is now a little out-of-date and references affiliate offers that are no longer available. Still, it gives a good insight into coming up with different approaches to promoting the service.

UPDATE: As of early June, 2019, the Affiliate Bootcamp course has been completely revamped and is now worth signing up for again.

A better option is to sign up for the One Funnel Away (OFA) Challenge. This isn’t free – it’s $100 (one-time). It’s certainly not necessary to sign up but it is the cheapest option for a paid course that’s available.

And it’s created and run directly by Russell and his team.The One Funnel Away Challenge

If you take on the challenge, you’ll be shipped a kit with the 550 page ’30 Days’ book, the OFA workbook, the OFA MP3 Player with pre-loaded funnel training and more…

What You Get In The 'One Funnel Away' Challenge

Since the Affiliate Bootcamp course wasn’t kept up to date with changes at Clickfunnels®, I looked around for another course that would fill in the blanks.

The One Funnel Away course wasn’t available late last year when I was doing this, so I had to look elsewhere for excellent training.

I looked at three people in particular and what training they were offering and ended up going with Zach Crawford.

He’s now my mentor, as he is to all his students. And what I love is that he’s a very down-to-earth guy who doesn’t want his ego massaged and who bends over backwards to help his students in every way possible.

He’s also very approachable, and answers questions every day in his private Facebook group.

You don’t often get this level of engagement from the developer of a course.

I chose Zach because he calls BS when he sees it (and let’s face it, there’s a lot of BS in the internet marketing world).

His story is very interesting and resonates with a lot of people…

Zach provides training on how to promote Clickfunnels® the right way.

But, while his training is focused on promoting Clickfunnels®, he’s really teaching you how to promote anything. To use a saying, he’s not giving you a fish, he’s teaching you how to fish, so you can land your own, again and again.

He provides free training here to introduce the idea of a recurring passive income and what you need to do to achieve it…

… And why building a passive income business around Clickfunnels® is such a good idea.The First Lesson In Zach's Free Training

At the end of the free training, there’s an option to upgrade to Zach’s paid coaching program. Whether you do or not, is entirely up to you and if his business model appeals to you.

His program costs $497 (one-time) so is already about half the cost of competing courses (but see below for another option).

One of the big assets of Zach’s coaching program is that he includes a ready-built sales funnel you can use to promote Clickfunnels®.

All the sales copy, videos and images are done for you. And the funnel contains bonuses worth about 25 grand that you get access to and can also use as enticements in your own funnel. All you need to do is paste in your affiliate links.

Now there is a caveat…

The sales funnel was built inside Clickfunnels®, so you need a Clickfunnels® account to use it.

If you want to continue to use Zach’s funnel, you will have to pay for Clickfunnels® after the 14-day trial period.

Now the really cool thing is that if you subscribe to Clickfunnels®, Zach will give you his coaching program and sales funnel for free (but you only have access to them as long as you remain a Clickfunnels® subscriber).

So that’s what I did. I pay $97/mth for a basic Clickfunnels® account which allows me to continue to use his funnel, import and use other shared funnels and build my own funnels.

At the time I wrote this post, I’d already signed up 3 new members so their commissions cover my monthly fee.

That said, I know that $97/mth is too much for some people to afford. For others, the idea of paying anything for a tool to promote an offer just isn’t on.

I do think that’s short-sighted. But being willing to pay business fees like this is what sets the true online business builders from the hobbyists.

If you’re not in a position to pay the monthly fee, or don’t want to, you can still promote Clickfunnels®.

Being a paying member is definitely not a requirement.

In my next post I’ll look at a free way to start building your own sales funnel to promote Clickfunnels®.

In the meantime, sign up for Zach’s free training. You’ve nothing to lose. It will open your eyes to why so many affiliate marketers fail and why some succeed beyond their wildest dreams…

Free Passive Income training Program


Free Ebooks:

Free Physical Books (Just Pay Shipping):

  • Expert Secrets – how to market yourself as an expert and get others to pay for your advice. Highly recommended.
  • DotCom Secrets – the underground playbook for growing your company online. Recommended.
  • 108 Proven Split Test Winners – split testing is when you test two variations of a page against each other to see which gets better conversions. This book contains simple tweaks you can make to your website, so you can make more money now.

Free Web Classes

Other Freebies:

  • The Perfect Webinar – want to run your own webinar? This is a free webinar script with training Russell is giving away.
  • Funnel Fridays – every Friday Russell and his team pick one random person and build a complete sales funnel for them for free.
  • Marketing In Your Car – Russell’s frequent podcast on all things marketing.

Clickfunnels® Links:

All the best,

Gary Nugent

P.S.: Don't forget, if you want to create an internet income of your own, here's one of my recommended ways to do that:


And you can get some free training here on how to build an online business and start list building here:



  1. Very interesting Gary. A recurring passive income is pretty darn nice thing to have. I am suffering a bit from information overload regarding the sales funnel products presented. Which one is the absolute best that you have mentioned?

    • Hi Derek, do you feel overloaded with info after reading my post? Id so, then I haven’t done my job well in simplifying this stuff.

      If you want to get a better understanding of sales funnels and how they can improve sales, then watch the free sales funnel webclass.

      Then register for Zach Crawford’s free training and go through that. This explains affiliate marketing, why so many never make any real money doing it and the mindshift needed to become successful. This training is invaluable for any affiliate marketer regardless of what they promote.

      At the end of the training, you’re introduced to the passive income business model and can decide if it’s for you or not.

      For general marketing education, I recommend Expert Secrets first and then DotCom Secrets.

      All the other stuff can be looked at later, if you decide you want to start building a passive income.

  2. Hi Gary,  very exhaustive post you have up here.  Seriously,  I have read more than a lot concerning clickfunnels and I realised its a legit platform to actually work out a passive income generation for oneself but actually,  I’m in a dilemma over what to opt in for. Also, I would love to become an affiliate for clickfunnels, I hope the commissions are worth it. Thanks

    • Hi RoDarrick, if being a Clickfunnels affiliate is your main aim, then check out the free training at https://www.BecomeFinanciallySecure.com/ It’s good general affiliate marketing training. 

      The best way to promote Clickfunnels is with a funnel built with the tool, which is how the above website was created. 

      It’s actually what’s called a shared funnel. My mentor created the funnel and shares it for free with his students. There is caveat though – you have to take out a paid Clickfunnels subscription to use it. Makes sense since it was built with Clickfunnels.

      Even the basic Clickfunnels account is $97/mth which is a lot of money for some people, so I’m looking at ways you can promote with funnels built outside of Clickfunnels. This is a less expensive way for people to get started as affiliates. 

      I’ll be posting ways to create free or low-cost ways to build funnels here on the blog. 

      That said, anyone can become a Clickfunnels affiliate for free and start promoting a range of products immediately. As with any affiliate program, you simply start posting your affiliate links to start driving traffic. You don’t need to have a paid Clickfunnels subscription to be able to use your affiliate links.

      But you definitely come across as more trustworthy to your customers if you actually use the tool you promote. Otherwise, your potential referrals can ask you “if Clickfunnels is so great, why aren’t you using it?

      If driving more leads and sales to your online business (it can be to affiliate offers too) is more important, then take a look at the One Funnel Away Challenge. It’s $100 and you get 30 days of intense training from Russell Brunson and his team. 

      I’d recommend getting the Expert Secrets book as it goes into depth about how to structure your messages (wherever you post them) to engage your audience and help them to take action. The book is free, just pay shipping.

      For regular marketing tips, listen to Russell’s free podcast. He’s always spreading his knowledge and expertise. 



  3. Awesome post, Gary. Russell Brunson is my mentor as well. I’ve started my website 3 months back, currently working on that, as soon I publish necessary posts in my niche, I’ll consider using Click Funnels software for sure. 

    Yes, I’ve read his books DotCom secret and Expert Secrets. OFA is in my very next to do list, possibly I’ll I’ll enroll for an upcoming ofa challenge. I’ve seen that promoting Clickfunnels is very lucrative for affiliate marketers. According to your experience how long does it take to earn money by promoting Clickfunnels? After taking their affiliate bootcamp! 

    Thanks for sharing your experience with ClickFunnels. It will motivate many. 

    • Hi akshaysaxena, thanks for taking the time to comment. 

      OFA is a great course. It really changes your mindset on how you promote and engage with leads and potential customers. 

      While the Clickfunnels free Affiliate Bootcamp course is still available, it’s a bit out of date now. Some of the things it talks about in relation to promoting Clickfunnels are no longer available. Update: The course was updated in late May, 2019.  

      The One Funnel Away (OFA) Challenge is the way to go now, but it’s not free.

      As I mentioned in the reply to the previous comment, check out the free training at https://www.BecomeFinanciallySecure.com/. That gives a very good grounding in the expectations any affiliate marketer should have, regardless of what product or offer they promote. 

      As to how quickly you can start earning commissions from promoting Clickfunnels, that’s like asking “how long is a piece of string?”

      For me, it was about 3 weeks before someone signed up for a free 14-day Clickfunnels trial. I then had to wait another 2 weeks to see if they continued with a paid membership (they did).

      I got some more signups in the meantime. Some went on to take out paid subscriptions and some of those ultimately didn’t keep paying for Clickfunnels.

      So there is an attrition rate to be aware of. So long as you bring in more paying customers than you lose, your income will continue to grow. 

      My mentor, Zach, says you can expect to be making $1,000-$3,000 per month in 90 days if you apply yourself. My own experience doesn’t reflect that so I think it’s overly optimistic for the average Joe. 

      Not impossible though, as other students have been getting better results than me which we all talk about in Zach’s, private group. Clickfunnels is only one component in my online business whereas with other students, it’s their sole focus. 

      To build a business this way will require time, commitment, focus and discipline. If you’re the type of person who caves at the first difficulty or obstacle, you won’t succeed with this business model.

      Those that have seen the biggest success have gone outside their comfort zones – something Zach recommends all his students do. Because if you don’t push your own limits, you won’t grow as a person or as a marketer. And you’ll never reach your full potential. 

      There’s another program I also recommend called Wealthy Affiliate. This is a course about blogging and affiliate marketing and has its own affiliate program. In the few months I’ve been promoting Clickfunnels, I’ve made more in commissions than I have in years of promoting Wealthy Affiliate. 

      So, I am starting to devote more of my own attention to promoting Clickfunnels as I have got good results so far. It’s a question of finding the time for me at the moment and deciding what other programs and work I do that I need to shelve.

      All the best,

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