Is ClickFunnels a Type of MLM?

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No Clickfunnels is not an MLM (Milt-Level Marketing) business. Historically, Clickfunnels affiliates could recruit sub affiliates and get paid 5% of the earnings their sub-affiliates earned.

However, in June (2019), Clickfunnels revised its affiliate policy in a few ways:

  1. Affiliates are no longer allowed to promote Clickfunnels as a business opportunity or a passive income opportunity.

    Too many affiliates had been doing this and, even when warned to stop, still continued promoting this way.

    Now any affiliate doing this type of promotion will be permanently kicked out of the Clickfunnels affiliate program.

  2. Some affiliates were poaching clients from other affiliates by advising them to cancel their trials with that affiliate and signing up under them for additional benefits and bonuses.

    Any affiliate caught doing this now will be permanently kicked out of the affiliate program.

  3. To remove any association with Clickfunnels being an MLM, the ability to recruit sub-affiliates is being removed in a couple of months.

    At that point, all affiliates will become single-level affiliates. The association between affiliates and sub-affiliates will be removed.

    And after this, the 5% commission paid on sub-affiliates’ earnings will end. So Clickfunnels will cease to be a 2-Tier affiliate program.

Clickfunnels is a business service which should be promoted as such and not a business opportunity in the way that MLMs are promoted.

It’s still possible to make good income from Clickfunnels though, as they pay a 40% recurring commission on subscriptions. Check out my review here.

You can, however, use Clickfunnels to build sales funnels that do recruit people into MLM programs. There are no restrictions on that.

Here’s a free training program that shows how Clickfunnels can be used to do affiliate marketing

Free Affiliate Marketing Webclass


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