Marketing Secrets Podcast #322 – Here’s The Secret To Getting Noticed [Part 1]…

Russell Brunson's Marketing Secrets Podcast

Endure long enough to get noticed.

Russell Brunson loves (?) this quote.

It’s from the founder of the ConvertKit email marketing service, a guy he has a ton of respect for.

Here’s what Russell has to say about this and why this resonates with him:

A lot of people think I’m this overnight success.

They hear about ClickFunnels and they immediately identify me with creating this cool company that makes over $100,000,000 a year.

ClickFunnels was founded just 6 years ago.

But I’ve been doing this internet marketing thing for over 18 years!

So it took A LONG TIME to get to this point.

And it took years of doing all kinds of different things and building funnels and launching different products before I found my passion.

Can you relate?

A lot of entrepreneurs ask me…

“So Russell, how DO you know when you hit upon the right opportunity?”
“How do you find that ‘thing’ that gets you all excited and pumped?”

Check out this Marketing Secrets podcast episode to find out what to do to find your passion…

And what it takes to get noticed.

This is the first half of a presentation that Russell Brunson gave at Stephen Larsen’s OfferMind event.

In this episode, Russell shares a presentation from OfferMind about how he founded Clickfunnels and the journey it took to get there.

Here are some of the things you will hear in part 1 of the presentation:

  • A funny story about potato guns being shipped to a hotel where an event was held, after the event was already over.
  • Find out why even though family and friends were less than enthusiastic about all Russell’s new ideas, he kept talking about them.
  • See why it took Russell more than 130 funnels before he created Clickfunnels.

Listen to the podcast here or download it for offline listening:

You can listen to Part 2 here.

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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