Marketing Secrets Podcast #323 – Here’s The Secret To Getting Noticed [Part 2]…

Marketing Secrets Podcast Episode 323

In the previous post, Russell Brunson talked about how to get noticed online, in his regular podcast.

In the podcast below, he concludes his discussion on this topic and also talks about the Level 10 Opportunity.

Several years ago, Russell went with his wife and a bunch of marketers and their spouses to Kenya to help build schools for kids.

He was in a jeep on this 4-hour ride out in the Kenyan countryside and he sat next to one of the smartest marketers he knows – Bill Harrison.

They just geeked out on marketing for the whole ride, and Bill said something to Russell that he’ll never forget…

Hey, Russell. You and I are both pretty successful. I feel like we really know our marketing stuff. And we’re both passionate about it. But we’re missing the boat. You know what our problem is?

Russell said, “What? I want to do more!

And Bill said, “Our problem is we’re focused on the wrong opportunity.

Russell replied, “What do you mean?

Bill  said…
I have this friend who just went public with his company and sold his share for an insane amount of money. And the thing is, he had a level 2 marketing skill set but found a level 10 opportunity.
You and I have a level 10 marketing skill set but we’re playing with level 2 opportunities. That’s why we’re stuck.

That hit Russell like a ton of bricks.

He started thinking about what he was doing.

And it really frustrated him that he was only playing in a Level 2 opportunity sandbox.

So…how DO you know when a Level 10 Opportunity comes along?

What does it look like?

And should you keep going in the business you have if it’s NOT a Level 10 Opportunity?

Find out what it takes to find YOUR Level 10 opportunity in the full Marketing Secrets podcast episode below!

In this episode you will hear the exciting conclusion to Russell’s presentation from OfferMind about those Level 10 Opportunities.

Here are some of the things to listen for in today’s episode:

  • Find out how Level 10 opportunities came onto Russell’s radar.
  • Hear how Russell met Todd and see what they thought their level opportunity was going to be originally.
  • And see how they managed to build Clickfunnels, after Russell had been trying to develop something similar for 10 years prior.

So listen here (or download the podcast to listen to offline) to find out how you can be on the lookout for your own level 10 opportunity.

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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