Marketing Secrets Podcast #326 – Entrepreneurial Scars: When you think it’s all OVER…

Marketing Secrets Podcast Episode 326

The business landscape is littered with entrepreneurs who were once very successful.

Something happened in their business or life and they never quite recovered.

Do you know someone like that?

It’s like their ‘entrepreneurial scars’ never healed…

And it affected them so deeply that they could never bounce back. 😟

I’ve seen this plenty of times with really smart, brilliant business owners who landed on hard times…

And they carry this ‘failure’ around with them for a long time.

The thing is, we all hit walls, lose money, face major setbacks, have ups and downs, or even file for bankruptcy.

If it hasn’t happened yet, chances are pretty good it will.

Look, nobody likes going through these dark times. It’s hard.

It FEELS like there’s no way out, like it will never end.


When it happens, and you realize this ONE SIMPLE THING, you can bounce back FAST.

Tune in right now to Russell Brunson’s (of Clickfunnels fame) latest podcast and find out how to recover from a setback in record time.

And here’s the cool part…

Find out how you can use your scars, your setbacks, and your failures to your ADVANTAGE to create a hugely successful business!

Russell recorded the above podcast while he was still on vacation (in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic).

But he faced a dilemma…

As a driven entrepreneur…why are vacations so darn hard?

He had to to ask because he finds himself going nuts after just a few days on the beach, or at a beautiful resort, or taking time off.

And he finds that’s the case with a lot of his entrepreneur friends and fellow Funnel Hackers.

On top of that, your loved ones and friends are telling you…

You work too hard.
You need a break.
You need to relax.
You need to get away.”

The funny thing is, he gets stressed out on vacations! 😵

Does that happen to you, too?

Russell thinks he’s figured out WHY entrepreneurs feel this way.

And once you know, you’ll be able to explain it to those around you who care about you so they’ll understand why vacations and ‘down time’ stress you out.

Check out this podcast episode which he recorded at the start of his vacation…


All the best,

Gary Nugent

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