My Experience With John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program


My Experience With John Thornhills Ambassador Program

Joining John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program

This post isn’t going to be a classic review of John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program.

Instead, it’s going to a work-in-progress. An experiment, if you will.

I want to see if this Program will give a return on investment, at the very least making back what I paid for it.

There’s a 60-Day money-back guarantee and I aim to recoup at least the price of the program in that time.

While I mention John Thornhill on my How Do You Find a Good Affiliate Marketing Mentor? post, up until now I have never bought any products from him.

He’s listed on that post because others I’ve come to trust speak highly of him, his courses and products.

So I finally decided to buy his Ambassador Program and see if it lives up to what I’ve been told about it.

This is a mid-priced product, coming in at $497, though there’s also the option to pay for it in six monthly installments of $97.

John Thornhill's Free Ambassador Program Webinar

What’s Included In The Program

The sales blurb claims that all you need is 30 minutes with the video training to learn what he has to teach and how to get everything set up.

So this is both a course and a business-in-a-box which provides this for you:

  • You receive John’s very own custom built webinar funnel completely set up for you that is ready to generate subscribers and take orders.
  • You also get your very own custom built affiliate website completely set up for for you that can generate a 50/50 profit share from your affiliates’ earnings.
  • You’re also provided with 99 days worth of ready-made emails that can be plugged into your autoresponder that has the potential to generate sales on a daily basis.
  • You receive 100% commissions on all the sales of John’s front-end products, 50% of the sales of his High Ticket upgrades, and 50% of the sales of carefully selected products that will be promoted in your 99-day email sequence.
  • You receive a 50/50 profit share of the profits on all the sales your affiliates make – what this means is that if your affiliate (someone you refer to your affiliate website as built by John) makes a sale, they get 50% commission and you get 50% of what would otherwise go to John. So you actually get a 25% commission on any sales your affiliates make.
  • John will also send your site link to his 20,000+ blog readers and social media followers and give you the potential to generate sales from day 1 (but no guaranteed sales).
  • He will then add a signature promoting your site to the bottom of EVERY SINGLE broadcast email he sends out for the next 99 days.
  • His traffic training will help you to generate up to 1,000 visitors within the first 30 days.

There is certainly the potential to earn good money from a program like this.

But success relies on how good the training is, how good the product is and how good I am at following instructions.

One thing I do need to point out is that this is not one of those “buy the program to sell the program” things.

The email marketing section of the Ambassador Program promotes products from many other well-known marketers.

And the ultimate goal of the Program is for members to build their own email lists while having quality, evergreen products to promote.

One other thing I need to point out is that you need to have a Clickbank account (free) to collect commissions and an Aweber account (there’s a 30-day free trial) to send out emails.

It seems that the emails John provides can only be quickly imported into Aweber, not any other autoresponder.

Though the option still remains for you to manually add the emails into your preferred autoresponder. It’ll just take longer.

This wasn’t a problem for me as I use Aweber myself.

Starting The Program

Day 1

One thing to note is that if you’re in the EU, you will be charged VAT on top of the purchase price of this or any other product on Clickbank.

If you want to avoid paying the VAT, you can do that by selecting PayPal as your payment option, the USA as your country, pasting in a Zip code (you can find these online) and selecting US Dollar as the billing currency.

If you pay by credit card directly, your country will determine what VAT rate you’re charged. If you pay by PayPal (which will also accept credit cards), your country info won’t be used on the order form by default.

I don’t advocate doing this, and it’s your choice if you use this information or not (it applies to any purchase made on Clickbank).

Once my payment was processed, I was given instant access to the membership registration form.

After filling out the info, I was taken straight into the membership area.

John Thornhill's Ambassador Program Member's Area

There’s a 3-minute welcome video from John which I watched, before I got to the meat of the course.

I then took a break to write this blog post up to this point. 🙂

Anyway, back to the course…

There are 15 videos in this course to help you get everything set up.

All are short and to the point, each typically running for 1 to 2 minutes. The longest videos are between 4 and 5 minutes.

Video 8 is all about how you import your email campaigns into Aweber.

John mentions that there are 15 campaigns to import but, in fact, there are 30, so double what was initially promised.

The email campaigns get imported into the Campaigns section of your email list rather than being added as a Follow-up sequence.

Each campaign has to be imported individually, but each contains several emails.

In all, it took me about 10 minutes to import all 30 campaigns.

I did hit one snag where Aweber told me the campaign I was trying to import didn’t exist, but it turned out that I’d copied a leading space with the campaign code and that invalidated it.

Aside from that, everything went smoothly.

One other thing I should point out is that Aweber’s interface has been updated since John recorded his videos.

Some menus and settings have been moved on the page and there are now 6 options for creating campaigns in Aweber. The Import option is still easily spotted though.

I worked my way through videos 3 to 9 which took me through the setup process of creating a list on Aweber, creating an optin-form and linking it to John’s program so I can receive commissions.

I do have to wait 24 hours for my Clickbank ID to be whitelisted by John and to be verified as an actual customer before I’ll be able to start promoting the site he gives me.

Except on weekends. And, since this is a Saturday, it’s probably going to be Monday before I hear back about my whitelist status.

All-in today, it took me about half an hour to get as far as I did (remember that importing the campaigns took 10 minutes alone).

So the Program is living up to it’s “get set up in 30 minutes” claim.

I was also switching between watching the videos and following the instructions and updating this post.

So that’s it for Day 1.

Day 2

I took today (Sunday) off so nothing to report.

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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  1. Thank you so much for this highly informative article! I had not heard of John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program before now, but it definitely seems like there are some kinks to be worked out. I know that you just started the program, and you have more than enough time to garner sales from the program; I’m hoping that it proves to be a profitable choice (we want you to have more than just the purchase price to show for it! Haha). I will definitely revisit your site for updates! Great read! God bless you!

    • I’m concentrating of driving free traffic to the Ambassador Program, C.N., and it’s usually more difficult to get quality, targeted traffic that way than by buying traffic.

      So getting eyeballs on the offer has proved more difficult than expected.

      It’s still early days yet and I have an idea that should help get more people to see the offer. I just need to set it up before I report on it.

    • Thanks for following up, Paul. To be honest, I’ve had the Ambassador Program on the back-burner for the last few weeks.

      Covid and the lockdowns here have put a dampener on my productivity. Yeah, I’ve been working from home full time since 2004 but I’ve been able to come and go as I please, visit friends and family and do all that relationship stuff.

      I live alone and, while I’m a loner at heart, even these lockdown restrictions are weighing heavily.

      Aside from weekly visits to the shops where I’m in and out as quickly as possible, I’ve only had two face-to-face meetings (suitably socially distanced) with friends since February.

      As I said, I like my own space, but there are limits, and now I’m starting to feel like I’m in solitary confinement and under house arrest.

      Not good for the mental health.

      I do several Zoom calls with friends and family each week, so I’m not completely out of touch with people, but it’s just not the same as being with people in person.

      I’ve also had to do a fair bit of work for clients in the last month or so as a number of blog maintenance contracts came together at roughly the same time.

      I also have to put the monthly PDF magazine for my email subscribers together and publish that.

      That’s also why I haven’t been posting much on this site.

      Now that I’m getting back time to work on non-client things, I’ll start promoting the Ambassador Program again.

      There are other promotions I also want to put more time into so it’s a question of spreading the load.

      But, as an update, I’ve still had so subscribers or sales relating to the Program as of yet.

      It kinda shows that you really need to concentrate on one or two promotions to see results, rather than spreading yourself too thin in promoting multiple products.

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