The Affiliate Marketer Interview Series

The Affiliate Marketer Interview Series

Insights From Successful Marketers And Online Business Owners

Affiliate marketers build and run their online businesses in a variety of ways.

Some concentrate on blogging while others focus on building sales funnels.

Many use YouTube as a way of driving traffic to their websites, squeeze pages and offers.

Some market only through YouTube and don’t bother with websites and squeeze and landing pages.

They build their email lists this way so that they have a business asset and a way to communicate with people outside of YouTube itself.

There are two things all successful marketers have in common:

  1. They’ve figured out how to drive a steady stream of targeted traffic to their online businesses
  2. They all build email lists and use email marketing as an essential component of their businesses.

So, here’s a selection of interviews (more will be added over time) with online entrepreneurs, from all walks of life, who’ve found success online and the freedom it brings to their lives, both in terms of money and time…

John Thornhill:

John Thornhill Interview

Daven Michaels:

Daven Michaels Interview

Steven Alvey

This interview is with Steven Alvey who has been awarded Product of the Day by JVZoo, has been on the Top 10 Best Seller list countless times and has rave reviews from industry legends.

He specialises in creating high-quality PLR products.

Here are some examples.

Bill Glazer

He’s the Best Selling author of the “OUTRAGEOUS Advertising that’s OUTRAGEOUSLY Successful” book.

He’s also a Speaker, and one of the most celebrated Marketing Strategists in the world.

He has appeared on the stage with other notable people such as Motivational Speaker Zig Zigler, Baseball Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr., two-time Heavy Weight Boxing World Champion George Forman, Comedian & SuperStar Business Woman, Joan Rivers and other top names in Marketing such as Jay Abraham and Dan Kennedy.

Paul Counts

He describes himself as a father, an Internet entrepreneur, a movie producer, a speaker, a podcaster, and so much more.

He’s been making money online for 21 years now, having started in 1999.

Nick James

Nick is arguably one of the UK’s most well known and experienced internet marketers.

He’s certainly one of the most progressive and has won numerous awards and he talks about this during the interview.

He’s been an online entrepreneur since the early 2000s and specializes in info publishing.

Matt Bacak

Long-time internet and email marketer Matt Bacak talks about what building a successful online business requires.

Bacak is the founder of the EPC Institute and an Award-Winning Email Marketer.

He started marketing online in 1997 and has been email marketing since 1999.

He put up his first optin page in 2001.

In 2003, he made his first million dollars from email marketing.

He has sent well over a billion emails in the last 18 years.

At last count, he’s done over 8,000 email split test rounds.

His lists are growing by up to 10,978 subscribers a DAY and he’s documented his strategies in his new book!

Neil Stafford

An internet entrepreneur, Neil has been working online since the mid-90s.

He gave up a corporate job to earn a living online.

In this interview, he discusses his various ventures and why working for yourself online is such a great business model.

Laura Casselman

She’s the CEO of JVZoo and talks about how JVZoo came about and how it’s a valuable resource for affiliate marketers.

JVZoo is one of the top affiliate networks around and focuses almost entirely on products for internet and affiliate marketers.

If you’re looking at starting your own affiliate marketing online business, then you’ll find free training and courses below that will explain what’s involved and what you need to do next:



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  1. Hello there, thanks for making this wonderful details known to us all and as a newbie to affiliate marketing and online businesses, I am really looking forward to learning more about these wonderful people. I am a lover of Nick James and I have seen so many of his videos and enjoyed his teachings a lot. It will great to keep getting these articles. Cheers

    • Thanks, ReeceMichael. I had come across Nick James myself a couple of years ago but I didn’t know what his story was and how he got to where he is today. So his interview was quite informative. 🙂

  2. These people are definitely the best and they have a lot to share with us all. In all honesty, for all that has been shared with us all here, it can only become more and more better for us all. For beginner marketers like us, having the privilege to hear from greats like this is only the best. Thanks

    • I glad you found the interviews informative, DarmiMaddie. Everyone has their own unique path to success and it’s enlightening finding out from these experts just how different their online paths have been.

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