The ClickFunnels Startup Story


The Clickfunnels Startup Story

What You Can Expect In This 4-Part Interview

A few months ago, Russell Brunson flew his favourite podcast host (Andrew Warner of Mixergy) to the “Dry Bar Comedy Club” in Utah to interview him about the ClickFunnels startup story…

But, as most interviews go, you don’t start with the highlight reel… you start at the bottom, and Russell’s story started shortly after his first business crashed…

You’re going to learn about everything from his first “potato gun” funnel that got him to believe this whole “internet” thing might work for him…

To Russell then launching over 100 different funnels before he and his associates launched ClickFunnels!

You can watch this exciting documentary (in 4 parts) below.

You’ll have a chance to hear from Russell’s wife Collette, and what she thought about this crazy journey…smiley face

You’re going to hear from some of his business partners, find out about the ups and the downs, the near bankruptcies and the huge successes and everything in between.

My hope is that from this, that it gives you hope for whatever product or service or startup you are creating right now and give you some ideas about how you can grow your company in the future.

Russell and his partners had three major goals for this interview.

  • First – to explain how they bootstrapped Clickfunnels and got to where they are today…
  • Second – what are the things that really worked well for them…
  • And Third – which of these strategies can work for you, as the listener/viewer, inside of your own business?

So, here’s the interview:

Part 1 – The 93 Funnels Before ClickFunnels…

Part 2 – How Russell & His Partners Got The Idea For ClickFunnels…

Part 3 – Assembling Their ‘Avengers’ Team…

Part 4 – How Can We Change The World…?

What’s Next?

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