The Zach Crawford Story – Broke And Depressed To Online Millionaire

Broke And Depressed To Online Millionaire - The Zach Crawford Story

Who Is Zach Crawford?

Zach Crawford has become my affiliate marketing mentor. I first came across him in 2018 when he was recommended by another marketer I know.

I’ve seen and even bought courses from a variety of “gurus” and “experts” over the years, many of whom did not live up to that moniker.

Many also used flash sales tactics to lure me, and many others I’m sure, into signing up with them.

You know – the people who show themselves driving flash cars, surrounding themselves with hot girls in their mansion where they party all day.

The thing is, all that stuff can be rented for a day for a photo op.

What attracted me to Zach as a mentor is that he’s not like that at all. He doesn’t hype himself up at all.

He doesn’t even sell himself as an expert or guru. In fact, he hates when someone applies those labels to him.

He’s very down to earth and just a regular guy who found success online through hard graft.

And now he teaches what he’s learned, and continues to learn, to his students.

What sets him apart from most influential marketers out there is that he puts others first and he isn’t self-serving.

This Is Zach’s Story…

Affiliate Marketing With Zach

If you think Zach is a guy you could learn from and work with, he has a free webclass here where he introduces you to affiliate marketing – the business model he follows – and his particular approach to it:

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Click here to register for Zach’s free webclass

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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  1. Hi

    It is great to hear about an affiliate  marketing mentor that actually cares about their students and not the money that they bring in to them – such a rarity nowadays.  In general I am not impressed with those flash in the pan programmes which promise the world but deliver nothing but make your wallet a little lighter. I may have to look into the programme to see if it is for me. 

    If you go with Zach does he help you through the whole process?



    • Hi Antonio, I hear where you’re coming from where some so-called “gurus” are concerned. I signed up with a few of them myself over the years before I learned I’d made a mistake.

      Zach’s free webclass introduces you to how he does affiliate marketing. He teaches what he does himself, which is building sales funnels and promoting them through Facebook and YouTube. YT is the long-term strategy and takes time to ramp-up; Facebook is used to get results while waiting for promotion on YT to kick in. 

      All ways of driving traffic are free and Zach discourages people from doing any paid traffic strategies until they know and understand the basics of driving free traffic.

      One of the things I like about Zach is that he’s very hands-on with his students. He’s in his private Facebook Group every day, answering questions and helping students. He does regular Facebook Lives where he introduces us to new marketing strategies or goes into depth on something that students aren’t clear on.

      He’s the first to say he sometimes doesn’t get it right first time when training people on a new strategy and so he refines and re-does training when appropriate based on feedback from students.

      On the other side of the free webclass is his full-blown affiliate marketing course (which isn’t free). By the time you finish the free webclass, you should have a good idea if Zach resonates with you or not, and his teaching style.

      Zach also teaches about the mindset you should have as a marketer. I always thought this was woo-woo, new-agey, positive thinking crap that fills up the training hours in programs taught by other marketers. But in Zach’s training I had my “Aha!” moment on how mindset really is important and how it fits into things. How you think about business will affect how you do business. 

      Zach puts his students first. As an example of this, last year (early 2019) when I first came across him, the course he was selling then was called Top Earner Mentor. It taught a passive income model for building a business around selling the Clickfunnels service to people. He wasn’t unique in this approach. Many Clickfunnels affiliates taught similar courses. 

      But then in June 2019, Clickfunnels changed the rules for affiliates. They were no longer allowed to promote Clickfunnels as a passive income stream. It had to be promoted as a business service. This left a lot of marketers who were selling passive income courses high and dry. 

      Zach took the hit and spent 3 months creating and developing an entirely new course on general affiliate marketing rather than one focused on leveraging a specific service (Clickfunnels).

      Everyone who was in the Top Earner Mentor Course was given free access to the new course. Zach could have charged everyone full price for the new course or even offered a discounted upgrade fee for Top Earner Mentor members to get access to his new course. 

      But, instead, he gave members free access. It’s because he believes that he needs to look out for his students. They’ve invested in him and he goes above and beyond in reciprocating.

      That’s not an attitude you often see in the internet marketing world and it sets Zach apart from most of the other marketers out there. I don’t call him a guru, he hates that term himself. He has no airs and graces and doesn’t consider himself above his students. He’s not someone who speaks down to them from on-high; he’s down on the floor, mingling with them, whatever their level of marketing experience. 

      To answer your question, yes, he does take you through the whole process. He doesn’t hold anything back. He’s not one of those “Do as I say, not as I do” types. He wants you to replicate what he does and to hear back from you on your results. And, if you find you’re not getting the results you hoped for, he’ll help you analyze where you may have gone wrong. 

      He does, however, expect you to do the work. And through his training he’ll not only ask you, but tell you to go outside your comfort zone, just as his mentor pushed him to. If you don’t push your boundaries, you never grow as a person or in business. 

      His course isn’t just an affiliate marketing course, it’s also a personal development plan. I really can’t speak highly enough of the guy.

  2. Well, THAT was inspiring. Zach sounds like the real deal. I agree that there are so many ‘false prophets’ out there, it can start to feel like they’re all liars. 

    I’ve been looking for new ways to make money online (I’m a freelance graphic designer), but it seems like every ‘Amazing System’ I look into is either complete crap, or they want $1000 upfront. Thanks for sharing this great story and information. I’m going to check it out!



    • Yeah, Tracy, it’s refreshing to see someone tell their real life story, warts and all. So many people paint rosy pictures of their lives. They don’t have to be marketers. You see them all over Instagram, for example. They may spend hours trying to get that perfect shot to show off their perfect life before they post it while, behind the shiny facade, their life is really a dumpster fire. 

      Nobody’s life is all sunshine and roses. And, when things are bad, most of us don’t want to share that with the world. But, yet, we have respect for those who do. Think of cancer suffers who document their journey with the disease or people who live in areas of conflict who let the world know what’s it’s like living in those conditions.

      Putting those dark sides of a life out there is painful and opens that person up to ridicule and condemnation as well as sympathy and empathy. 

      In Zach’s case, his documentary reveals him to be a real person who’s gone through some very hard times but he’s overcome those challenges. It gives hope to people who think they might be in a hole they can’t get out of, no matter how hard they try.

      As one of his students, I can say that Zach has remained a very down-to-earth person. His success with online business hasn’t made him feel entitled and he doesn’t speak down to his students. He has a very strong work ethic and he’s there, every day, helping his students out whenever they need it. 

      I’ve had my fair share of mentors and gurus over the years that I’ve been an affiliate marketer. Many, it turned out, were aloof and not really interested in engaging with their students. Once they had your money, they didn’t want to be bothered by you asking them questions. As you say, you’ve come across this type of person yourself.

      I can emphatically tell you that Zach isn’t one of those. He really is one of the good guys.  

  3. Gary I appreciate the information and resources you supplied on your site.  I agree with you regarding the so-called gurus showing off and misrepresenting real-life.  It is off-putting when these charlatans lie about their success to take your money, and teach you not to trust.  I want real information not a scam.  Zach Crawford seems like a real person and I thank you for sharing his story.  What have you learned from Zach?  What kind of results have you experienced?

    • Yeah, Glenn, you really need to do some background research on anyone you’re going to hand money over to. Some “gurus” merely rehash what they find on YouTube and elsewhere and sell that as a course without ever putting any of it into practice themselves. 

      The best teachers are the doers – those who’ve really been in the trenches, had the bad days, months or years and dug themselves out of that hole. Most will admit they didn’t do this all by themselves. They had help by finding their own mentors. 

      The best mentors also share everything with their students. They know that showing their successes and, yes, their failures provides real value for their students. Everyone makes mistakes, even experts, and having the confidence to let people know some idea you had or some strategy you followed sucked, just makes a mentor seem like a real person and not someone on a pedestal.

      There’s a list of mentors I’ve come to trust as I’ve bought their products and engaged with them over in this post. From experience, I know that all mentors won’t appeal to all potential students. 

      Yeah, Zach is a real person, not a fake persona created for social media. You can see that from how he talks about things in his video training and on his Facebook Lives.

      I guess one of the things that really struck a chord with me was his mindset training and how you approach business and your life affects how successful (or not) you’re likely to be. That, and the fact that to really succeed, you have to have a service mentality – your primary goal is to help your customer and provide tons of value for them rather than a self-serving approach where your focus is on how much money you can squeeze out of people.

      Put other people first and you’re very like to succeed; put yourself first and you won’t.

      His training is also the first real exposure I had to building and promoting sales funnels as a business model, rather than blogging which is what I’d done up until then. 

      There’s a ton of great stuff in his course but I knew he was a guy I could work with after I watched his free webclass and how he presented himself and his accomplishments. No blowing his own trumpet. No waving his success in your face. just a guy who wants to help others do as well as he’s done, if not better.

  4. Thank you for introducing Zach Crawford to us and sharing his video.

    It is so true that if we set a goal, have a plan, and work towards it consistently, we will achieve what we want. After watching his video, I am interested to attend his free webclass on affiliate marketing. But, there is a problem connecting to his site. I would appreciate it if you could look at the link.

    Thank you.

    • I can’t find anything wrong with the link to Zach’s free webclass. I’ve tested it out to make sure everything’s ok. 

      I know that with so many people staying and working from home these days that the internet is under strain and there are some outages from time to time. We had one here a few days ago. So maybe there was a temporary break in the route between you and Zach’s website. 

      All I can say is try accessing the webclass again. If you still can’t access it, let me know what error you’re seeing and I can look into what might be happening.

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