These 3 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Can RUIN Your Affiliate Business


Spencer Mecham is back with some free tips on the mistakes to avoid which could otherwise ruin your affiliate marketing business.

Here’s the first video Spencer refers to in the above video where he talks about his own affiliate marketing journey:

And, finally, here’s Spencer’s video where he breaks down how he crafted a single email that earned him several thousand dollars:

Grab Spencer’s Free Courses on Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Build Your Blog, Sales Funnels and Copywriting Secrets.

If you’d like to learn more about Spencer’s full-blown marketing course, you can do that here. That link takes you to my bonus page for the course.

As you know if you watched the third video above, Spencer’s course is $897.

If your budget is tight, or you don’t want to pay a huge chunk of money for a course about something you’re not sure you’ll commit to in the long run (affiliate marketing), you can still get Jacob’s Dream Car Profits for $97.

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Gary Nugent

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  1. I really appreciate all that you have shared here. Honestly, this is really good and the fact that Spencer has helped simplify all this makes it even better. The mistakes you pointed out are things we would do on a normal day without flinching. And seeing this here actually makes sense the most. Thanks so much for sharing here.

    • Spencer is really one of the good guys. Some, when they become successful, lose their heads in the clouds and occasionally deign to communicate with the little people now below them.

      Not Spencer (or my mentor Zach Crawford, for example). These guys have been through some hard times and they’re well grounded as a result. And they have a genuine interest in helping others change their lives for the better. 

      Spencer is very approachable and he also replies to emails and comments from people who haven’t signed up for his course (same with Zach). 

      Believe me when I say that this is pretty rare in the online world – there are a lot of marketers out there who talk at you rather than to you.

  2. Hello! Thank you very much for sharing this article. I always like articles that comes with YouTube videos. I’ve watched the videos and I agree with Spencer. I really like the way Spencer talks on the YouTube videos but his course is way too expensive. I don’t think I’ll want to pay 897$ for a course now but I really want it. I’m just going to save up and wait till I have enough to pay. Thank you 

    • Hi Sophie, yes, $897 is a lot of money, but it is a one-time fee and it’s on the low side of quality course prices. You’re taking the right approach in saving up for it rather than going into debt to buy it.

      Wealthy Affiliate is another extremely popular course that’s followed by affiliate marketers (I joined several years ago and still maintain my membership). It charges its members $49/mth so, over several years, you do end up paying a lot more than buying a training course for a one-time fee. 

      Most of the courses from provably successful marketers are around $1,000. But the good ones also don’t leave you high and dry once you’ve handed your money over. Spencer talks to his students every day in his private Facebook Group and over email. So he’s definitely one of the good mentors.

      If budget really is a concern, there’s another course I can recommend (I’m going through it myself at the moment) that comes from Anthony Morrisson. It’s only $7/mth or a 1-time $97. 

      My primary mentor, Zach Crawford, has an introductory video training course for Anthony’s program that really shows you how you can make Anthony’s course and products work for you. 

      I’d recommend you go through that first as Zach also allows you to use his sales funnel and assets as a bonus to incentivize people to join Anthony’s program (which you don’t get if you go straight to Anthony’s page).

      Anothony’s program gives a great grounding in what’s needed to start building an affiliate marketing business, from creating sales funnels to building a list and doing email marketing, how to and where to promote your offers, and so on. 

      So why is his course so much less expensive than Spencer’s for example? 

      Well, Anthony’s program focuses on getting you to sell his products to get your business up and running. So, when you make a sale, you earn a 50% commission and he gets the rest.

      The more you sell, the more money he makes, so it’s a win-win proposition. 

      Making his money this way means he can offer his course for a lower fee.

      Spencer makes his money from doing affiliate marketing himself. His only product is his course and he doesn’t rely on sales of it for his income. 

      Every mentor & coach has their own take on things and they teach what’s worked for them. 

      That doesn’t mean it will work for all their students. There are a lot of variables involved ranging from personality type to work ethic. 

      That’s why it’s important to take a look at several different mentors and their courses to see who’s teaching what you want to learn, and how they teach it. If they don’t resonate with you on that level, then, whoever they are, they’re the wrong mentor for you. 

      Check out my How Do You Find a Good Affiliate Marketing Mentor? post for tips on finding a good mentor. 

  3. These are essential tips for survival in the internet marketing business. Some good advice about choosing one traffic source and become an expert in that. Another tip about niching down. Narrow down your niche to a much smaller segment and work on that one. And the Email list being very essential as that is one thing you will own. Your business cannot be closed down when you own your email list. Good advice hey.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Energy. I hope to add another interview to the page in the next couple of weeks.

      For years, I didn’t build a list. It seemed like too much hard work and just one more thing to spend time maintaining. 

      What a mistake! As I realized for the first time in 2012 when one of Google’s endless algorithm updates tanked pretty much all of my websites and my online business with it. 

      Yes, an email list is the only online traffic asset that that you can actually own and control. 

      Just goes to show how we’re so much at the mercy of the big online platforms and how they, on a whim, can potentially wipe out your business overnight.

  4. Thanks for this helpful article that contains three educating videos about 3 affiliate marketing mistakes that can knock one off their feet, with regards to affiliate business. I, for one, learnt a lot from the videos. I am new to the world of affiliate marketing, and I will be sure to avoid making such grave mistakes.

    • Yeah, Kelvin, that’s the real advantage of learning from someone who knows what they’re talking about. There are a lot of so-called marketers out there who peddle garbage, and outdated garbage at that. 

      Quality mentors like Spencer put their customers and students, rather than their wallets, first. 

      They enjoy sharing tips and advice for free to “help the other guy” and don’t see it as a lost income because they’re not selling the info.

      All the best mentors I know have started from a position of hardship and been helped towards success by their own mentors. 

      In the early days – the mid-2000s – there were no experts. Everyone was finding their own unique methods for making a buck online.

      Some made it really big and then crashed and burned whenever the strategy they were using stopped working. And they disappeared without trace.

      Others built on what they’d learned from others and started becoming experts in their own right. Some of those people are still around today. Some are well-known, others prefer to stay out of the limelight. 

      But, as the years have gone on, and the online landscape has changed radically in the last 15 years, the best adapt to those changes and continue to learn new skills and share them with their students. 

      There are some fundamentals to marketing that are carved in stone and have been in use since the first human set up his stall and learned how to sell his stuff to others. 

      Other marketing methodologies necessarily need to change due to the rapid evolution of the online world. 

      The great mentors, like Spencer, take all this is their stride, both in relation to their own businesses but also in helping their students to adapt.

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