Time For A New Lead Generation Experiment Part 2: LeadsLeap


Time For A New Lead Generation Experiment - LeadsLeap

I covered the introduction to this experiment in sourcing leads to build my email list in my previous post, so I won’t go over that again here.

Using The LeadsLeap Platform

In this part of my lead generation experiment, I’m looking at LeadsLeap. which is a manual traffic exchange website, an ads network and leads generation platform geared towards online entrepreneurs who are looking to generate traffic and leads for their online business.

The company has been around since 2008 and boasts having 119,000 members.


You can actually join this platform for free and there is one upgrade option available to a Pro level plan for $19.90 per month.

I decided to go for the Pro Plan because it offers more ways to reach people than the Free plan, especially the 10 Pro Ads it gives you.

LeadsLeap Plans

The screengrab above only shows the top of long page detailing the differences between the two plans.

Setting Up The Ads

As with QwikAd, I created 2 ads, one for each sales funnel I created for the the Partner With Anthony program.

Pro Ads

These were Pro Ads and so needed to have images as part of the ad setup.

This is the image I created for Funnel 1:

Partner With Anthony - Leadsleap Image Ad 1

And this is the image I created for Funnel 2.

Partner With Anthony - Leadsleap Image Ad 2

Both images were created in Photoshop.

Each ad also has a text component though the ad headlines can be 25 characters long at most and the ad descriptions up to 60 characters long.

So not a lot of space to play with.

I placed both ads in the Affiliate Marketing category.

These ads run on autopilot, so once they’re published, they’ll run until I kill them and they’ll passively get visitors by being advertised within the LeadsLeap ecosystem.

Credit Ads

I’m also able to post up to 10 credit-based ads.

Credit Ads are fuelled by credits, which can be earned by viewing, rating and reporting other ads in the network, participating in the LeadsLeap PPC program and through their referral program.

You cannot buy credits, you can only earn them.

As a Pro member, I get also get free credits.

To be honest, I don’t know where these come from.

I can only assume that they’re the result of other members engaging with my Pro Ads.

1 Credit = 1 Visitor to your site, so credits only get used up when someone clicks on your ad, not when the ad itself is simply displayed on the platform (that is, you don’t pay for impressions but clicks).

Another way to generate leads is to write shortish reviews of offers, programs, courses, etc. you want to promote.

These reviews are available to the entire membership to read, and emails are sent out to all members alerting them whenever a new review is published.

I may create a review like this in the future, but for this experiment, I’m concentrating on the two ads above.

I’ll also be replicating these ads as Credit Ads so that they’ll hopefully get a bit more exposure.

In this case, I’m posting the ads into a different category – List Building.

The ad headlines and descriptions are different to those in the Pro Ads so that they’re targeted to list builders rather than affiliate marketers.

Tracking My Links

I’ll be using unique tracking links set up in ClickMagick for all ads since this will let me see if Pro Ads perform better than Credit Ads or not.

I do expect that there’ll be a lot fewer displays of Credit Ads than Pro Ads though, given the nature of the system.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the two Pro Ads taken today (October 23rd) with some stats showing:

LeadsLeap PWA Pro Ads

The lower ad was published first and already has had 63 visits.

The upper ad, published within a few minutes of the lower one, has a “Real Visits Since” date of tomorrow (October 24th) for some reason.

It probably has something to do with where the LeadsLeap server is located – whatever timezone it’s in, it’s October 24th while it’s still October 23rd where I am.

Over the coming days, the numbers will settle down and provide a better guide for the number of real daily visits each ad is getting.

Here’s today’s snapshot of my Credit Ads:

LeadsLeap PWA Credit AdsAt first glance, they probably look the same as the Pro Ads above.

But, while the images are the same, the ad headlines and text are different.

I’ll leave both of the screenshots above “as is” on this post to show the starting positions of these ads, and I’ll post updated screenshots below in the Results section of this post.



LeadsLeap is a platform for online entrepreneurs so it’s all about like-minded people advertising to each other.

You could look on that audience as being very targeted.

Or you could view that audience as being there only to promote their own offers and having little interest on what other members are pushing.

I’m not going to get random “Joe Public” traffic here the way I am with QwikAd.

How effective this platform is in providing leads comes down to how open the members are to the offers they see advertised on the platform.

Some people will be there simply to click on ads to earn credits that they can use to promote their own offers.

But, hopefully, there are enough members that are keeping an eye out for business opportunities that will help them grow their own businesses.

My “gut feeling” is that I’ll get a good number of clicks on my ads but not a lot of signups.

So this experiment will put that idea to the test.


These ads went live on October 23rd, so they’re not even a day old.

Here’s a screenshot of the ads’ results from my ClickMagick dashboard on October 25th:

LeadsLeap Results Oct 25

…and a screenshot of my results from October 28th:

LeadsLeap Ads Oct 28

…and from November 9th:

LeadsLeap Ad Stats Nov. 09

TC = Total Clicks
UC = Unique Clicks
FC = Fake Clicks
A = Actions (signing up to my list in this case)
ACR = Action Conversion Rate. This is the number of unique actions (A) divided by unique visitors (UC), expressed as a percentage.

I’m not concerned with the other columns as they don’t apply in this experiment.

And here are screengrabs of the Pro and Credit Ads from October 25th (you can see that Real Visits numbers don’t quite match what ClickMagick is reporting):

LeadsLeap Pro Ads Oct 25

LeadsLeap Credit Ads Oct 25



October 23rd: All 4 ads – the 2 Pro Ads and their 2 Credit Ads variants – are getting Fake Clicks.

These are usually down to bots or some automated way of generating clicks.

While they don’t cost me anything where Pro Ads are concerned, they do cost me credits for the Credit Ads.

It’s discouraging to see more Fake Clicks for 3 of the ads than there are Total Clicks.

That’s something I’ll be keeping a close eye on as this test continues to run.

October 25th: The viewing numbers are starting to climb. Some people have looked at the ads more than once and the PWA Zach Pro Ad seems to have been viewed twice by everyone who clicked on it.

Fake clicks continue to be recorded with somewhere between 14% and 46% of clicks being fake, depending on the ad.

October 25th: Looks like I need to do a better job with the Pro Ad for Funnel 1 as views are a third of that for the ad for Funnel 2.

October 25th: My account has run out of advertising credits, so that method of advertising is closed off to me until some more credits accumulate in my account.

October 26th: I changed the image ad for the Partner With Anthony Pro ad as it was getting about a third of the clicks of the Discover How I Made… ad. Interestingly, less than one day later…

October 27th: I got my first subscriber through that ad on LeadsLeap today.  However, unique clicks across all ads remain low and a 3.4% conversion rate ain’t good. After a week, LeadsLeap isn’t really shaping up to be a good traffic source. But there’s still plenty of time for this test to run.

November 2nd: The Credit Ads are getting almost no clicks because I have no spare credits to promote those ads with. The Pro Ads continue to get clicks with the ad for Funnel 2 getting twice as many clicks. However, the only signup I got for these ads was for Funnel 1.

November 9th: The ads continue to get views and I got one signup to the PWA Zach Pro Ad between November 2nd and 9th. But I can’t kid myself – these signup numbers are abysmal. This could be because I’m advertising on a platform where the goal of every member is to advertise to other members on the platform; i.e. all sellers and no buyers!

Shameless Plug!

If you’re interested in signing up for the Partner With Anthony Program yourself, you can get started here directly

…or sign up here instead where you’ll get some free foundational training on how to make the most of the program as a business opportunity. PLUS you’ll get access to bonuses not available by going the direct route above (you can see the bonuses in my previous post in this series about using QwikAd as a lead source).

Any signups through links on this site will not be tracked through ClickMagick and will not be used to skew the results of my ad tests. 

After all, I’m primarily running these leadgen experiments to find good sources of leads for myself, so skewing the results would be completely counterproductive.

All the best,

Gary Nugent

Check out my Instagram posts and reels here:

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  1. I can’t wait to see your results after a week! This is a very interesting experiment! I always wondered if traffic exchanges work since everyone there is promoting their own offers! Will be keeping an eye out!

    • Hi Brianna, my gut instinct tells that that I’ll get a very low number of signups from traffic exchanges like Leadsleap because they are all about promoting stuff rather than looking for new business opportunities.

      The power of LeadsLeap probably lies more in the reviews you can submit on the platform as that’s really the only way to talks about your opportunity and why it’s worth signing up to.

      Aside from being a traffic exchange, LeadsLeap does have an affiliate program so recruiting people to it is a way to make money. But that’s not my goal or aim here.

      If LeadsLeap turns out to be pretty much a waste of time where getting leads is concerned, I won’t be keeping my subscription to it going and I won’t be able to recommend it as a good traffic source.

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