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UpViral August 2021 Special Offer

While this offer is now closed, you can still try out UpViral for 14 days for $1 to see what it’s capable of. And, if you want to know more about UpViral, check out the free Workshop here.

As much as some people make out how easy it is to get new clients and customers in a predictable way…

In reality, this isn’t the case.

For example, it used to be easy to inexpensively grow your list and get sales with very simple, text-only Facebook ads.

But now it’s become far more difficult to get the results you want with that strategy.

As more and more advertisers enter the Facebook ad marketplace, the demand for ad placement has gone up dramatically.

Which means you could be paying double, triple (or even more!) what you used to pay to run ad campaigns (buying ads on YouTube works out a lot cheaper).

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It’s not only a problem of rising ad costs.

It’s also a problem of getting noticed at all in your ideal prospects’ Facebook newsfeeds, since there are so many ads competing for their attention.

But this is no reason to throw in the towel.

Every once in a while in the marketing world, a new mechanism comes along that’s a game changer.

And instantly creates profits for early adopters. ? ?

For example, long-form sales pages used to be the only game in town…

Until one marketer discovered that Video Sales Letters (VSLs) convert better.

Then when VSLs became commonplace…

Some geniuses started adding upsells to their campaigns.

Which allowed them to spend more on ads to get far more people into their funnels (and make more long-term profits as a result.)

Then when upsells became common…smart marketers started adding order-form bumps to their checkout pages to increase their profitability.

So there’s one thing for certain.

Being one of the first to implement a new marketing strategy means you’ll have a significant competitive advantage over other marketers in your space.

And Wilco de Kreij has figured out a fresh new mechanism that’s created some insane results for a handful of people.

He uploaded the training here.

UpViral Free Workshop

One of his customers gave it a try and made a whopping $300k on his first attempt…

The results from his 2nd campaign? 

Even more jaw-dropping to the tune of $1.5 million+. 

I highly recommend you check the video out (although there’s no opt-in needed… Wilco’s only leaving it up publicly for a few days). 

Wilco is offering a 40% discount on his Product, called Upviral, which provides the tools and training to build these viral funnels.

The discount is only available until Sunday August 8th at 11.59PM ET/NY.

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All the best,

Gary Nugent

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