Weekly Clickfunnels® Roundup For October 19, 2019

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Have you ever heard of the term FOMO? It means Fear Of Missing Out.

If you use Clickfunnels® (reviewed here) or you’re an affiliate, this post will let you know about the latest news about my favorite page and funnel builder (and, if it’s not yours yet, maybe it will be soon) and things related to it.

First, a message from Clickfunnels® co-founder, Russell Brunson:

If you read business books or marketing sites these days, you’ve probably stumbled across the phrase, “analysis paralysis…

Basically, it’s over-analyzing or over-thinking a situation to the point that no decision is made and no action is taken.

It’s an interesting phenomenon. We need to do our research, but at a certain point, we’re really just procrastinating…

Maybe you’re debating real problems, like which domain to buy, what products to dropship, or if you need a team in place to start your next venture.

But, here’s the thing…

If you don’t TAKE ACTION, then nothing is going to change!

If you’re ready to make moves and haven’t already signed up for your FREE 14-day Trial of Clickfunnels®, NOW is the time!

Remember, you’re just one funnel away…


Want Training From A-List Experts?

What if, instead of scrolling through old The Office and Parks and Rec reruns, Netflix allowed you to stream your favorite educational content?

That was the idea Russell and his team had when they decided to build FunnelFlix!

Just like the streaming mega-platform, you can consume all sorts of content in ONE easy-to-manage spot!

Except instead of movies and old TV shows, they’ve put together a massive collection of courses and training on business, marketing, and personal development.

(We’re talking trainers like Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Steve J. Laresen, Garrett J. White, Justin Brooke, Julie Stoian, and many more!)

FunnelFlix Courses

Inside FunnelFlix you’ll get access to world class training about marketing, sales, personal development, funnels, and more… all in one place!

You can actually grow your business and your life while watching “TV”.

To buy all of this content separately, you’d have to pay over $25,000!

But, the best part of FunnelFlix? You don’t have to pay ANYTHING to start watching!

If you’re a Clickfunnels® user, you already have access to FunnelFlix, so just log in and start your training!

If you’re not a Clickfunnels® user yet, you can still get started for $0! All you need to do is start your 14-day Clickfunnels® Trial, and you can access FunnelFlix for FREE during your trial!

Click HERE to Visit FunnelFlix Today…

Your Shortcut to Copywriting Success!

If there’s one thing every entrepreneur agrees on, it’s that they wish they had a shortcut to the knowledge, experience, and formulas that now work for their business and their dreams.

That’s why the “Secrets” books are so powerful!

Jim Edwards’ new book, Copywriting Secrets, is a shortcut!

This is NOT a book about “how to get rich”. But, if you do what it says, you will definitely make more money than you’re making right now in your existing business.

Why do I say that?

Because this IS a book about how everyone can use the power of words to get more clicks, make more sales, and get more subscribers, no matter what you sell or who you sell it to!

If you’ve ever been frustrated by lack of sales, lack of clicks, or lack of subscribers…

This is the book you’ve been looking for!

It’s also free – you just need to pay for shipping.

Free CopyWriting Secrets Book

Click HERE To Claim Your FREE Copywriting Secrets Book Today…

The Most Important Thing to Build…

[An Excerpt from Russell Brunson’s Instagram Page]

So what is the most important thing you can build for your business (and for your life!)


Seriously, this is so important!

Relationships are the most important thing to build because if you lost your website, your email list, and your following, you can just call up your buddies and get it all back with just a little help?

If I lost it all today, the first thing I would do is I’d look at who in my rolodex of friends could I get it back.

Are you building your business AND your relationships?


The Marketing Secrets Show

This show is for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to learn how to market in a way that lets you get your message, your products, and your services, out to the world, and yet still remain profitable!

Marketing Secrets With Russell Brunson

Recent Highlights

Episode #249: Why I’m PAUSING the Inner Circle Part 1…

This week has probably been one of the most emotional weeks of Russell’s entire life.

And when it came time to fill subscribers in on everything, he found myself pretty nervous.

But giving you a glimpse into what happened might help you with any tough decisions you’re struggling with in your business, so he hit ‘record’ and got it all out there.

Learn why this week was so emotional for him while he shares the backstory of Inner Circle…

Listen to the FULL Marketing Secrets Podcast episode here…

Episode #250: Why I’m PAUSING the Inner Circle Part 2…

Some people thought Russell was totally nuts.

But when he went LIVE in the Clickfunnels® private Facebook group to tell his Inner Circle that he was pausing the program, he knew in my gut that it was the right thing to do.

He’s sharing this entire story not only so you know what’s going on, but so you can hear his thought process throughout this insanely hard decision.

Hopefully understanding why he did what he did will inspire you to continue focusing on your mission and evaluating how you spend your time.

Hear the FULL backstory behind why he’s pausing the Inner Circle…

Listen to the FULL Marketing Secrets Podcast episode here…

Also, if you want to learn 99 Marketing Secrets That Will Change Your Business and Your Life, sign up for the Marketing Secrets Blackbook Here: Free Instant Access.

Funnel Hacker TV on YouTube

Subscribe to Funnel Hacker TV on YouTube and get instant access to great videos to help you build your business, pursue your goals, and achieve greatness. Also, make sure you check out the 5-part video series with Tai Lopez HERE.

The Biggest Takeaway From Mastermind AND Dream 100…

In this “Classic” episode, Russell Brunson dives a little deeper to talk about why putting out so many “hooks” is one of the key marketing strategies for your business.

Set in the backdrop of Russell’s Mastermind (with Brendon Burchard, Dean Graziosi, and Trent Shelton to name a few) and the Dream 100 con, Russell explains why testing your headlines allows you to see what is capturing attention in your audience…

Here’s What Happened This Week On Funnel Hacker Radio…

Justin Guarini’s Formula for Success… On this episode Dave Woodward interviews Justin Guarini about his journey in the entertainment industry and how it helped him transition into being an entrepreneur.

They discuss being the product vs. having a product, the background and the start of Justin’s “Audition Secrets” brand, how Clickfunnels® helped him find the way to become a “category king,” and much more…

What’s MY Problem…? On this episode, Dave talks about setting the right expectations for your business.

You might be struggling to reach a certain goal that is just too high!

Dave also believes it’s good to have big goals, but try to keep them reasonable, it’s not your target, it’s your timeline that’s messed up, and that you should enjoy the journey… Click here to listen!

If you’re not a Clickfunnels® user yet, you can still get started for $0! All you need to do is start your 14-day Clickfunnels® Trial, and you can access FunnelFlix (AND MORE) for FREE during your trial!

New to building sales funnels? Take this 30-day course created and run by Russell Brunson and his team that’s been designed to help you get that first funnel up and running:

That’s it for this week! 🙂

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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