Weekly Clickfunnels Roundup For October 27, 2019


Clickfunnels Roundup For Oct 27 2019

Have You Seen These Lessons From The Experts? (It Can Change Your Business, And Your Life…)

Which category do you need to improve?

  • Funnel Building?
  • Copywriting and Sales?
  • Increased Traffic?
  • Product Development?
  • Overall Business Strategy?

Whatever you need to improve, FunnelFlix has got you covered!

Inside, you’ll get access to world class training about marketing, sales, personal development, funnels, and more… all in one place!

You can actually grow your business and your life while binge-watching “Entrepreneur TV”.

FunnelFlix Courses

To buy all of this content separately, you’d have to pay over $25,000!

But, the best part of FunnelFlix? You don’t have to pay ANYTHING to start watching!

If you’re a Clickfunnels user, you already have access to FunnelFlix, so just log in and start your training!

If you’re not a Clickfunnels user yet, you can still get started for $0!

All you need to do is start your 14-day Clickfunnels Trial, and you can access FunnelFlix for FREE during your trial!

Click HERE to Visit FunnelFlix Today…

Is Copywriting Really “Winner Take All?”

If there’s one thing Jim Edwards wants you to know, it’s this…

In copywriting, there’s no prize for second place.

Jim’s new book is a step-by-step guide to copywriting success.

It is NOT just another “advertising” book…

It is NOT a book about traffic, though it will help you get a lot more sales and subscribers, from the traffic you currently get (even if it’s not much right now).

It is NOT a book about product creation – though it will help you sell a lot more products, services, coaching, software, or whatever you sell.

This is NOT a book about list building – though it will help you build huge lists of targeted, rabid, ready-to-buy subscribers.

But, if you’ve ever been frustrated by lack of sales, lack of clicks, or lack of subscribers…

This is the book you’ve been looking for!

And here’s what one customer had to say about the book:

Copywriting Secrets Testimonial

Click HERE To Claim Your FREE Copywriting Secrets Book Today…

The Customer’s “Why?” Is Everything…

[An Excerpt from Russell Brunson’s Linked-In Page]

When convincing a potential customer to buy your product or service, it all comes down to one simple question: Why?

Why should they try your product/service instead of another from a competitor?

If you can’t offer value in your message, then you lose out on a sale and worse, stunt your growth.

So, how do you instill value, gain an advantage over the competition, and most importantly, close a sale?

It all starts with a well-written value proposition.

What is a value proposition and why is it key to your sales funnel strategy?…


Read the FULL Post Or Comment HERE

The Marketing Secrets Show

This show is for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to learn how to market in a way that lets us get your message, your products, and your services, out to the world, and yet still remain profitable!

Marketing Secrets Podcast

Recent Highlights

Episode #252: The ULTIMATE Instagram Hack…

Did you know that there’s a sure-fire way to beat the Instagram algorithm (no matter how many times it changes) while creating engaging content that your ideal customer loves?

Russell revealed everything in Traffic Secrets, but since this is a growth hack that he and his team use DAILY, he’s decided that he should let you in on the secret early.

Learn the ultimate Instagram hack and how you can use it to create engaging content…

Listen to the FULL Marketing Secrets Podcast episode here…

Episode #251: How to become a billionaire…

Russell watched the Facebook LIVE that he’s about to play for you over and over.

Not just because it was so cool to hear the takeaways that Peng Joon had from his five years inside of the Inner Circle (one of Russell’s exclusive groups).

But also because he literally laid out what it takes to scale a business past six and seven figures, and he’s exactly right.

Learn the secret to scaling your business and then figuring out what it takes to become a billionaire…

Listen to the FULL Marketing Secrets Podcast episode here…

Also, if you want to learn 99 Marketing Secrets That Will Change Your Business and Your Life, sign up for the Marketing Secrets Blackbook Here: Free Instant Access.

Funnel Hacker TV on YouTube

Subscribe to Funnel Hacker TV on YouTube and get instant access to great videos to help you build your business, pursue your goals, and achieve greatness. Also, make sure you check out the 5-part video series with Tai Lopez HERE.

FHTV Ep120 | I Am So Nervous… Big Changes Ahead!

Russell went down to Atlanta to speak at the National Achievers Congress.

Watch as he surprised Todd with a new Clickfunnels feature “for his birthday” but really it’s a gift for every Clickfunnels user.

Plus, he unveils his newest platform selling speech…

Watch this Episode of Funnel Hacker TV HERE…

Here’s What Happened This Week On Funnel Hacker Radio…

3 Secrets On Attending LIVE Events… On this episode Dave interviews Jim Edwards who will be a round-table host at the upcoming Funnel Hacking Live event in January 2020. Jim is an expert copywriter, a FHL veteran, and the author of Copywriting Secrets.

Together, they discuss Jim’s Copywriting Secrets book and how to get a copy, how much they love attending the FHL, and much, much more…

Why the Problem’s is NOT The Problem… On this episode Dave talks about the nature of problems and how they are actually just huge opportunities for you to solve.

If you have a problem that costs you millions of dollars, solving it would not only save you money, but you can sell your solution to others (basically the formula behind Clickfunnels®).…

Other Stuff You Shouldn’t Miss!

Need Advice? Use the Funnel Hacker Forum (available to Clickfunnels users)!

Check out the top conversations inside the new community…

“Help! I need critiques for my sales page!”

Brandon Herd asked for advice: “So I actually already launched my funnel and had success getting opt ins, but no sales, I changed my sales page to have a shorter video and to include the order form. I’m hoping these improvements make a difference. I mostly am seeking help/critiques for the sales page but if you have time to look at all of the pages, that would be great too. Any tips would be so helpful…”

Elijah Corless suggested: “I would play around with the headline. I love the product, I love the ideas, it’s DEFINITELY a new opportunity I wouldn’t find anywhere else. The OTO page feels a little salesy. I make this mistake all the time too, but just remember that although you know it will change their lives they aren’t as excited as you. Too many pages and you’ll wear them off UNLESS they’re all DIFFERENT pieces that could help complementary…”

Arber Bajraktari suggested: “So here’s my thoughts on why the opt-in page is working and the sales page not. The opt-in page is ok, looking a little too spammy/old school imo but if it’s working hey why not. I can understand why you’re getting optins there. You get new mom’s attention by promising music activities that babies love for free. That’s what they are interested in, and that’s what they get after opting in…”

If you’re not a Clickfunnels user yet, you can still get started for $0! All you need to do is start your 14-day Clickfunnels Trial, and you can access FunnelFlix (AND MORE) for FREE during your trial!

New to building sales funnels? Take this 30-day course created and run by Russell Brunson and his team that’s been designed to help you get that first funnel up and running (plus my bonus package):

That’s it for this week! 🙂

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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