Where Can I Get The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Course?


Where Can I Get The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Course

UPDATE: March 16th, 2023: You can get the best free affiliate marketing training from my own mentor here.

Where Can I Get The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Course?” is a question I was asked recently.

It’s a common enough question, so I thought I’d answer it here.

You’re not going to get a comprehensive course on affiliate marketing for free.

There’s too much work involved in creating a course and years of experience have to be distilled into easily digested lessons for someone to hand that over for free.

That said, there are free introductory courses available that are worth following as they give a good grounding in what affiliate marketing entails.

Attending/watching free courses is also a great way of assessing the teacher.

Not every teacher/mentor will resonate with you.

You can also assess their personality, teaching style and expertise before you have to even think about buying a course.

And there’s certainly a lot of free training available on YouTube.

But much of it is for short-lived hacks or strategies that do just one thing.

By the time you watch it, it might be out of date.

One thing that’s completely missing from this approach is learning how your mindset – how you think – needs to change for you to become successful.

As Henry Ford said:

Henry Ford Quote - Whether You Think You Can
The other thing that’s lacking in finding free training this way, is a framework that ties all the strands of affiliate marketing together, what to prioritize when you’re starting out, how to set realistic, achievable goals and how to progress your online business to meet them.

That’s where a mentor comes in.

This Tony Robbins quote says it all:

Tony Robbins Quote

Yes, there are people who completely go it alone and become super successful.

But they tend to be exceptional people, not your average Joe.

The rest of us need to be taught the skills to succeed, one of which is how you cope with failure.

I did it my way for years and achieved a certain level of success but no matter what I tried, I couldn’t rise above the plateau I had reached.

I found myself in this position:

Einstein Insanity Quote

After too long a period, I had to admit that if I wanted to progress further, I needed help and that’s the point at which I sought out a mentor.

The best mentors are constantly learning new things themselves and they share that knowledge with their students.

The worst mentors put up flashy pictures of themselves leaning on a Lamborghini with a fistfull of money, surrounded by hot girls, all posing in front of a mansion.

Thing is, all that can be rented for a day for a photoshoot.

These kinds of “mentors” are faking success and they pretty much disappear once you’ve handed over your money for their courses.

So you need to spend time researching potential mentors before you finally decide on one.

I have a post here that talks about what qualities you should be looking for and which ones to avoid when picking a mentor:

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All the best,

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