Zach Crawford Is Launching A New Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Zach Crawford Is Launching A New Affiliate Marketing Training Course

UPDATE: October 27, 2021: Zach is launching his new program today at 10AM EDT in a live webclass in his free-to-join Facebook Group. If that time doesn’t suit you, there should be a replay available to group members once the live event is over.

Who’s Zach Crawford?

One of my main mentors is Zach Crawford which you might have realized if you’ve read my posts on this blog.

He’s the guy I turned to when I’d reached a point with my own online business where nothing I did seemed to improve things.

Having reached a plateau in my own business, I knew I needed the help of someone who knew more than I did.

I think Einstein said it best:

Einstein Insanity Quote

It wasn’t an easy realization but I knew I had to swallow my own ego if I expected to to see better results.

So, in early 2019, I started looking around, not just for affiliate marketing courses that had great reviews and reputations, but for a mentor who would be willing to push me when I needed it.

I was looking for someone who wouldn’t simply massage my own ego, but would demand that I needed to do certain things, especially when I was uncomfortable doing so.

It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of a comfort zone and not wanting to have to step outside it.

The person I was looking for would do all of that while also providing great support to their students, being actively engaged with them and actually caring about their success.

After a few weeks looking at various “gurus” and courses, Zach was one of two people who were left on my shortlist.

Their courses were about the same price and their students loved them and how they helped them.

Neither took the money and ran – and by that I mean that once you’d bought their courses, you were not left high and dry and to your own devices if you hit problems.

I’d already gone down that route previously and even had to deal with an extremely unhelpful and rude person who blamed students for their failures rather than offering any kind of constructive help.

Deciding between Zach and the other potential mentor was tough but I felt that Zach just had the edge and what he was saying resonated just that bit more with me.

So, it was Zach’s course that I bought and Zach that I chose as my mentor.

Which Leads Me To The Subject Title For This Post…

Zach Crawford Is Launching A New Affiliate Marketing Training Course

The course will be in pre-launch between October 25th and October 31st when it will be offered for a 50% discount.

On November 1st, the course will be available to the public at full price.

Zach has a very distinct goal with this new course – he plans on creating 100 millionaires and 1,000 6-figure earners by 2025.

Mockup of Zach's New Sales PageMockup of Zach’s new sales page – it may look completely different at launch! 

This isn’t a clickbait headline to grab attention.

That is a defined goal and Zach is serious about achieving it.

And this guy has always over-delivered.

If you want to know more about Zach’s course and who he is as a person, he runs a free-to-join Facebook Group where he engages daily with members and posts about affiliate marketing topics.

Join Zach's Free Facebook Group

There are also some videos he’s recorded about what in the new course and what affiliates can expect.

Affiliate Program

If you’re an affiliate marketer, then you will earn very sizeable commissions by selling Zach’s program.

You do need to be a member in order to be an affiliate.

I’m not a fan of “buy to sell” affiliate programs but Zach only wants people who know his program to be able to sell it.

He wants people who are happy to recommend the program from first-hand experience rather than schills who are just trying to sell a high-ticket program they know nothing about.

Going this route means that Zach is reaching the right kind of people from the outset.

I understand where’s he’s coming from and, having got to know the guy, he hasn’t set up his affiliate program as a “buy to sell” one.

One other thing to note is that Zach is the one who closes all sales.

He gets on the phone with prospective students and talks to them about their goals, expectations and fears.

As with any program, not every prospective customer is a good fit and those phone calls are used to filter out people that Zach feels will not benefit from his course and help.

Where affiliate marketers are concerned, all we have to do is send people to Zach through our links and sales funnels, and he does the rest.

Zach will be releasing a new sales funnel to affiliates during the pre-launch.

This will consist of a brand new landing page, a Thank You page, 4 lesson pages with videos and an email sequence of about 30 emails.

He’ll also be providing content daily (even after the launch) that you can repurpose to make people aware of his course.

Final Thoughts

One of the big switches I made in my online marketing was switching from promoting low-cost products to selling high-ticket ones.

The effort is about the same but the payoffs are way bigger.

And Zach’s courses have focused on selling high-ticket products for that very reason.

Look, go join his free Facebook Group and form your own opinion of the guy and if he’s someone you’d like to work with.

If nothing else, you’ll get some solid tips and strategies where affiliate marketing is concerned.

If you’d like to see one of his sales funnels in action, sign up here and take a look at how it’s constructed and what material is included on each page as well the emails you’ll receive.

The new sales funnel (to be released on October 27th) will be even bigger and better.

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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  1. I did what you suggested in one of your other posts and took a look at the free training that various gurus put out there so I could see who I liked and who I didn’t. Zach seems like a straight-up guy who can relate to the people he teaches. No airs and graces there which is great to see. Not sure I’m quite ready for a mentor yet but you’ve def put Zach on my radar! 🙂

    • Hi Joe, thanks for the feedback. Zach is one of the really good guys in mentoring/coaching for affiliate marketing. His backstory is really interesting too and should give hope to anyone who thinks they’re not capable of building a successful online business.

      I recommend that anyone, even if they’re following someone else’s course, join Zach’s free Facebook Group. You’ll get real marketing advice and strategies there. The only downside is that you do need a Facebook account to sign up.

  2. Hey link me the free training with the updated landing page where we can make 1k to 5k day commission that one

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