What Does Your Marketing Funnel Look Like?

What Does Your Marketing Funnel Look Like?

That’s a question I was asked over on Quora and here’s my answer:

All my marketing funnels take the same form though the details will be different.

  1. An optin page (I use Systeme as my marketing platform) offering some free gift (these are called Lead Magnets) as an enticement for visitors to hand over their email addresses. The gift must be of quality, preferably unique and not some crappy bit of PLR (Private Label Rights) content. For example:
    Zero To Six Figure Blueprint
  2. The offer page which tells subscribers about a tool or course that they might be interested in. This should be very closely aligned with what’s on the optin page so people don’t get confused about the page they landed on. If I’m offering a free course, then I’ll use affiliate links in the course content to generate revenue from it.
    Free ChatGPT Course
  3. A series of emails that subscribers get sent providing more information about the product or course I’m trying to sell them including usage cases and maybe a demo video.
  4. Before the email series starts, subscribers get tagged with a category for the product they opted in to find more info about. This helps segregate my list(s) so that I can send them targeted emails later.

    Systeme Tagged Subscribers

    Tagged subscribers in one of my Systeme accounts

  5. Once the initial email sequence is finished, subscribers get added to my broadcast list where they will be sent useful tips, product reviews, personal news along with offers for a variety of products. Some of these products will be targeted to people with specific tags rather than being broadcast to everyone on my list(s).
  6. Each day, I use a variety of methods to drive people to my optin pages so that I’m always adding people to my lists. All lists will lose people over time because they don’t read emails, have unsubscribed, have no or have lost interest in main product, have shut down their email accounts, may have blocked you, etc.
  7. At least once a month, I clean my lists so that I’m not sending out unnecessary emails and reducing my delivery rate. I delete everyone who has unsubscribed (no point in paying the autoresponder service to hold onto info on such people). I then look for subscribers who have not opened any on my emails within the last 90 days and send them, specifically, one or two re-engagement emails sometimes with a free gift to prompt a response. If they open the emails, they stay on my list(s). If they don’t open the emails, I unsubscribe them and then delete them from my list(s). This way I only have active, engaged subscribers and my email delivery rates remain high. This in turn means that email systems don’t put my emails in Spam folders and are much more likely deliver my emails rather than blocking them.
  8. I can send my subscribers as many offers as I want over time and make additional sales this way as they’re effectively a captive audience that I don’t have to pay to advertise to.

Then rinse and repeat for each new marketing funnel.

There’s only so many such funnels you can run at a high level given the time constraints, so keep that in mind.

Some funnels are for evergreen products and services – ones that run 24/7 for years.

Others are for relatively (in comparison) short lived products that come and go as the online marketing landscape changes.

For example, there are a huge number of new AI tools appearing in the market right now.

Some will be superseded by better tools in a month or two while others will stick around for years (like ChatGPT).

It’s best to prune out funnels that don’t earn a lot of money compared to what your other funnels earn.

Try to replace those with funnels for alternative products that earn more.

Here’s a couple of funnels that show what I’m talking about. The optin pages and products promoted are different as is the content on various pages.

Hope that clarifies things for you.

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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