My Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is This The Best Affiliate Marketing Course?

Wealthy Affiliate Review

UPDATE 28 November 2023: In 2023, the annual fee for Wealthy Affiliate membership dropped from $359/year to $297/year. This price change will not affect existing members who are already on the annual plan – their fees are locked in for as long as they remain annual members.

There are some new bonuses if you decide to sign up for annual membership (you get these bonuses every year you remain a member):

  • Free .com Domain. You get domain credits for a .com domain when you upgrade.
  • $50 in Community Credits. You can use these credits towards the SiteComments/SiteFeedback platforms at Wealthy Affiliate so you can get engagement on your website, and website audits.
  • $93 discount on paying month to month (Essentially buying 10 months, getting 2 months free)
  • Kyle’s (co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate) Video Bonus
  • A subscription to the Jaaxy keyword research tool is now included in a Wealthy Affiliate membership

[The monthly membership price will remain at $49/month.]

You might be wondering why I’m including my Wealthy Affiliate review on a site that’s about List Building.

This site you’re on is actually being created using the training and tools that Wealthy Affiliate provides.

Many marketers combine list building with affiliate marketing and the two disciplines really go hand-in-hand.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2015.

While I’m a seasoned affiliate marketer, the affiliate marketing landscape changes rapidly and you have to keep on top of new techniques and strategies as they evolve and dump the of methodologies whose time is up.

I’ve been a member of many an affiliate marketing course over the years but Wealthy Affiliate is the one I keep coming back to.

The training is constantly being updated so I know I’ll be able to find the latest marketing techniques that work there.

There’s also a thriving community which has every members’ best interest at heart.

And then there’s the site building platform.

My Wealthy Affiliate Overview

Program Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Program Owners: Kyle and Carson
Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Training Material: 95 out of 100
Support: 100 out of 100 (very important for any program!)
WordPress Blog Builder: 95 out of 100
WordPress Web Hosting: 98 out of 100
Research Tools: 94 out of 100
Members’ Success Stories: 90 out of 100
Price: Starter Membership (free); Premium Membership ($49/mth or $359/year)
EmailListBuildingTechniques.com Rating: 97 out of 100

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

It’s a one-stop-shop for building an affiliate marketing business. Members receive in-depth training on how to become an affiliate marketer for a monthly fee or a discounted annual fee. The training is kept up-to-date as things change in the affiliate marketing world.

Members also get to use the siterubix.com platform for free for building WordPress blogs.

Premium members can build up to 50 websites while Free members can create 2 websites.

As an aside, free members also get access to the Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 1 training module (there are 7 Phases in all). There’s nothing to lose in becoming a free member and it will give you a taste of what’s on offer so you can decide if this program is for you.

The Member Community

One of the best aspects of Wealthy Affiliate is its vibrant community. Members want to help each other. Ask any question and someone in the community is likely to know the answer.

Members are at all levels of expertise, so this is a great way to tap into the combined knowledge of over 1,000,000 affiliate marketers if the training doesn’t provide the information you’re looking for.

How I Built Websites In The Past

WordPress LogoI’ve been building WordPress sites since 2008. I created those sites manually and had to host them on a variety of web hosts.

Some web hosts went out of business, some went under new ownership, some had poor technical support and in all those cases I had to move my sites from one web host to another.

And, of course, there were the monthly hosting fees. While paying monthly does mean you pay more, it also means you’re not tied into a year-long (or longer) contract should you end up not being happy with your web host.

Having web hosting means having to learn about cPanels and other site management tasks too.

Building and managing sites in this way had become habit for me so when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I didn’t pay any attention to their site building and hosting platform – siterubix.com. That was a bit of a mistake.

Wealthy Affiliate Site Builder And Web Hosting

Anyone can become a free member of the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) program. As a free member, you can create two WordPress blogs, hosted for free on their servers, to try the system and training out to see if it’s right for you.

If you upgrade to Premium membership, you’re able to build up to 50 WordPress blogs and have them hosted on the WA servers. That should be more than enough sites to build a virtual real estate empire.

25 of those sites can be on domains you own. The other 25 will be sub domains on the WA siterubix.com domain.

Premium members don’t have to pay monthly hosting fees. I currently pay $27.95 per month for a reseller hosting plan with my web host (A2 Hosting).

If all my sites were hosted at Wealthy Affiliate, I’d be saving $335.40 every year in hosting fees – almost enough to cover the annual fee for Wealthy Affiliate itself!

Not only that, Premium Members can also install SSL certificates on their sites (so their sites can use the https:// prefix) at no additional cost. These certificates usually cost about $50 per site elsewhere. They’re also now a ranking factor where Google is concerned.

To top things off, site security features are implemented at the server level rather than at the blog level which reduces the probability of your sites being hacked. Spam is also filtered out before it even gets to your blog.

I had to learn a lot about WordPress site security when I started building blogs and it’s a necessary skill in a world where something like 30,000 WordPress blogs are hacked each day.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform removes all that hassle from your shoulders and their back-end team take care of all that for you.

That alone is worth the price of becoming a Premium member.

Building My First Site With Wealthy Affiliate

Phase 1 of the Affiliate Bootcamp training is all about keyword research and how you go about building the best affiliate marketing websites on the SiteRubix platform.

For this review I decided to document the building of this very website. I started by disregarding everything I’ve learned about building WordPress sites and to simply follow the training in WA to create this blog.

I began with some keywords research analysis to find a keyword phrase that I could use as the name of this blog. I used the associated Jaaxy long tail keyword research tool to find a keyword that would get at least some searches every month and wouldn’t be too hard to rank for.

What I needed was a keyword with over 100 searches per month, less than 300 competing pages and one that should be easy to rank for.

That’s how I found Email List Building Techniques.

I was very surprised to find that EmailListBuildingTechniques.com was available. The domain name is a bit longer than I’d like; I prefer my domain names to have 3 words at most and this one has 4.

The actual site building process is the same for Free and Premium members.

This is the page that opens when the Site Manager link is clicked:

Wealthy Affiliate Site Manager

Since I bought a domain name, I clicked on the On a domain I own button.

If the On a free domain button is used instead, this next section is what you’ll see on the page. As an example, I’ve pre-filled in the name of my new site – emaillistbuildingtechniques:

Wealthy Affiliate: My First Site

I am a Premium member in Wealthy Affiliate so I have access to 2,842 WordPress themes (designs) in my set up options. Free members have 12 themes they can play with. You can always upload your own theme in the WordPress admin area if you need to.

One improvement I’d like to see here is options to filter the themes by number of columns, colors, style (e.g. shop style themes). 2,842 themes is a lot to scroll through!

There is an option to search the themes but you really need to know what you looking for before you search.

To speed things along, I selected the third theme (Hiero). I could always change it later if needed.

Once that was done, a Click Here To Build This Site! button appeared. Clicking on it starts the magic. An entire optimized and secure site is created within a few seconds.

Once the site is built, you’re presented with additional options. These are three of them:

Wealthy Affiliate SitePlus+ Options

Free SSL is only available for Top Level Domains (and Premium members), not sub domains on the siterubix.com domain.

I enabled the SiteSpeed option – this is available to both Free and Premium members.

These are the included features for all sites (Free or Premium):

Wealthy Affiliate Included Features for Websites

Sites are automatically backed up every 24 hours in case you ever need to recover a site for any reason.

These are the site features for Premium account holders:

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Site Features

You can delete a website if you want. This includes Free members who can play about building and deleting 2 websites as they want.

So my site was built with all necessary security and a preferred theme in place. All it needed now was some content.

Site Builder and Hosting Pros:

  • A site builder is part of the membership package
  • Premium Members can create up to 25 sites on domains they own and an additional 25 sites on siterubix.com sub domains
  • Web Hosting fees are included in the membership fee
  • Site security is taken seriously and server-level site security measures are used
  • A huge number of (almost 3,000) WordPress themes are available to Premium Members
  • Sites are automatically backed up every 24 hours in case a site ever needs to be restored
  • Page load speeds are improved by proprietary Wealthy Affiliate technologies
  • There’s more than enough bandwidth to cater for large amount of traffic visiting your sites
  • One of the best affiliate marketing software tools

Site Builder and Hosting Cons:

  • The amount of web space per member account is 30Gb. It’s unlikely you can build 50 blogs in that amount of space.

The SiteContent Module

The Wealthy Affiliate Site Content ToolWhile you can create posts directly in your WordPress admin area, Wealthy Affiliate also provides a module where you can create and edit your content before publishing it directly to your blog.

One very nice feature is the spelling and grammar checker which will identify mistakes in your articles, allowing you to correct them before you publish them.

The Editor also keeps a running count of the number of words in your article as well as a running total of all the words in all your articles.

SiteContent Pros:

  • You can create and edit articles before you publish them to your blog
  • The spelling and grammar checker helps you clean up your articles before you publish them
  • The Editor has all the basic features you need for formatting text and inserting images and links
  • There’s a collection of over 1,000,000 royalty-free images you can add to your articles
  • Any saved copies of your articles are available for review
  • All the articles you’ve created with SiteContent are available for review in the dashboard. Published articles have a green header whereas unpublished articles have a blue header for easy identification

SiteContent Cons:

  • As you’re editing, your content is supposed to be auto-saved frequently. While content is auto-saved, it’s much less frequently than I’d like and I’d recommend that anyone using this editor manually saves their content regularly. That is, don’t rely on the auto-save feature.
  • Once an article is published, to edit it further you have to do that in the WordPress post editor. A button taking you to the WordPress post appears at the top of the SiteContent article. However, it’s still possible to make changes to the article in SiteContent, but there’s no way to save those changes. This might be confusing for someone not familiar with the system.
  • If you accidentally click a menu link while in the Editor and then click you browser Back button to return to editing your article, SiteContent will actually create a duplicate of your article and put that in the editor. You can end up creating multiple copies, at different stages of editing this way. Just something to be aware of.

The Affiliate Marketing Training

If you want to learn affiliate marketing, the training aspect of WA is hugely comprehensive. There are 7 Phases in all, each broken down into 10 modules. You must complete a module before you can progress to the next one.

This is the breakdown of the training:
Wealthy Affiliate Training Modules

  • Phase 1: Getting Your Business Rolling
  • Phase 2: Content, Keywords and Conversions
  • Phase 3: Giving Your Site Social Value
  • Phase 4: Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media
  • Phase 5: Knowing Your Audience And Catapulting Your Referrals
  • Phase 6: Bing, Yahoo And The Power of PPC
  • Phase 7: How To Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

In addition to that training there are 5 Certification courses that further round out your affiliate marketing training:
Wealthy Affiliate Certification Courses

  • Certification Course 1: Getting Started
  • Certification Course 2: Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  • Certification Course 3: Making Money!
  • Certification Course 4: Mastering Social Engagement
  • Certification Course 5: Achieving Maximum Success through Content Creation

Along with all that training there are 13 extra Classrooms that supply even more information about topics such as Keyword, Niche & Market Research; Everything WordPress; Local, Video and Email Marketing, etc. There’s about 1,000 videos and tutorials in this section alone providing a huge number of affiliate marketing tips!

There are also regular weekly Live Video Training classes on important topics or topics requested by members. Recent topics have been: Local SEO 2018: Earning Income from Clients, Using the New Google Search Console and Ask the Expert (Las Vegas Edition). The recordings are made available soon after live broadcasts.

And for affiliates, there’s complete training on how to market Wealthy Affiliate itself.

The Site Comments Module

One of the best ways to tell the search engines that you have an active site is to get lots of quality comments. Spam can be an issue for any blog, so it may still be a good idea to use spam filtering plugins like Akismet or AntiSpam Bee on your blogs.

There are 3 ways that Wealthy Affiliate members can request comments from other members:

  1. There’s a specific page where you can request comments from other members
  2. There’s a specific page where you can share your latest posts and ask members to comment on them
  3. And then there’s the Site Comments module

The Site Comments module works on a credit system. For every comment you add to another member’s post, you earn 1 credit. Every comment you request for your own post costs 2 credits. This incentivizes people to leave comments on other members’ blogs.

You can also buy credits if you feel the need to.

And you can review and approve or reject comments.

The Site Comments Request Comments Page

Generally, when you manually leave a comment on a blog post, there’s a box where you can leave your web address so you get a backlink. The comments left via the Site Comments module do not include a website address like this.

Instead, what’s passed to the blog you want to comment on is your email address, your Gravatar image and your comment text. So you don’t get any backlinks from the comments you leave. Any comments you receive also won’t have backlinks but will add new content to your post if you approve them.

It all adds to the mix of comments that will appear on your site – some with associated web addresses, some not.

I generally struggle to get comments from visitors on new sites. The Wealthy Affiliate way of getting comments works.

Originally, this blog you’re on only had comments from other Wealthy Affiliate members. But as the number of comments grew and the site started to reach a larger audience, other visitors started commenting too.

When visitors see other people have commented on posts, they’re more likely to leave their own comments.

And the search engines love all that new, fresh content. It helps get your blog ranked higher too.

The Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate - Affiliate ProgramWealthy Affiliate does have its own affiliate program. To be honest, the product is so good that it practically sells itself.

You’re provided with a number of standard referral links to use but can create your own tracking links if you need to. You can create affiliate links for any of the front-facing pages (like the home page and other pages accessed from the site’s main menu).

Members are encouraged to blog frequently inside the members’ area. Anybody can read these posts, not just members. But every blog post also has a unique affiliate link with your id embedded so you can promote these posts as well to attract new members.

Free members will earn 24% commissions on any sales while Premium members earn 48% commissions.


Needless to say, support is outstanding. Too many times I’ve needed support with other programs and services only to find those companies were very lacking in their customer support.

The things that annoy me about companies that provide bad customer support are long response times (any longer than 24 hours is unacceptable in my book) and lack of technical expertise.

You get none of that nonsense with Wealthy Affiliate. A company that truly prioritizes its customers is one to pay attention to and one worthy of your business.

There are several routes to getting help:

  • Live Chat – help within seconds
  • Comments Section – help within minutes
  • Ask A Question / Blog Post – help within minutes
  • Private Messaging And Mentoring – help within hours
  • Website and Web Hosting Support – help within minutes
  • Direct Access to Kyle – help within minutes to a day or so, depending on when he’s online (remember, he has 1 million customers to support)

How Much Does It Cost?

Join Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is free to join as a Starter Member. Premium membership costs $49 per month or $359 per year (a saving of 38%).

If you’d like to become a Premium member, you can get your first month for just $19 here.

The prices haven’t changed in 12 years. There’s a team of 25 people working behind the scenes to provide the technology and training far beyond anything else offered within this arena.


Don’t just take my word for it about just how good Wealthy Affiliate is as both a training platform and site building & hosting service. Here’s what some other members have to say about it:

My Exclusive Bonus

Sign up for the starter membership – it’s $0. And if you don’t like what you see and get, you can always come back here and yell at me (seriously!).

And did I mention that joining is FREE, $0, zip, nada?

No hidden costs, no charging your credit card (whose details you don’t even need to provide) after 7 or 14 days because you forgot to cancel your membership.

You can remain a FREE member as long as you want without any commitment.

When you join, I’ll be sure to get in touch with you within the first hour.

I do want you to make a promise to me though that if you do join, you’ll go and set up your account. It’s a simple process and you’ll be taken by the hand through it when you join Wealthy Affiliate.

Sign Up To Wealthy Affiliate As A Free Member

It’s FREE!


How to Claim Your Bonus…

When you sign up for your FREE Starter Account, I’m going to offer you some exclusive bonuses if you do decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days:

  1. A 59% discount on your first month of Premium membership (only $19)
  2. You are going to get personal and private access to me! If you ever have a question or need help with your campaigns, I will be there. You’ll also get a personal invite to my private Facebook Mastermind Group.
  3. Access to the exclusive Diamond Traffic Training course
  4. I am also giving away 20 Exclusive Bonuses worth almost $4,500 (you can see what they are when you sign up for a FREE Starter Account)

When you create your Wealthy Affiliate account, I’ll be in touch personally on your profile page with my “welcome” message, some more information about Wealthy Affiliate, how you can get more help from me, an invitation to my private Facebook Group, what’s in my Bonus Package and how to claim it.

This is going to be awesome 🙂 and you’ll also benefit from my 14 years as an affiliate marketer! 🙂

Once you step inside Wealthy Affiliate you’ll realize just what you’ve been missing all these years!

My Wealthy Affiliate Review – Final Words

Whew! This has been a long post. I guess I had a lot to write about Wealthy Affiliate.

It is from what I know, the most comprehensive affiliate marketing training program available. What’s more, the content is constantly kept up-to-date. Other courses I’ve joined have let their content go stale, so have become much less useful as time passes. This makes WA one of the best affiliate marketing courses out there, if not the absolute best.

If you’re looking for an Affiliate Marketing For Dummies, this is it!

Wealthy Affiliate is also freakishly cost-effective. You pay a monthly or annual fee for a combined training program, website creator and web hosting. Paying for all these services separately, outside of Wealthy Affiliate would cost a lot more.

And you can check out the training and build 2 websites as a free member. There’s no commitment on your part. You don’t even have to hand over your credit card details.

In fact, what I recommend is that you sign up as a free member, test drive the program, build a couple of websites and see if this program is right for you before you even think about committing any money to it.

If you decide to upgrade to Premium membership at some point, it’ll cost about $1.56 per day (paying monthly) or $0.98 per day if paying yearly.

And remember, web hosting is included as part of your membership. In fact you can build up to 50 sites, all at no additional cost.

So that fee is not much to become a part of the most comprehensive, progressive, up-to-date and fun affiliate marketing course and platform currently available.

If you’ve been wondering “can you make money with affiliate marketing?“, hopefully with this review, I’ve answered that question for you.

Wealthy Affiliate’s not perfect but it comes pretty damn close. And it is darn good value! 🙂

Sign Up To Wealthy Affiliate As A Free Member

Still Not Convinced? Here’s a No-Strings-Attached Free Training Course

Here’s a free training course provided by Wealthy Affiliate on how to start selling affiliate products online within 60 minutes:

Wealthy Affiliate Free Marketing Course

All the best,

Gary Nugent

Check out my Instagram posts and reels here:

Follow me (@garynugentmentoring) on Instagram


P.S.: Don't forget, if you want to create an internet income of your own, here's one of my recommended ways to do that:



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  1. This is such an easy to understand and information post. Thank you so much for taking the time to create it. I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate, and you’ve tried others. That is encouraging!

    • Thanks, Shelli. I’ve found that a lot of other courses don’t update their info and training and what they provide goes out of date. online marketing changes so frequently that we need a place that keeps tabs on all those changes for us and Wealthy Affiliate is great for that as well!

  2. Hi Gary
    I have to agree with you.
    Wealthy Affiliate is the platform to use to learn how to create websites that will ultimately start earning an online income for you.
    I can vouch for this as I have made money through WA.
    Thanks for a detailed review.
    Wishing you all the best in your endeavours

    • Thanks, Edu. Hearing that other members have done well with Wealthy Affiliate will inspire people to take a look at it. Especially since the first training phase is free and free members can build two fully working blogs that are hosted for free! (That’s a lot if use of the word “free”!) 🙂

  3. Hi Gary. I’m a member of wealthy affiliate and with them over two years now. around about the same time as you. you wrote and articulated this article very well in the simplest way, one of the best reviews I saw so far. Wealthy affiliate is amazing and took me a long time to find something as of genuine and legitimate. anything you described in detail is spot on. I couldn’t add anything to that if I tried, All I can say is give it a try and see for yourself on the 7-day trial. nothing to lose and a lot to gain, I haven’t looked back now and it has given me amazing results 🙂

    • Always good to hear from a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member, Michael. And great to hear that you’ve had amazing results with it! 🙂

  4. Great post. Keep up good work. Good luck Share on Facebook.

    Good job. 😀

  5. I actually wonder about hosting quality a lot. Since as you know many host providers can’t protect sites from spams and I actually had this experience. How is this platform about it? Did you run into problems?

    I also want to get score more than 90 in Pingdom. Can it deliver that?

    • Hi Furkan. You can control spam with the Akismet plugin and/or other spam control plugins like Spam protection, AntiSpam, FireWall, Cleaner or Antispam Bee.

      I’ve hosted sites with many companies over the years and none compare to what Wealthy Affiliate offers to its members. You can host up to 50 sites. Each site is backed up daily (a feature not offered by most hosting companies). You get server-level security instead of having to add security plugins which only give you website-level security. And you get free SSL certificates for your sites. You’d pay more per year at web hosting companies for those features than you pay for a Wealthy Affiliate Membership (which also includes the huge and comprehensive affiliate marketing training course). 

      This site you’re on is hosted on Wealthy Affiliate servers. It gets an average Pingdom score of 91/92, so yes it will deliver the score you’re looking for. 

  6. Hi Gary, it is great to see all the praise that members of Wealthy Affiliate have to say. You know a product is good, when the customers are happy. I am very new to WA, and I am excited to get started. Thank you for this thorough review.

  7. Hi Gary, I am pretty excited about this program, I signed up the other day and I am working on the training lesson 1. I am hoping to discuss this with some friends and family that I feel would benefit from it too. Thanks for this great post, thoroughly discussing Wealthy Affiliates.

    • If you decide to get Premium Membership, Tara, it’s money well spent. Investing in good education is always a smart move. If you sign up as a free member, you can still build 2 websites and have them hosted and take the first training module, all for free. So nothing to lose.

  8. I have reasons to believe Wealthy Affiliate is a necessary product for all affiliate marketers especially those just getting into internet marketing, affiliate programs and setting up online marketing strategies for a brick and mortar business

    • You’re not wrong there, Royan. Online marketing strategies are quite different to those used in the offline world and Wealthy Affiliate gives all budding (and even seasoned) marketers solid strategies and techniques to start and further their businesses.

  9. How does the Wealthy Affiliate course compare to other affiliates marketing courses that are out there. I was thinking about joining Pat Flynn’s affiliate marketing course considering that he is a big name in the affiliate marketing community with his blog smart passive income. Have you tried any of his courses yet?

    • To be honest, Jessie, I’ve never heard of Pat Flynn in all my years as an affiliate marketer. I don’t know if that says anything or not. In my time, I’ve bought many training courses and I know of only four that are still around because they keep their content up to date: Wealthy Affiliate, Solo Build It, Affilorama and Clickbank University 2.0. There are other courses – like the Proven Amazon Course which is my #1 recommended course for those interested in selling on Amazon – which provide training on a specific sub-niche of affiliate marketing – but otherwise those are the Top 4 general affiliate training courses, at least as I see it.

      Wealthy Affiliate is #1 because, in addition to the superb, consistently up-to-date training and the ever-helpful, extremely active community, you can also build and host 50 websites (with SSL certificates) as part of your membership.

      Solo Build It is #2 because it too has moved with the times and provides great training. It’s about $50 cheaper than Wealthy Affiliate but you can only build one website with your membership. If you want to build a second site, you need to take out a second membership package. So you end up paying for the same training twice. That said, following their training, members have got their sites into the top 3% of sites online. It definitely delivers (I tried it myself a few years back).

      Affilorama comes in at #3. Again, this is a course that has kept its content up-to-date. One of the upsells it offers are niche packs which contain a year’s worth of emails for your mailing list autoresponder, 3 lead magnets to attract subscribers and a list of recommended products to promote. It’s a short cut to having considerable, quality content you can mail out to your subscribers. There’s no site builder though. It is cheaper than Wealthy Affiliate (it does offer some free training too) but provides different resources.

      Clickbank University 2.0 is #4 because it’s run by Clickbank themselves so they’re not going to let its content get stale. This course, however, only focuses on selling Clickbank products as an affiliate (or as a vendor). They do offer a site builder but it’s an additional $297 per year on top of the regular monthly membership fee. But if selling Clickbank products is your goal, this is definitely a course to consider.

      Some of the courses I bought that are now useless and out-of-date are Forever Affiliate, Bring The Fresh and Affiliate Passive Commissions Reloaded. Niche Profit Full Control is now closed to new members but still updates its content. An extremely expensive course that didn’t deliver was 100K Factory and Jamie Lewis’ “Magnum Commissions” was just dire.

      If you’re looking for an affiliate training course, pick one that’s stood the test of time. Courses come and go on JVZoo, Clickbank and elsewhere and they don’t have staying power. They’re usually either pushing some marketing gimmicks or strategies that won’t work for long or they’re regurgitated information.

      You won’t get extensive, quality training for $47. The best programs all have membership fees because those fees cover the ongoing research into new marketing strategies and then providing the training to members. And updating that training if things change in the future.

      If you try to shortcut the expense, you kill your chances of having real success online. You have to think of these training program costs as a business expense.

  10. Hi Gary,

    Coming off the back of another program was how I found Wealthy Affiliate. This other program gave several hours worth of brain washing (that is accurate by the way) of how easy it is make a small fortune online.

    The man who was delivering these videos gave good presentations and I was becoming hooked.

    Unfortunately for him, I was into body language at the time. I noted his ‘norm’ behavior and then compared it to EVERY TIME he said the word ‘MONEY’!!

    Oh dear, to me, it was obvious. I had to research this man. Seems he was arrested and jailed for fiddling his own top affiliates commissions. Follow your instincts guys – this can be a murky world.

    Incidentally, his up-sells were culminating close to 20K!!

    I won’t shame this program. I believe he learned his lesson and every one deserves a second chance.

    So, off of the back of that experience I was on high alert. I was a little scared of the ‘Internet’ for a while. Too easy to hand over card details for rubbish.

    Found a review of this group that informed me of the info I just gave above. Noted Wealthy Affiliate. I didn’t trust.

    Noted Two Free Websites – had that before on Blogger and nothing happened for me.

    Noted NO CC to start – OK, thats good because I had NO MONEY at the time. I could always ignore these guys if something was up.

    Over 1 Year later I am still Premium and SO DELIGHTED to say my earnings are increasing by the month!! I had no prior training or experience in the REAL application of earning online.

    Given my situation financially some time ago, the Commissions from Wealthy Affiliate allowed a real improvement in my life as I had no job at the time. Now, my job is my site and my income is put to great use via WA commissions.

    I won’t go on. I will say this though:- Financially I was in a bad situation money wise. It was pretty much beginning to ruin too many aspects of my life. That is all changing and for the first time in years, many years, I am looking at taking a holiday and making purchases not possible before.

    Every word in this, incredible “My Wealthy Affiliate Review”, I can personally vouch for. If you are willing to work at it there really is NOTHING stopping you from doing the same thing. You have all the support, help, advice and yes even friendship, training etc. etc. that you could ever need to start.

    My trust rating of Wealthy Affiliate Now:- 100% TRUST!! It is no doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made around making money. No more working for ungrateful bosses and hours of commuting for a job that still leaves you broke after pay day – what a gimmick – time for a paradigm shift!!

    Thank you Gary for this amazing and honest member review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    – Philip.

    • Wow, thanks for the great feedback, Philip. It’s fantastic to hear from another member that your experience shows that anyone willing to put in the work, as opposed to looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, can aspire to making an income online.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a lot of people out there who, like you and me, bought into sub-standard courses and got ripped off by unscrupulous marketers. We’re the lucky ones – we found Wealthy Affiliate before our dreams of earning online were crushed out of existence.

      I hope anyone who’s been in that situation, with the Wolf at the door, sees that there is still hope and that one way forward is definitely with Wealthy Affiliate.

  11. Wow! Gary,

    What a thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate. I have read other reviews about Wealthy Affiliate but Your looks well detailed. In fact, I can say You covered every aspect of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer the world in full details.

    If there is any program out there that provides all the quality Training plus the Support and Tools Wealthy Affiliate provides, then I’m yet to discover.

    Not to mention that is the fact that You’re allowed to start for FREE, given You two FREE websites so You can REALLY see how awesome their platform is.

    As for the premium membership, it is just awesome. And I like the fact that You get all the benefits as part of Your premium package. So that unlike other training platforms, You’re not asked to pay any upsells.

    Indeed WA is worth the try for anyone looking for a way to build a full-time income online. I would have loved to take advantage of Your bonuses if I had not been a premium member already.

    My best wishes,


    • Thanks for the feedback, Stephen. I can’t think of a better endorsement for Wealthy Affiliate than to hear from another member who has an equally high opinion of it. There literally is nothing to lose in trying it out!

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