The New GotBackup 2.0 Desktop App Is Now Available! Backup your Files And Devices More Easily Than Ever!

The New GotBackup 2.0 Desktop App Is Now Available!

If you’re an affiliate for the GotBackup cloud-based backup software, there are some incredible updates coming to GotBackup.com that will take your business to the next level!

1. New Compensation Plan with Amazing Bonuses!

Starting July 1st, GotBackup’s brand-new compensation plan will go into effect, packed with fantastic new bonuses designed to reward affiliates’ hard work like never before.

Throughout June, if you’re a member, GotBackup will provide you with all the promotional materials you need, including a comprehensive compensation plan PDF and a detailed video walk-through.

I’ll update this post with them when they become available.

Get ready to be amazed!

2. Many top MLM Leaders Are Joining GotBackup!

The excitement around the new compensation plan and bonuses is attracting top MLM leaders from around the globe.

Prepare for a tsunami of explosive sales and unprecedented growth as these leaders bring their expertise and energy to GotBackup.

As an affiliate, thi  is your chance to ride the wave and achieve extraordinary success!

3. Focus on Reaching Copper Level With The New Compensation Plan!

Throughout June, GotBackup will ensure you fully understand the benchmarks of their new compensation plan.

The main focus is on reaching Copper Level, which you achieve by having 1 member on your left team and 1 member on your right team.

Teach your direct referrals to do the same, and everything else will fall into place effortlessly.

4. GotBackup Desktop App Now Available!

The GotBackup PC desktop app for Windows is now available for download in the members area!

It’s still in the final stages of beta testing, but you can start using it right away (if you’re a member).

For Mac users, don’t worry—the desktop app for Mac will be available in the coming week.

Stay tuned!

Final Thoughts

Get ready for an exciting journey ahead.

These updates are designed to empower you and your team to reach new heights.

Stay tuned for more updates and make the most of this incredible opportunity!

To get all the necessary details and updates be sure to watch all of the webinar replay here:

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GotBackup runs several webinars a week (in English, French and Italian).

You can always watch the latest webinar here (there’s a schedule on the page).

All the best,

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