These are the tools I review and talk about elsewhere on this site, all collected in one easy-to-peruse page.

Free Video Courses

Free Affiliate Marketing Training – Learn why so many affiliate marketers never make a success of their online business and how you can be among the 5% who are truly successful.

YouTube Hijack – while this 7-part course is about how to make money from other people’s videos on YouTube, the strategy can also be used to promote your squeeze pages and landing pages so you can build your list(s).

How To Sell Affiliate Products – affiliate marketing is intimately tied in with list building and email marketing. This 5 part video course reveals how to get instant traffic to any affiliate offers and be making sales in no time!

Niche Profit Class – picking the riche niche to get into can be time consuming and problematical. This 5-part video course delves into how to find the most profitable niches online and the common pitfalls to avoid when making your selection.

The Email List Building Course – learn how to grow your list faster and help more people with your products and services. Turn more leads into customers with this step-by-step marketing plan from Leadpages.

Free Webinars

The Secret Funnel Strategy – watch Russell Brunson’s infamous 10X presentation where he talks about how he uncovered a new Secret Funnel Strategy that almost nobody knows about…(one that can take ANY business from ‘Startup’ To ‘$1,000,000’ in a short period of time…)

Building A Passive Online Income Using Nothing But Email – there are over 4.2 billion email addresses in the world. Learn how to grab a tiny slice of these and turn them into an information business.

How To Build A List of 1,000 People In The Next 30 Days – How to get people to sign up to your email list (and how to do it for free); how to get people, who are predisposed to buying from you, to open your emails; how to provide massive value from your emails and still make a ton of sales and how to get your email list into a buying frenzy without being all “salesy”.

Build Your List Using Viral Hacking – This webinar will show you an unusual, yet powerful traffic strategy that doesn’t depend on any of the “usual traffic suspects” (like Google, Facebook, etc). You’ll also learn how to get a massive audience at your disposal from day 1 and how to significantly increase the amount of leads you’re getting from the same amount of traffic.

Learn About Sales Funnels – Most sales are not made when someone first sees your offer. They need to be exposed to it several times. Successful affiliate marketers don’t earn the majority of their income from front-end sales either but from higher priced products in their sales funnels. If you don’t know what sales funnels are and how they tie in with list building and email marketing, this is a webinar you really should watch.

How To Start A Business Online – In this free web class, you’ll discover 10 different ways to start a business by using the internet and also, where to get the free resources that will help you build it. For instance, during the web class, you’ll learn where to get free eCommerce training for a Shopify store and the types of physical products you can start selling online.

Free Books

Some of these a ebooks and some are real, physical books…

The Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook – Download Russell Brunson’s free PDF ebook where he reveals his Top 22 sales funnels.

The Marketing Secrets Blackbook – Learn the 99 marketing secrets that master marketer Russell Brunson used to take his ClickFunnels company From ZERO To over $100,000,000 in sales in just 3 years (free PDF).

DotCom Secrets – Looking to increase your conversions by tweaking a headline? DON’T! Read this book instead and you’ll discover how to beat any tweak or split test you could ever hope to make yourself. There’s NO hidden “continuity program” (physical book – a bestseller on Amazon).

Expert Secrets – What if people would actually pay you for your advice? Find your message, build a tribe and change the world. Expert Secrets is the map that will allow you to turn your specialized knowledge, talents and abilities into a business that will work for you! (physical book)

72 Amazing Ways To Internet Profits – This book is currently for sale on Amazon ($14.95) but you can get it for free here (free PDF). Unlike what else you’ve seen online, this is actually a REAL best-selling book that’s available in the local bookstores. Thousands of copies of the first edition have been sold.

eSCAPE – After years of research, discover the 4-stage process to becoming a radically successful entrepreneur. Successfully build any business you want – offline, digital, network marketing – you name it! (physical book)

Training Programs And Courses

Free Affiliate Marketing Training – Learn why so many affiliate marketers never make a success of their online business and how you can be among the 5% who are truly successful.

Wealthy Affiliate  – this is my #1 recommendation for learning how to become a successful affiliate marketer. I have an in-depth review of it here. I think so highly of it that I’m even offering $4,500 in bonuses to anyone who signs up and becomes a Premium Member!

Clickbank University 2.0 – there are a number of training courses that claim to teach you how to make money with Clickbank. This course, however, is created by Clickbank themselves and is run by Top Marketers in the Clickbank community. They have access to all the internal Clickbank stats to know what’s selling, why and how affiliates can capitalize by sharing this information with affiliates.

List Building Class – Jim Cockrum is the creator of many highly regarded training courses, including the #1 selling Amazon Seller Course. Look over Jim’s shoulder as he shows you exactly how he’s grown massive email lists and added thousands of great customers to his businesses using simple ideas you’ve never seen taught anywhere else. Buy his book at the bottom of the page and get the List Building Class course for free.

Where To Get Paid Traffic

Udimi – This is one of the best places to order Solo Ads from. Clicks cost as little as $0.35 each. Check out the various vendors to find someone who fits your needs. This post explains how to go about finding a vendor that’s right for you.

Better Than Solo Ads – Offers very high quality traffic with high optin rates and a better than average likelihood of getting sales. But you do pay more for this top quality traffic. Best used if you already have a list and are generating sales already that con cover ad costs.

Done For You Emails – Not a traffic source but if you suck at writing emails, this is one to consider. One of the internet’s top email marketers will write one email per day for you and post it to your list. The emails are general in nature, talking about online business rather than being about any particular product. So you can promote whatever you want with these emails. However, they are structured in a fashion to get your readers to click the links in them. Not cheap but definitely worth the price.

Website Builders & Web Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix Web Hosting – Build your first WordPress site and have it hosted for free. Website security is front and center here, very important these days.

A2 Hosting – If you;d rather not use Wealthy Affiliate as a web host, then this is my recommended independent web hosting company.

AutoResponder Services

See this post for mini-reviews of the autoresponder services below…

GetResponse – probably the best autoresponder for those who are interested in building an online business in the internet / affiliate marketing niche.

Aweber – another very popular and long established autoresponder.

MailChimp – one of the newer autoresponders. It allows you to build a mailing list of up to 2,000 subscribers and send out up to 12,000 emails each month, all for free. The downside is that internet / affiliate marketing mailing lists are not welcome. Great for all other niches.

Mail Primo – the only autoresponder on the list that does not require a monthly subscription. A one time fee gets you full access to building unlimited mailing lists and sending out an unlimited number of emails.

Sendlane – I confess I don’t use this autoresponder service myself but I hear very good things about it. Email deliverability is very high. Pricing is higher than for other autoresponders. However, they have just added a unique feature – the ability to capture customer email address from your sales as an affiliate marketer on Clickbank.

Squeeze / Landing Page Builders

See this post for mini-reviews of the squeeze and landing page builders below…

Dual Squeeze – a 100% free squeeze page builder. Great for those just starting out. Once someone signs up on your squeeze page, they’re directed to another link of your choosing. That can be to a squeeze page to collect emails for another list or to an offer you want to promote.

InstaBuilder 2 – a WordPress plugin that creates squeeze pages as part of a WordPress site which work on both desktop PCs and mobile devices. Over 100 pre-designed squeeze page templates are included and you can create multi-step optin pages if you need to.

OptimizePress – another WordPress plugin for creating squeeze pages but it also creates Webinar Registration pages, Event Pages, Free Training Pages, Microsites & Minisites, Funnel Pages, Small Business Websites, WordPress blogs (comes with its own theme) and Membership sites. Required if you want to use the pre-built squeeze pages that come with Buzzinar‘s PLR reports, ebooks and audio files.

Landing Page Monkey – this is the easiest landing page builder to use and it’s also the least expensive. Your pages are hosted for you so you don’t need your own website. You have full control over how your pages look. Adding animated backgrounds (videos) is very easy. My review is here.

ProfitBuilder – a WordPress plugin that allows a blog to create squeeze and landing pages that are hosted on your blog’s domain. It comes with a huge number of pre-built templates for a variety of different types of landing page.

Ninja Popups – a WordPress plugin for building popup forms on your blog. Forms can be optin forms, coupon codes, etc. You can use the plugin to collect subscribers for your email lists or to drive traffic to special offers.

Conversion Gorilla – similar to Ninja Popups in concept, it adds an attention bar to your website. This fully configurable bar can be used to collect email addresses and subscribers or to direct traffic to your offers. The Pro version of the plugin allows you to place an attention bar over any webpage, not just ones you own. Read my review here.

Clickfunnels – the tool I use to build my own sales funnels (I’m also able to clone other marketers’ sales funnels when they share them). In my opinion, it’s a better tool than LeadPages as it’s been created by one of the most successful marketers out there – Russell Brunson. I like it so much that I’m offering a bonus package worth $12,000. It also has a stinking affiliate program that any affiliate marketer should be a part of. I talk about my reasons for choosing it in this blog post.

LeadPages -this is a top-tier service that lets you collect leads from landing pages, pop-up forms, social media, text messaging, and email. There’s a lot more to it as well. This is a tool that’s best left until you’re familiar with list building and want to scale up your efforts.

UpViral – a complete, dynamic web-based solution and referral formula that handles every aspect of viral marketing. It makes it cheap and easy to build highly profitable marketing campaigns that leverage your visitors so your traffic compounds over time!

Video Marketing Tools

Using videos is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your squeeze pages and landing pages. It can seem daunting at first but creating videos is not as difficult as you might imagine.

The Ultimate YouTube SEO Cheat Sheet – a free report that guides you in how to optimize your videos for the search engines so that they get ranked more highly there (it’s easier to rank videos than websites, by the way).

Camtasia – this is THE tool for creating over-the-shoulder style videos where you’re showing your audience what’s on your monitor. These types of video are typically used for making video tutorials demonstrating how a software tool is used for example. It is a full video editor, so videos recorded on cameras can be imported and edited too.

Content Samurai – this online video creator makes it easy to create dynamic videos that grab a viewer’s attention. You paste in a text script and it gets converted into animated slides with associated images automatically selected for you. You can add background music and voice over tracks too. Check out my in-depth review for more info.

Video Marketing Templates – no matter what tool you use to create videos, these 5 templates are proven to get a response from your audience.

Flickstr – This is a new video creation tool that’s designed specifically for creating video ads that are best used on YouTube. Video ads are fully customizable and look professionally produced due to the quality of elements provided with the software.

Masking Your Affiliate Links

Pretty Link Lite – a free WordPress plugin that makes long, ugly web links into shorter, more appealing links that appear to be on your own domain. These links are good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) too.