Start (Or Add To) Your Online Business With These 3 Great Affiliate Programs


Why These Particular Programs?

The best way to bring  in recurring passive income is to promote programs that have monthly subscriptions.

You sell those programs once to a customer and continue receiving commissions for no extra work, for as long as they stick with the program.

This beats getting one-time sales hands-down, unless the commission on that one-time sale is $1,000+.

These are great programs to promote to your own email lists as you build them because they offer real value to any online business, whatever it is.

It doesn’t have to be in the internet / affiliate marketing niche!

Think of all the local businesses you could promote these business tools to, for example.

So what are the best affiliate programs for daily commissions?

This is the question Anthony Morrison answers in this video…

Resources Mentioned In The Video:

Partner With Anthony Program Pre-Training – this short video course on affiliate marketing is provided by one of my mentors where he talks specifically about how to leverage the Partner With Anthony Program to make the most commissions.

Partner With Anthony Program – learn more about Anthony’s program and what it offers with this free training session.

Udimi – buy solo ads to promote your offers. If you can’t afford to buy traffic yet, then sign up anyway (it’s free) and send traffic to your affiliate link to start building up an advertising budget from your commissions. Watch this video to see the full benefits of being an affiliate:

Udimi Prime – get access to additional benefits on Udimi like advanced optin tracking, a free Prime filter for better quality traffic, doubled affiliate payments on Prime memberships (50% instead of 25% commissions) and more.

GetResponse – join one of the best autoresponder services for email marketing. Sign up as an affiliate here .

ClickFunnels – the grand-daddy of funnel builders and the best known. Great platform and great service if a little on the expensive side. The link takes you to my bonus page where you’ll also find a link to try out Clickfunnels free for 14 days to see if it’s right for you.

My Free Resource

I’ve created a sales funnel which you can promote that will allow you to promote the above programs (as well as a couple of others).

I call it the Affiliate Freedom Funnel.

Now, it has been built using Clickfunnels, so you will need a Clickfunnels account to use it.

But you can at least try it out for free if you sign up for Clickfunnels’ 14-day free trial.

If you’re on my email list already, reply to any of my emails and ask for access to the funnel so that you don’t have to sign up to another email list to get it.


All the best,

Gary Nugent

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P.S.: Don't forget, if you want to create an internet income of your own, here's one of my recommended ways to do that:



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  1. Interesting. How do you promote these affiliate links?
    I heard that GetResponse has a great program and that it is easy to use, it also offers several colorful banners. What is the best way to promote them? By inserting banners into your website?
    I have also heard so much about clickfunnels and I have read about them but it is still an unknown territory for me, I am not sure how to get started there. Do you have any tips?

    • One of the best ways to promote your affiliate links is through posts on your blog (if you have one).

      While Facebook will allow you to post links to your blog posts, it frequently won’t allow you to post affiliate links, even if they’re cloaked or masked. So the blog post method is another way of promoting your affiliate links (assuming people go to your blog post from Facebook).

      You can also promote your blog posts, and in some cases your affiliate links, on other social media platforms.

      Create a video for YouTube where can include an affiliate link to your offer in the video and in the video description. You can also send people to you blog post(s) to get additional traffic that way.

      TikTok is another free channel for traffic but I don’t know much about it. Seems to be a bit hit-and-miss but you don’t need to spend huge amounts of time creating and editing videos as you do with YouTube (if you want to look at least competent at creating videos).

      After that, there’s the paid ads route. Buying ads on YouTube is more cost effective than buying ads on Facebook. YouTube has a built-in search engine (second only to Google’s) and people go to YouTube to look for things to watch (i.e. it’s an active exercise). People go to Facebook to see what’s in their timelines or on their walls. They’re not looking for specific things. So it’s a reactive/passive exercise.

      Besides, ads on YouTube cost a lot less than on Facebook. Plus, with the Skippable ads, you par per view (meaning someone has to watch you ad for at least 20 seconds before you’re billed) whereas Facebook ads work on an impression basis (meaning if your ad is displayed, you pay for it regardless of what the viewer does).

      The best way to promote any offer, whether it’s GetResponse or any other product or service, is to actively promote. That is, you go out looking for people who would be interested in what you’re promoting.

      Placing banners on your website is passive promotion. You’re relying on people coming to your website first and then clicking on an ad or banner. If your site has a lot of traffic, that will work well. If your site doesn’t get a lot of traffic, then few if any people will click the ad.

      You should use all the free ways of sending traffic to your links as you can, though it’s better to specialise in promoting on one platform than trying to be a jack-of-all-trades on several platforms.

      Initially test as many platforms as you can and see which one gets you the best response for your ads. Then master promoting on that one platform before looking at expanding to another platform.

      As to Clickfunnels, for me it is the best platform for building sales funnels.

      It is not, however, the best value for money and is overpriced for what it offers. I did join Builderall for a year and while they don’t have the limitations on how many pages and funnels you can build that Clickfunnels has, and they have more tools in their package, I just didn’t like how the tools worked. To me, they worked counter-intuitively and ultimately became frustrating to use. So I went back to Clickfunnels.

      The basic Clickfunnels package costs $97 per month or $997 per year, so it’s not cheap. They do have an affiliate program so if you can get a few people to sign up, the commissions you earn from them can cover your monthly subscription.

      But there’s a lot of competition out there with lots of affiliates promoting Clickfunnels. And the churn rate with subscribers is high (i.e. people join for a few months and then drop their subscriptions).

      You can get a 14-day free trial of Clickfunnels to test drive it but you’re better off either signing up for the One Funnel Away Challenge which will teach you how to build your first sales funnel or you can get this free sales funnel that will help you start to build an online business by promoting additional products and services directly within the funnel.

      If you want to know more about Clickfunnels, check out my review here.

      If you are looking at subscribing to Clickfunnels or trying the 14-day free trial with the free sales funnel, it’s probably worth your while checking out this free Clickfunnels training first so that you can make the most of your 14-day trial time.

      Hope that helps.

  2. Hi Gary
    Thank you for this articulate article. I have looked at some of your articles especially on sales funnels. I will be using for sure. Clickfunnels is a great resource too I have an account with them.
    Cheers, Angee

    • Thanks for the feedback, Angee. I hope you found my posts on sales funnels useful.

      How long have you been with Clickfunnels and what do you think of the platform and how it works?

      All the best,

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