How To Set Your Goals And Achieve Them: 6-Figure Mastermind Week


On Day 2 of 6-Figure Mastermind Week, David Sharpe from Legendary Marketer talks with Andrei Yermejev.

They talk about how Andrei got started in this industry, the sacrifices he made to get his business off the ground, the best way to get your spouse to support your journey as an entrepreneur, and a lot more.

Andrei originally tried to find success with a dropshipping business, but eventually made his way to a WAY more simple business model that now earns him regular 5-figure months over and over again.

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Episode Transcript

Dave: What’s going on my friends this is Dave Sharpe Welcome to another episode of Wake Up Legendary but it’s special this week we call the six figure week well, quite frankly because, you know we couldn’t really think of anything else.

So why not just call it six make your way? Well, quite frankly, that’s what most people want when they start a business any business offline brick and mortar online, they want to get to the place to where they’re making six figures, six figures a year.

is roughly about 80 Something $100 per month, so it’s just under $10,000 per month.

And you know, most people look at $10,000 per month and they think, well, that’s, that’s the place that if I can get to 10,000 a month, then I’m going to be right, you know, I’m going to be comfortable.

Well, we’re going to hear from somebody today, a gentleman named Andre, who actually over the past year has been able to not generate six figures once but actually twice.

Okay, so and more all right.

Now, before we introduce Andre, big income disclaimer, those results aren’t typical.

The average person who starts any business online, makes no money at all.

I don’t know how much money you’re going to make.

I don’t know what skills or what dedication you’re gonna have to be very, very clear about all of that.

So we make sure that we don’t mislead anybody to think that all you gotta do is press a button and hit go and just six fingers just gonna pop out of your computer.

We all know that that’s not true.

So with that, being said, let’s meet the man who has generated six figures not once, but twice.


And more since December of last year.

It’s my privilege to introduce yet another speaker who’s going to be our upcoming mastermind, here and that’s the whole premise.

That’s the whole theme of this week is we’re introducing you to the speakers who are going to be speaking in training at our upcoming mastermind in Orlando, Florida.

On December 3, fourth, and fifth.

Andre Andre Andre Welcome to the show.

My brother.

Andrei: Thank you so much.

How’s it going?

Dave: Hey, man, it’s going fantastic.

Even better now that I get to connect with you.

You know, I missed you on the last Wake Up Show that you did.

This is your second time on the show.

You were with Matt last time so I’m just excited to meet you.

I’ve heard so much about you.

Matt has told me so much about you and just your story of what you’ve been able to accomplish over the past year.

First of all, how does it feel?

Andrei: Oh, my guy is setting accomplishment.

My family’s happy.

I’m super happy.

I definitely just hit 30 years.


So right hitting that mark? I feel like I accomplished so much.

You know, it wasn’t easy to get to this point.

But it’s amazing, honestly.

Dave: So tell us a little bit about your story.

Just give us the nutshell version for anybody who doesn’t know who you are and how you got started with how you found us.

And yeah, just let us get to know you a little bit of you know, where you came from and where it all started.

Andrei: Yeah, so my whole story started in September, actually, my whole online trying to find something that works online.

In September.

I was doing drop shipping so I came across drop shipping first.

I think a lot of people here drop shipping before anybody anything else I did for a couple months and he wasn’t gay.

I got a couple results, but I realized that you needed a lot of capital which I did not have to get going to make it sustainable basically so I tried it for two months from there.

I stopped doing it.

I mean, I was just scrolling through TikTok, you know, like everybody says that and then I found affiliate marketing and they just are super excited about it.

I did not take action right away.

And it took me maybe like two weeks three weeks.

I was just scrolling, you know.

At the moment, I did have a family emergency.

So I had to stay home with my wife to take care of them.

And I was just focusing on Okay, well, what am I going to do? You know, I am not working right now.

To stay home.

I had to find different ways to make it work.

And then that’s when I found affiliate marketing I ended up ticking so I bought a challenge and then started learning basically from there.

So yeah, from there.

I made sure everything was set up correctly.

No need to learn the funnels, email autoresponder and how to set everything up, just honestly it’s really I think, he noticed, especially for a beginner to learn all of that.

But when you’re training, it’s amazing.

As soon as everything was set up correctly, I found out what I actually liked doing which was creating content.

So from there, I just focused on that basically.

Dave: You haven’t looked back, you haven’t looked back, I mean, you’ve achieved with us as an affiliate two times platinum over the course of the last year basically in 11 months, right?

Andrei: It took me less than a month.

Dave: And then of course you have some other income streams with various things that whether it be software autoresponders or other things that you’re promoting to customers that they may also be interested in.

And that’s just fantastic, man.

I mean, where do you live right now?

Andrei: I live in San Antonio.

San Antonio, Texas.

Dave: Okay.

Where are you from? Are you originally from Mexico?

Andrei: I’m from Peru

Dave: You’re from Peru.

Andrei: Yes.

So I made it here when I was 14 years old.

Dave: What, you did?

Andrei: My family and I, Correct.

Dave: Wow.

So that’s what I was.

That’s what I was wondering.

So the last big vacation that I took with my wife was to Peru and actually flew and flew into Lima and then went out to the big city that is out by Machu Picchu.

Cusco Cusco Yeah, we spent some time out in Cusco and then we went over to Machu Picchu.

And, you know, I did some hiking and it was magical.

It’s a really magical place.

So you immigrated here at 14 Did you know Did you know? Nothing.

So what did your parents do when you came over? What did they do for work and what did a little of what your childhood look like? Just you know a little bit of when you were 14 and when you first came over here what did that kind of look like?

Andrei: I mean, a lot honestly.

But my dad had a really good job.

He was a regional manager for I don’t know if you remember the brand Nabisco I didn’t know he became Kraft.

He was a regional manager for the whole northern area of the EU.

So we always were traveling from place A to place B but we had a good life growing up.

It was amazing.

Now, things happen in Peru.

Things were that great with the military and whatever is going on with the country.

So we decided to leave an exam here.

And then this changed completely.

I mean, my mom had to start working because she was a stay at home mom.

She started cleaning houses like that directly from business.

He was also cleaning houses and doing installation for offices.

And then I was just basically going to school.

I mean, I started in middle school.

Like I said, I don’t know any English.

No, I didn’t know anything.

I only knew how to say I don’t speak English.

No, that was the Yeah, I went out four years in high school.

I did a little bit of college, but I realized he wasn’t for me.

I didn’t make bad choices, like going out, you know, going.

I was fired so I didn’t get a chance to complete my college role.

But there is no way I was going to call it to become a manager basically like a business manager.

I think at that point, I was working at a restaurant and then I worked my way up from the beginning all the way to management.

So I ended up accomplishing that was my, I guess one of my first goals in life.

Now I’ve been given about a year of what I wanted to be and then soon I realized, oh my god, like it’s a lot of work.

You know, I did it for eight years.

Dave: A restaurant you’re eight years as a restaurant manager?

Andrei: Did it for eight years.

Crazy hours, working so many hours.

I ended up meeting my wife so I’m super thankful we had a child.

My daughter is five now, but all those five years oh my god, I miss so much.

You know, I missed holidays.

I miss birthdays.

This had to work.

You know, he was there’s no days off for you know, restaurant, you know, you just have to keep going.

And yeah, eventually I knew this wasn’t gonna last you know, and I wasn’t happy myself.

Like I love what I was doing but I was not happy.

I was not content anymore.

And then I needed some.

I knew something needed to change.

And I started doing this.

I started focusing on this even more.

Dave: So I just, I want you to talk a little bit about your history in your, where you came from and what that was like because we have people all over the world here that are listening.

We have people who are in Italy and who are in you know all countries in Europe, you know, Australia, South America.

And you know they’re they’re wondering you know, do I have to do I have to come to America, you know, to succeed and what I think has changed about the you know, opportunity in 2021 Is that Well you may not be exactly where you want to be right now.

And that may even be that may go for you if you live in America as well, I don’t know.

But you can tap into the internet and use the opportunity to be able to jump on these platforms like Legendary our community and TikTok and Instagram and all these platforms and build a business that can generate the resources to you.

You don’t have to go to the money.

You know, you don’t have to come to America to succeed.

You can do it from wherever you are in the world.

And I just want everybody to realize that this opportunity is global.

It’s worldwide.

And not only can you do it from anywhere in the world, you can generate customers from anywhere in the world as well.

Oh yeah, you know, and I’m sure you’ve seen that.

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of people that are now following you that are now listening to you that are messaging you saying, Andre your contents change in my life, you’re inspiring me? You know, are you just, would you ever have thought that this was possible?

Andrei: Honestly, no.

Honestly, I never knew I never thought I was going to inspire people like how I have been inspiring people.

I get messages all day.

Not all day, but like I do get some messages saying you know, I can’t wait to meet you in December.

And I’m like, what? Like, what what? This mindset is kind of new.

You know, like people are people who want to see me who want to see what I have to say now.

So it’s just it just blows my mind.

You know, like how far I’ve come to this point.

Dave: Do you think you’re that much different than everybody else in this community who’s trying to build a business and who’s, you know, do you think that there’s? Do you think that you have something special or different that they don’t have?

Andrei: Not at all.

Not at all, like I feel like I’m like the average guy that the thing that I know that I have is I always want more basically, like, I don’t have that mentality where, okay, I’m content.

I’m happy here.

You know, like, I always want the next step.

I always want to keep learning within me.

So that mindset, not everybody has it, you know, and I’ll give an example for example, I tried to get my wife into affiliate marketing as well, you know, cuz I still felt good.

It was correct.

So she started doing it.

She’s here for a couple months.

She did really well.

I mean, she was getting good results, but then she does not have that same mindset as lacking entrepreneur mindset.

And then that’s okay, that’s totally fine.

You know? But at least she tried it.

Dave: Do you really think that it boils down to mindset?

Andrei: I think so.

I think he’s, it’s really big.

What I tell people is something new.

Basically, when somebody says something on the internet, it’s a little scary to me.

Those are seeing but then I just tell them to just, you know, close your eyes for a second and look around.

I mean, totally terrible.

Opening a rifle.

I look around to see where you are right now.

And then ask yourself, you know, you have to hear what can you do differently, you know, and then this is the perfect opportunity, you know, people are scared to take a chance.

But then those people that are not scared to take a chance, they’re just basically building their curriculum in order just learning that keep learning and yet it’s like the resume you know, they just keep growing and growing and growing.

It doesn’t matter what you do.

As you know, as long as you say yes to the opportunity, you’re gonna keep growing.

Dave: Yeah.

But you think that the difference really with you is that it’s you.

You feel like you’ve never, you never want to stop growing.

Like it’s never enough you feel like when you look at whether it be your wife and I can relate to that my wife’s not an entrepreneur either.

She’s become more entrepreneurial, but she she’s not as much of a kind of hardcore hard wired entrepreneur like like but you know, when you look around at people, you think that the difference really is that you feel like you’re never done and growing.

And that’s a perfect segue into and I want you to confirm that but that’s a perfect segue into this mastermind because we have people who are coming from all over the country and all over the world to fly in and we rewrite, we usually do these every, you know, every every three or four months because of what’s happened.

Yeah, we’ve not been able to do them but but it takes commitment and it takes somebody really wanting to grow and be around people like you that they can pick up different nuggets and different ideas from how important I mean, did you ever do any events when you were doing drop shipping, or did you not and did you feel like that was maybe a missing piece?

Andrei: Maybe? Yeah, I honestly never did drop shipping.

I mean, sorry.

I never went to like it, I never took a course for drop shipping.

I never I never talked to anybody about it.

It was just basically me doing the research.


Dave: So are you excited? Personally, I know that you’re going to be speaking here and yeah, and sharing and teaching at the mastermind.

But are you also excited just from a perspective of coming as a student, or as somebody who’s going to be also looking to pick up different ideas and different nuggets to take home to apply to your business?

Andrei: And that’s been one of the main reasons why I’m going because I want to learn more like I want to I want to see what happened and learn basically,

Dave: Right there everybody, Andre speaking and he’s somebody who we’re extremely excited to have come and speak.

But the main motivation for you to come is you want to come in, you want to learn.

Andrei: I want to learn.

I said it’s an opportunity that I cannot make as soon as I got that email, I was like, I’m there, you know, I’m gonna be there.

And then I’m super excited.

I mean, I’m excited to share my secrets to how I was able to get to this point as well.

Dave: Yeah, well, I’m excited to learn them because I mean, it’s very, very rare that I see somebody who creates content like you do that goes, as you know, goes viral and generates as many sales.

I see people who create content and they may go viral, but they don’t create sales.

And what you’ve done is you’ve had this magical combination of being able to create content that both grows accounts and generates lots of followers.

But also from that audience, you’ve been able to filter out and generate lots of buyers literally hundreds and hundreds.

And hundreds of 1000s.

I mean, if you’ve done with us two times platinum.

I mean, you’ve done nearly a half a million dollars in total sales, right, roughly.

So I mean, think about that.

I mean, here’s somebody who started after having a drop shipping business that didn’t it didn’t take off that you know, you never did any, never got the education, never got any mentorship kind of just went out there on your own and it didn’t work out for whatever reason.

You were a restaurant manager.

You know you immigrated here at 14 didn’t know English, right, became a restaurant manager and tried drop shipping.

And then And then, you know, found us started what took the challenge started getting educated and started marketing.

And here over the last 11 months, you’ve done over a half a million dollars in total sales.

If we probably combine other things that you’ve sold as well.

So how does somebody think this is the question that we all need to ask ourselves.

If we’re on the fence about coming to this mastermind, how does somebody generate, you know, basically create money out of thin air.

I mean, it’s like, you know, people, there’s lots of people who are out there creating TikToks.

There’s lots of people who are out there posting on Instagram.

There’s lots of people who are even trying to build businesses on TikTok and Instagram and social media but there’s a small percentage of people who are both building audiences, but generating hundreds of 1000s of dollars in sales from that audience.

So, you know, for me, even though I’ve been doing this for 10 years and have done hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, what what applied yesterday may not apply today, or until when you’re speaking what I’m going to be doing is listening very intently on what your strategies are because I may be able to apply that to things that I’m doing to be able to generate more sales from an audience because I think the important point that I’m trying to make here is there’s there’s there’s audience building, but then there’s monetizing that audience.

And one thing that you’ve been really what you’ve done a great job at is monetizing your audience.

And so what you’re saying and I’ve got your verbal commitment right here on the show, is that you’re going to reveal the secrets that you’ve used to be able to both grow your audience but also to monetize that audience and do hundreds of millions of dollars over a half a million dollars in sales conservatively from the audiences that you’ve built with getting an account shut down and banned.

And then having to restart, right?

Andrei: Exactly.


So had I had an Instagram account of 35,000 followers, which I think for Instagram that’s even way more than a big following you know, this is really hard.

It’s harder to gain more followers on Instagram.

But yeah, it got shut down actually on my birthday.

Like he was completely on as well.

What am I gonna do? You know, I ended up wanting to give a shout out to Matt actually, because I sent him an email.

And then he replied back saying wow, okay, well, now it’s time to work in like the real business starts now.

And that actually motivated me even more.

I ended up reading any of them.

I think I started from zero.

And then a month later, I grew to 10,000 followers, you know, so it’s possible you know, anybody can do it even more, you could go through those hurdles.

Just hop on again, keep going, basically don’t stop, you know.

Dave: Yeah.

Yeah, no, it’s I mean, that’s why I was telling you I’ve, I was talking to Matt as he was working with you and I mean, I think what is really what is really what is really enlightening.

For me, that always seems to be true.

It’s a pattern amongst people who are succeeding if they are amazingly humble.

They’re amazingly just way above what you would think with willing to sit down and listen and ask questions and learn if they don’t feel like they know it all.

And then you got people who, you know, you talk to him or you but they’ve got an answer for everything.

They’ve got it all figured out.

But then you look at their results and they’re not.

The results are not there.

You know what I mean? But they’ve got a big ego and they’ve got it all figured out.

And, and I just, you know, if there was one thing that I would like, if I had one chance to, to say to my kids, hey, this is my last piece of wisdom.

It would be a lifelong learner.

Like, never get so big for your britches that you feel like you don’t need to humble yourself and learn because even more so today, technology is changing so rapidly.

Like platforms are changing so quickly, that you really have to be plugged into a community of people who are in the trenches.

Doing it.

So you can stay up with like, what’s going on with this algorithm or what’s the new hot? Is there a new hot platform that’s taken off? It is really rocking and rolling right now.

So for you, you know, we’ve talked a little bit about being that lifelong learner.

What is something else like and I think my hope is, is that people are really going to stop looking for the secret.

You know, waiting for the skies to depart and stone tablets to be delivered and you know, Jesus to come down and sprinkle magical fairy dust or whatever on them and now all of a sudden they’re gonna be anointed with amazing money making skills.

It doesn’t happen like that.

You know, sometimes, depending on whatever your spiritual belief is , the answer is right in front of you.

A lot of times, we just miss it, you know, because we’re looking for some big burning bush, you know, and, you know, right now, there’s an opportunity for some of you to come down to Orlando in December and connect with a lot of really smart entrepreneurs.

And the question is, are you going to do whatever it takes to get there? You know, I remember an event that I did, Andre, where, you know, a lady raised her hand in the middle of the event, and I said, I mean, you know, who, because sometimes I like to say, who traveled the farthest.

And this lady said, I don’t know about traveling the farthest, but it felt like forever because I I drove in my car and I’m sleeping in my car outside, it was out.

She was like I’m sleeping in.

I remember Sean Lowry, who’s another guy in our community.

I remember he sold his car to get to an event that I put on, so he sold his car, to get a plane ticket to be able to fly to this event.

And, you know, I mean, there’s just for you to talk, what is a sacrifice or what, what are some new sacrifices that you’re making inside of your business, or inside of your life? To be able to make the business work? What is it, some sort of you not going out? What sort of sacrifices have you had to make in order to make this the success that it is for you? Yeah, I live.

Andrei: Going forward with this business.

I knew I wanted to work full time.

So I guess the sacrifice that I was making in the beginning was I was focusing a lot on the business and not on my family, my wife, my daughter.

So those beginning months, he was really tough.

You know, there was a lot of mental illness, like family issues.

And stuff like that, but she understood my wife understood the end goal you gave me was okay, well, I’m going to stop doing this full time.

I first started doing this full time, my relationships are growing with my wife.

Yeah, I had a relationship with my daughter even more now you know, like I think I’m hearing you know, so I guess the sacrifice right now is not as bad as in the beginning.

Right? But then look now where am I you know, like, all those sacrifices you needed to happen in order for us to still be together in order for us to get to the point that we are right now.

And I know what that’s like, man, because I’ve had to sit my wife down and say, I know that I’ve tried things in the past before, and maybe they didn’t work out, but I need your supportiveness like, I need to go to this event, or I need to buy this course.

Or I need 90 days to where I need to basically lock myself in this office.

When I get home from work, or maybe I don’t have a job.

Maybe some of you are sitting at home right now and you don’t have a job.

And it’s like instead of you know, sometimes I think we’re afraid to ask for our partner’s support because maybe we’ve tried things in the past that didn’t work out.

And there’s another guy named Andre Miller.

He’s a BPA.

He also was and is a successful affiliate.

He’s somebody who started as a client.

As a student here and then became an advisor on our team and wanted to work more closely with us.

But when he was starting his business, he had come from Jamaica, and he was working on cruise ships and stuff and met his wife in the cruise business and, and they ended up getting together to come into America, and they were broke, man, they were broke.

And basically, you know, Andre said I want to start an online business and she’s like, you know, no, why don’t you need to get a real job, man.

I mean, you need to get into the system.

She’s like, You need to get into the system.

That was a phrase that I’ll never forget that she said, when Andre was telling that story.

We need to get into the system, right? Because he had come from Jamaica, you know, and he wasn’t really in the American system.

And basically, he goes, Well, I don’t want to do that.

You know what I mean? Not that I don’t want to pay my taxes, but I want to build a business.

I want to start a business.


And she said, Well, I don’t want you to do that.

And he looked at her and he said, Well, do you have a better idea right now? Right? It wasn’t rude.

It wasn’t rude, but do you have a better idea? If you don’t, I need your support.

And what I’m going to challenge some of you to do as you’re listening to our Andre that we’re talking to right now.

And you’re listening to some of these other examples that I’m giving you.

I want to challenge some of you to really sit down with your spouses in re ask for support.

You know, re you know, go back to them and say, Look, I may have been rude before or I may have been passive aggressive before, or I may have been defensive before, right because I felt insecure about what I’ve done in the past that didn’t work out.

I may have been defensive right? I may have been giving you the cold.


As you know, I may have been distant over the last couple of months.

But here’s what I want.

I want to be connected.

And I need your support, because we’re coming to the end of another year.

We’re in the beginning November 2 Today, we’re coming to the end of another year.

And guess what we’re going to be back up on January 1 where everybody’s going to be making their New Year’s resolutions that’s right around the corner that’s two months away.

And the last thing that you want is to be sitting in jail and on January 1 saying what I accomplished last year in order to say nothing.

I didn’t accomplish anything.

Why did I accomplish anything? Well, because I didn’t ask for what I need.

I didn’t go for what I wanted.

Right if you’re talking about that family unit.

Andre and you’re talking about at the beginning, you did sacrifice a little bit of time and you know, we live and we learn and we you guys, actually that was necessary.

I had to do the same thing.

Now what I didn’t do Andre was I didn’t sit my spouse down like I’m recommending everybody do because of my communication skills.

So 10 years ago, I was you know, I was quite frankly I was a little asshole I didn’t know how to I thought I was great at sales but I realized the biggest sale that I ever was gonna make was convincing my wife to support me that was the biggest that was the biggest you know, and then marry me, crazy.

Seriously, you know, this guy’s you know, this guy could either take us to the moon or you know, take us right down the elevator to hell, you know? But that’s my challenge for a lot of you is to sit down and ask your spouse or whoever is in your corner there and say, Look, I do need to sacrifice some things like what Andre just said, I do need to sacrifice for 90 days.

I do need to sacrifice even through the holidays some time to focus on my business and here’s what I can promise you.

I don’t know what the outcome is gonna be.

But I can promise you that I’m going to give it everything that I got.

And then when you make that commitment and you are verbally accountable to somebody, particularly somebody that’s as important as your spouse, when you’re verbally accountable, then you follow through.

Then you follow through and you take action, right whether it’s in you do both you take action with your education, and you also take action with your business.

And that’s my challenge.

And I think we’re gonna meet a lot of people in December in Orlando, who made that commitment and who have had that conversation with their spouse, Andrei.

And now you say that you’re the benefits of making that early commitment and making those early sacrifices are the benefits far outweigh that little bit of pain in the beginning, right.

Andrei: Yeah, so now everything basically has paid off, you know, I’m able to have more time.

Now when my wife gets home from work, I disconnect, you know, an hour before I would get home to work, keep working basically.

Now she gets home.

Everything is taking care of me and my daughter, our relationship has grown even more now.

You know, now we have actually done something to connect, and it’s kind of sad.

How it had to happen.

But it’s just like if you never choose what life’s gonna be, what kind of life you’re going to leave, you know, I mean, you do but as a man for a year I was stuck there.

You know, like, that was my stuff.

I was getting money, I needed to pay things off.

So I needed to stay there.

You get me and then after that she supported me, um, something that I did with all of my goals.

My personal goal was to make my wife go to school.

So I will go to eBay.

I’m gonna pay off our debt.

I’m gonna pay your debt off.

You know, I’m gonna buy you a house.

I’m gonna do this for you.

I’m gonna do that.

And that was how I found my motivation.

And that’s what kept me going.

Like, what my goals became her goals, basically.

Dave: Wow, wow.

That’s powerful, man.

That’s powerful.

I think, you know, sometimes it’s the I know it is I know it’s the things we’re talking about today that move the needle the most for people.

It’s the mindset that you mentioned early in the conversation.

It’s this really getting on the same page with our spouse that that nugget that tip that you just gave is, is amazing, because now all of a sudden, you know, if you have a spouse who’s a little bit skeptical or who’s really they’re just scared, you know, really they’re just scared.

Yeah, it’s not that they don’t support us.

It’s that they’re just unsure.

They’re scared.

They want to make sure that we have a roof over our head.

We want to make sure that there’s food in the fridge.

And so when we begin to future pace and paint goals, for for ourselves that are in alignment with them that also benefit them, you know, I don’t I want to I want to start a business because I’m going to be famous one day I’m going to be speaking on stages honey, you’ll see well that’s that you know, that how does what’s in it for her we have to be or what did it for him? If it’s just all about you speaking on stages, but what you just said, Hey, one day I’m going to buy us a house.

I want to buy you your dream home.

You know I want to buy you your dream car.

I want you to start thinking about the car that you want to drive because I want to buy you that car.

That’s what I’m working for.

I want to pay off your debt.

Those are some.

Those are some things that you can begin to talk about with your spouse.

That gets you guys on the same page.

And so now all of a sudden, it’s not just about you and your own selfish goals, like being famous on Instagram and because think about it as well.

You start getting famous on social media and your spouse might be thinking shit you know, Hey, who are all I know my wife.

I was just sitting on the computer, you know? And then all of a sudden my wife came to one of my first events .

This was the first event I’d ever done and there were all these people there.

They all knew my name.

Other women coming up saying oh Dave, you know, can I get a picture and all this kind of? I was like, yeah, like, you know, I’m going absolutely am I worth going with though? You know, but it’s he opened now 10 years later, you know, it’s very different and he got very different very quickly.

She understood, but still the point here is that I had to learn that if I wanted to be this great marketer, that I needed to learn how to create irresistible offers to get my spouse to get my family on my support.


And sometimes when you want to get to a mastermind event, sometimes folks when you want to invest in a course and you want to start a business or or you want to, you know you need 90 days or six months of total focus and for them to support you in that mission.

You need to go sell them on that, you know, we just came in, I think that the best.

The best conveyancer is obviously money.

It’s like you want to get your spouse to support you.

Then you got to get some money flowing in but to get some money flowing in you need to be in go mode you need to be in flow mode.

And I don’t know about the rest of you but for me when I’m in conflict with Andrei with my wife, I’m not in flow mode.

I’m not because I’ve got conflict in my house and if I’ve got conflict in the most important relationships in my life, there is no way that I can be in total flow mode in total go mode, I get negative, I get depressed, I get sad.

Okay, so I need to be in alignment with these important relationships around me.

So I can be in go mode and I can be in flow mode.

And so Andre today folks has given you some incredible tips along with some of the challenges that I’ve given you to get in alignment with your relationships, get in alignment with your spouse, you know, if you want to come to this mastermind, sit them down and tell them what is going to be in it for them for you to come to this mastermind, what’s in it for them, not just what’s in it for you, what’s in it for them to come to this mastermind and get registered in come down and meet Andre meet the other speakers meet up me hang out for the weekend.

And Andrei I’m just I can’t wait to hang out with you my friend and I can’t wait and learn from you brother.

Andrei: Yes, I’m super excited to meet you in person actually.

It’s gonna be a blast.

Dave: Alright man, well have a great day brother.

All right, keep up the great work super proud of you incredible story like super inspirational man.

We’ll put up your handle there so people could go and follow you on TikTok and Instagram and get connected in your network as well.

And stay Legendary.

We’ll see you at the mastermind.

Andrei: Thank you, that’s what I think I’ll see you guys there.

Dave: All right.

Legendary Marketer Business Challenge

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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  1. You used Andrei Yemejev as an example, that mean you are a scammer, because Andrei Yermejev is a scammer and a thief, he stole my money.

    • No, I didn’t use Andrei Yemejev as an example – David Sharpe of Legendary Marketer did. He’s the one who conducted the interview. I have no personal experience of Andrei Yemejev so you’re saying that he is a scammer is the first I’ve heard of this.

      And if he is a scammer, that doesn’t make me a scammer. I don’t know what experience you’ve had with Yemejev but if you’re willing to share it, I’d like to hear it. I also don’t know the circumstances of what I presume is a refund you requested but wasn’t issued. There can be many reasons why payments are not refunded (in any program) which run from requesting a refund after the money-back period has expired to real scammers who will never issue a refund under any circumstances.

      I don’t know what programs Yemejev offers – whet program of his did you sign up for, what was the money-back guarantee (if there was one) and when and why did you request a refund?

      If Yemejev really is a scammer, I’d like to know so that I can inform my readers that he is someone to avoid.

      If he’s not a scammer, I’d like to clear that up too.

      All the best,

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