Promote The Groove Webinar This Week To Earn Some Nice Commissions


Promote The Groove Webinar This Week To Earn Some Nice CommissionsDid you know that you can earn some decent money with a free Groove account?

What is Groove?

It’s a platform for affiliate marketers that’s a combination of sales funnel builder, email autoresponder and other common tools used by marketers.

One of the unique aspects of Groove is that when you sign up for your free account, you are automatically approved to be an affiliate (you can learn more about the affiliate program here).

You still have to join the affiliate program through your account but you are pre-approved.

So, if you haven’t done that yet, think about doing it now.

Being a (Free) Groove Affiliate

Once you’re all signed up, when anyone you refer signs up for a paid account, you earn a 20% commission.

If you want to double your earnings and get a 40% commission, sign up for the new lifetime account yourself.

If you promote it well enough, it will even pay for your lifetime account.

Their latest promotion page is converting at $7.18 EPC (Earnings per click).

This week, Groove’s founder Mike Filsaime is running a Free Masterclass training where he’ll demonstrate Groove, show you the latest updates, and tell you about the new lifetime program.

Just use your affiliate link to promote Mike’s training this week and you’ll earn a commission for everyone who signs up for a paid account.

And there’s a new lifetime offer that is working very well.

In case you don’t know, Groove used to offer a one-time-payment Lifetime access option before it switched to being a subscription-based platform and now it’s back.

Groove’s subscription fees are very similar to those of Clickfunnels with which it competes, but Groove offers more tools and larger account limits than Clickfunnels’ basic account provides.

So affiliate commissions are in the same ballpark as you get from promoting Clickfunnels.

Promoting The Webinar

The best strategy is to first watch the webinar yourself, so you’ll know what it’s all about.

Then send a promotional email to your list(s) using the affiliate email swipes which you’ll find on the JV (joint venture) page.

There’s even a contest on this week, so if you do well, you can earn prizes.

By the way, to find the affiliate link for the webinar…

  1. Log into your account and click the Groove Affiliate Program button at the top of the page
  2. Scroll down the page that appears until you see the Promotion Tools section and click the Links icon
  3. The link you want is the Webinar link – copy and paste it into your emails or other promotional material

The webinar is called:

“The Single Best Way to Beat Inflation and Skyrocket Your Income”
(While Avoiding Hundreds of Hours of Blood, Sweat and Tears of Frustration)

You can register here.

Here’s what to expect when you attend this event (let your email subscribers know this as well)…

  • EXPOSED: How the old, clunky, expensive, and out-dated platforms you use to run your online business are not optimized to squeeze every ethical penny out of your marketing funnel. When you realize how much money you’re leaving on the table it may instantly make you sick, and we expose this on this special master class!
  • Revealed: The 18 areas in your company that you are flushing money down the toilet and how you can fix that over night!
  • Uncover a Platform with powerful A.I. system that plays detective to find where affiliate fraud is happening gin your business. We will show you how this one Fraud Alert system saves our company saves us over 15% on our affiliate payouts saving us tens of thousands of dollars a month. And how you can have access to this A.I. detective software for FREE!
  • Discover the shockingly simple online sales platform that is faster and easier to use than the current solutions most online business users are struggling with.
  • Why you can dump monthly fees and expensive continuity payments that often drown a new business before it’s ready to launch.
  • How to quickly create a 6-figure business even if you don’t have any product, and without the hassle of inventory or packing and shipping boxes yourself.
  • Four powerful opportunities for you to dominate the search engines with your branded web presence
  • Mind-blowing powerful case studies of insanely profitable businesses you can clone instantly for your business starting today!

Groove Testimonials

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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