6 Lower-Cost Sales Funnel Software Solutions


LAST UPDATED: November 6, 2022


If you read my Clickfunnels® review, you’ll have discovered that it’s not exactly cheap – starting at $97 per month – to build sales funnels with it.

You’re also quite limited in what you can do with this basic account:

  • You can build, at most, 20 funnels
  • You can create, at most, 100 pages

So, while Clickfunnels may be the grand-daddy of funnel builders, it hasn’t moved enough with the times and is now overly expensive for what it offers.

Keep in mind that to be able to build an unlimited number of funnels and pages, get access to their autoresponder and to their Etison Suite of tools, you’ll need to pay $297 per month!

But, those starting out or who are limited by tight budgets will probably balk at the cost of those sales funnel and page builder options.

To cut costs further, you could look at adding funnel building plugins to a WordPress site as I discussed here.

But even these plugins are in the $97 to $197 range, even if they’re only one-time costs or annual.

So, if you’re looking for a low-cost solution, that introduces you to the world of sales funnels and where you don’t have to commit to spending a lot of money over time, what options do you have?

Well, there are a few lower-cost solutions you can look at, aside from the WordPress plugins.

Now that building funnels has really taken off with affiliate marketers, other funnel building services have come along to compete with Clickfunnels to one degree or another.

Just bear in mind that some of these won’t have all the bells and whistles of their more expensive counterparts.

So here’s a roundup of some of the lower-cost funnel builder alternatives…

The 6 Lower-Cost Sales Funnel Software Solutions

1. GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels Logo

I did talk earlier in the year about an alternative sales funnel software option called GrooveFunnels which is ultimately less expensive at a single $2,997 fee and gives you unlimited everything.


That’s not lower-cost, I hear you say!

But think about it.

At $97 per month, a basic Clickfunnels account costs $1,164.

There is now an annual billing option for Clickfunnels for $997 per year which wasn’t available when I signed up.

And Clickfunnels 2.0 has now been launched which costs $149/mth or the equivalent of $127/mth if you pay annually.

The old $97/mth Basic plan is still available to existing subscriber, it is no longer available to new subscribers.

So the lowest annual cost for Clickfunnels is now $1,524 per year.

The price of GrooveFunnels is the equivalent paying for 2 years of a Clickfunnels Basic account.

Or it’s about the same as paying for 7 months of the old Classic Pro Clickfunnels account (which is $297/mth).

Conversely, while the subscription price of the Clickfunnels 2.0 Basic price has gone up, the price of the Clickfunnels 2.0 Pro account has come down.

A Clickfunnels 2.0 Pro subscription now costs $197/mth or the equivalent of $157/mth if you pay annually.

The one-time fee for GrooveFunnels (now just known as Groove) is now the equivalent of paying for 13 months of Clickfunnels 2.0 Pro.

With Clickfunnels, you endlessly pay month after month (or year after year) and if you cancel your subscription, you lose access to all your funnels.

With Groove, you get a range of tools equivalent to what’s in the Clickfunnels Pro Plan, plus additional tools, and you only pay once.

And you’ll never lose access to your funnels.

So while an up-front payment of $2,997 may hurt, in the long run you’ll save about $1,500-$2,000 per year on fees thereafter.

That makes it the most cost-effective funnel builder solution currently available.

There is a free account option which lets you build a small number of assets and it will let you see the tools in action so you can gauge if they’re right for you or not.

So, if you want to save money long-term, you need to buy Grooves Lifetime Access with unlimited everything.

Plus, you’ll get access to my exclusive bonus package which you can see at the link above.

2. LeadPages

LeadPages is another alternative that is a page and site builder rather than a funnel builder that is still worth considering.

It helps small businesses, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs connect with an audience, collect leads, and close sales.

While LeadPages is primarily a landing page (and squeeze page) builder, it can be used to build sales funnels.

Their pricing is competitive and they offer a 25% discount on fees if you pay annually:

LeadPages Pricing 2022


3. CONVERToolz


ConverToolz comes from well-known internet marketers Omar & Melinda Martin.

It’s really an optin/landing page builder rather than a full sales funnel builder.

The tool normally costs a one-time $197 but, if you’re interested in this tool, I’m recommending that you buy Omar & Melinda’s FREEDOM SALE package instead.

This package includes CONVERToolz as well as 2 other products:

  • Commission Magnets, which is a collection of products you can give away as incentives to get people to sign up top your lists. This product normally sells for $297.
  • The IM Clinic, which is a is a series of 4 live interactive online classes created for Internet Marketers that are stuck in an unproductive rut. This training normally costs $197.

But with the FREEDOM SALE package, you get all 3 products for $97.

Plus you also get my additional, exclusive bonus package.

With the 86% sale discount, ConverToolz costs about $28.

The other reasons I like CONVERToolz are:

The landing page and download page builder software come with built-in tracking and statistics.

The pages are for free so there’s no monthly fee for up to 100 websites.

Over 200 Done-For-You Internet Marketing Products are included, each with videos & eBooks in the massive library, so you don’t have to hunt down PLR products or spend time creating your own (and you get additional products to give away with Commission Magnets, if you take up the FREEDOM SALE offer).

New products are added to the library every single month at no additional charge.

250 top-quality background images are provided for websites.

Traffic Training video tutorials are provides to help you get the most out of CONVERToolz.

An Email Vault with over 2,000 professionally written emails is also included, so you don’t have to spend time writing your own emails.

If you’re on a tight budget, this is one of the most economical ways to get started building your email lists.

4. Funnelify [no longer available]

The Funnelify Sales Funnel Software And Page Builder

This is one of the newer funnel builder softwares.

It allows you to create affiliate funnels, sales funnels and web pages by simply swiping done-for-you templates, and snapping them into place.

It also allows you to get free traffic to your pages in many different ways.

You get 220 done-for-you mini-template blocks which allow you to make all kinds of pages by simply swiping & snapping.

To make things even easier, you also get 50 done-for-you, top ranked, full page templates which you can customize any way you want.

Other useful features include:

  • No Domains Needed, HOSTING INCLUDED
  • No Tech Skills Needed – ALL DONE-FOR-YOU
  • NEXT-GEN Fully Cacheable Funnels & Pages
  • AUTO-GENERATE Even 9 Times Smaller & Faster Pages
  • AUTOMATED Traffic, Leads, Commissions & Sales
  • Build an unlimited number of funnels and pages
  • Commercial license included – so you can build funnels for your own clients

So what’s the cost?

$27 per year.

You do not get any pre-built funnels where you simply just drop in your affiliate links for the products being promoted.

You use the tool to create your own funnels for whatever you want to promote.

There are, therefore, no email sequences included so, if you want to send out emails to your subscribers – which you should – you’ll have to write those yourself and add them to your own autoresponder service.

Now, there are 6 upsells in Funnelify’s own sales funnel.

However, all they do is offer more templates and options for getting more traffic.

The basic Funnelify is a full-blown product, not a crippled one that you have to buy upgrades to make the most of.

You don’t need any of the upsells.

5. SuperFunnels

Superfunnels Sales Funnel Software

SuperFunnels takes a different approach than Funnelify.

In this case, you get access to a set of pre-built funnels, each of which promotes a different product.

All you have to do is sign up to be an affiliate for those products and place your own affiliate links into the funnel pages.

Features include:

  • Turn 100% free traffic into passive income (allegedly)
  • No websites, domains, hosting or tech skills needed – it’s all done for you
  • Automate​ your marketing reach for more sales in less time
  • Take advantage of  Next-Gen Funnels​ with ZERO monthly fees or commitments

The price?


Again, this is a one-time fee.

So what’s the catch with this one?

Well, with the basic package you only get access to 2 funnels which is a bit limiting.

If you want to promote more funnels, you’ll need to buy the first upsell for $67.

There are 4 other upsells, each for $197, that offer a done-for-you solution, ways to get unlimited free traffic, the Complete 1K System course and License Rights.

If you’re interested in these upsells, you’ll save $50 on each by not accepting each initial upsell.

Instead, select the “No Thanks” option and you’ll be presented with a downsell for the exact same product at $50 off.

This system is a good way to get started with funnels if you don’t want to build your own from scratch.

6. FunnelsKit

FunnelsKit Sales Funnel Software

Both Clickfunnels® and GrooveFunnels are online tools for building sales funnels and related pages from scratch.

Clickfunnels® has a feature where you can import a fully built sales funnel – one created by another Clickfunnels® user – and simply replace the links in it with your own affiliate links.

GrooveFunnels doesn’t have a similar feature yet, but it will be added soon.

As far as I’m aware, GrooveFunnels will only be able to import funnels built by other GrooveFunnels users.

FunnelsKit takes the same approach as these two tools to building funnels, just at a far lower cost.

The same drag-and-drop approach to building pages is used.

You don’t get access to Clickfunnels®’ inbuilt autoresponder on its basic $97/mth package.

With GrooveFunnels , you will get access to an inbuilt autoresponder when it’s released in a couple of months.

FunnelsKit, on the other hand, already has its own autoresponder included.

You’ll also get access to every email funnel that the folks behind FunnelsKit have created.

These email funnels are specifically designed to get your emails opened and get people to click and buy.

Add them to the built in autoresponder, edit, and make them your own.

This is a feature that none of the other sales funnel software offers.

As with all the other tools, FunnelsKit is cloud-based, so there’s no software to download and install.

And all your funnels and pages are hosted in the cloud so you don’t need to have a separate web hosting account.

How much is FunnelsKit?

$67 one-time fee.

And the catch with this one?

If  you want to have access to done-for-you pre-built funnels, you need to buy the first upsell for $97 which gives you 10 pre-built funnels and 2 new funnels each month for $9.97 per month.

If you want more than this, then you’ll need to buy the second upsell for $97 which gives you access to 50 funnels plus 10 new funnels each month for $9.97 per month.

Since the 50 funnels plus 10 per month costs the same as the 10 funnels plus 2 per month package, that’s obviously the better option to go for.

Again, if you’re looking for a done-for-you solution, FunnelsKit is a good choice, especially as you also get the email sequences you can send out using the inbuilt autoresponder.

I’m also offering a bonus package with FunnelsKit if you can’t afford to go with one of the other apps.

Email Sequences

Email Marketing

CONVERToolz and FunnelsKit is the only tools that includes email sequences as part of their membership packages so you can start email marketing straight away.

If you prefer one of the other tools, you can buy email sequence packages to use with them instead of having to write all your emails yourself.

These are the ones I recommend:

  • Affiliate Email Swipes [$9.95] – 427 Original Email Swipes That Generated More Than $1 Million In Affiliate Sales.
  • Profit-Producing Emails [$97] – a massive collection of 5,001 profit-producing emails you can adapt, tweak and alter for your own email or even email followup sequences.
  • Super-Affiliate Master Swipe File [$27] – these are the most effective products in the Internet marketing niche. If you want to use and promote only the best of the best, here they are.
  • List Genius [$9.95] – Get 6 months of emails, all with your own affiliate links included. You also get a lead magnet to use.
  • Email Marketer’s Game Plan [$97] – A collection of 12 done-for-you high performing email campaigns for webinars, product launches, affiliate promotions and more.

I would recommend that you rewrite these emails in your own voice so that they’re not just stock emails that your subscriber could have received from another affiliate marketer.

I’d also recommend that you either get Matt Bacak’s Secret Email System ebook or follow this free Build Your Email List course so you really understand how list building and email marketing work.

An Introduction To Affiliate Marketing With Sales Funnels

Sales Funnel Diagram

If you need an introduction to sales funnel software and how using it ties in with affiliate marketing, below are four free web classes.

They come from different marketing mentors, each of whom has used funnels to build a multi-million dollar business.

Sales funnels aren’t the be-all, end-all of affiliate marketing.

They’re simply one tool in a marketer’s arsenal.

That said, building funnels is less labor-intensive than building out a WordPress blog.

And sales funnels are more likely to convert visitors into buyers.

Remember, though, that regardless of what online business model you decide to follow, all of them need traffic in order to work and flourish.

That topic is also discussed in these free classes:


Just to remind you, a Basic Clickfunnels subscription costs $97/mth and a Pro subscription is $297/mth (but you also get unlimited everything and access to a range of other useful marketing tools).

Compare those monthly fees to the sales funnel software systems above and you’ll see that you can get similar functionality at less cost.

Clickfunnels is great – I use it myself – but its cost does put it beyond what some marketers are willing to pay for a service like this and its Basic Plan is too limited now when compared to the competition.

The less expensive alternatives I’ve outlined above are all good alternatives at a fraction of the cost of Clickfunnels.

Whichever service you decide to use, think long-term before you make your decision.

It’s not easy to move funnels between systems and you may need to rebuild them if you transfer from one service to another.

Not all the services allow you to share your funnels with other users, or import their funnels into your account, if that’s important to you.

A couple do offer free trials before you have to commit being a subscriber or you decide to cancel your account without having to pay.

That’s a useful way to check out the sales funnel software apps you’re interested in before you make your final decision.

For my money, GrooveFunnels and ConverToolz are the two best options.

These are companies that will be around for years and are committed to improving and upgrading their platforms.

The other one-time-payment funnel softwares probably won’t get any upgrades.

Maintaining and upgrading software costs money and the only way of sustaining that long-term is by having customers subscribe to a service.

These companies also have all the real-world expenses to cover – building rental, renting servers, staff salaries and so on.

And all that, plus the services you get access to are covered by your fees.

So, in the long run, single-payment platforms, aside from GrooveFunnels and CONVERToolz which will be moving to a subscription model on December 15, 2021, are a more risky bet.

These single-payment platforms are created by independent developers who typically make a product, sell it for some profit and then move on to creating their next product, and so on.

Once they’ve made their money, in my experience, such products are hardly every improved, especially when things in the software start breaking.

If you do take up one of these services or platforms, perhaps you’d come back here and let us know what made you select that service.

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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