Builderall 4.0 Launches Today And I Have Bonuses For You!


Builderall 4 Launches Today

If you don’t know what Builderall is, it’s a suite of tools used by marketers of all kinds to help run their businesses.

It also includes a sales funnel builder and will appeal to anyone who finds Clickfunnels too expensive.

Builderall 4.0 is being launched today, October 1st, which sees the improvement of some existing tools and the introduction of a lot of new tools to the software suite.

How Is Builderall 4.0 Different To Version 3?

Builderall was first launched globally in 2017 and it was a sales success.

It was the first platform ever to put all the tools you need to manage an online business on one dashboard and the public loved it!

However, while is was often described as a less expensive alternative to Clickfunnels, that wasn’t actually the case.

Clickfunnels is a dedicated sales funnel builder service but Builderall 3 didn’t have a dedicated funnel builder.

You could cobble funnels together with the tools provided but it wasn’t exactly a seamless or easy process.

So, earlier this year, a true dedicated sales funnel builder tool was added to the Builderall 3 suite.

That put it on a more equal footing to Clickfunnels.

However, nothing in the internet marketing world remains static for long.

Clickfunnels upped their game (they were founded in 2014) and other funnel building systems came to the market.

The Builderall team found a lot of things that they thought they should be doing better, to compete with all other tools out there, and to deliver a solid platform so their customers can trust and rely on their businesses.

Aside from some new features and the amazing Drag and Drop Real Funnel Builder, what Builderall 4.0 is bringing to the marketplace is a solid, robust, complete, modern, bug-free platform with cutting edge technology, so entrepreneurs around the world can be confident in building their businesses on the platform.

So, What Are Builderall 4.0’s Pricing Plans?

One major change is in the pricing structure and the plans that are available.

With Builderall 3.0, five plans were available:

Builderall 3.0 Plans

These have now been replaced with three main plans:

Builderall Pricing 2021Click the image for details of what’s in each Plan

A Free Plan is also available though there’s little you can do with it apart from becoming an affiliate.

There’s also a $1.00 14-day Trial available for the Premium Plan.

This will let you evaluate every aspect of Builderall 4.0 to determine if it’s the right service for you, before you commit any money, or you think a different tool would suit your needs better.

If you’re already a Builderall customer on one of the older Builder, Marketer or Essential Plans, then your plan will continue as before (i.e. you’ll still pay the same fee) except you also get access to the new tools in Builderall 4.0.

DiscountHowever, during the launch phase of Builderall 4.0, the Funnel Club Plan is being offered for $69.90 per month for the lifetime of your subscription.

That’s a 30% discount for as long as you remain a member.

On January 31st (2021), that discount will be removed and all new customers after that date will have to pay $99.90 per month.

That price puts Builderall at roughly the same ballpark as Clickfunnels which is $97 per month.

However, Clickfunnels only lets you build pages, funnels and membership sites whereas Builderall also includes its own email marketing system and many other tools that Clickfunnels doesn’t provide.

Clickfunnels’ Basic $97/mth plan is also quite limited in that you can build, at most, 20 funnels or 100 pages.

If you want to build more funnels or pages or you want access to their own email marketing system, you have to upgrade to their Pro plan which is a hefty $297/month.

The third main plan that Builderall 4.0 offers is the Funnel Club.

Builderall 4 Agency FunnelsA tiny selection of example funnels in Builderall’s Funnel Builder

For an additional one-time $199, you get access to 400+ pre-built funnels in many niches that you can tailor to your needs.

New funnels are constantly being added and you get access to these too.

Until midnight PST, January 31st (2021), a 30% discount is being offered on the monthly membership for this plan.

That fee will rise to $99.90 for people who join after that date.

If you’re thinking of signing up for a paid Builderall plan, the Funnel Plan is the best option, if you can afford it.

It’s the only way to get access to the library of pre-built funnel templates.

What’s New In Builderall 4.0?

These are the existing tools carried over from Builderall 3.0 though several have seen improvements in Version 4.0:

  •  Vídeo hosting tool
  •  Membership websites and e-learning system
  •  Unlimited Email Marketing (yes, we said unlimited email marketing)
  •  CRM and automation system
  •  Chatbot and SiteBot
  •  Run your own affiliate program (1 tier or multi-tier)
  •  Ecommerce Checkout
  •  Auction Checkout
  •  Magazine builder
  •  Vídeo Wrapper
  •  Browser Notifications
  •  Blog Builder
  •  Chat Builder
  •  Google and Adsense Friendly Builder
  •  Hundreds of Vídeo tutorials and a huge knowledge base
  •  Chat and ticket support

In addition to the existing tools, here’s what’s new in Version 4.0:

  • Builderall Website Agency – With a Premium account, you will be able to run your own website agency, creating sub-accounts for your clients, and charging them directly with your preferred gateway. (100% into your pocket)
  • The Revolutionary Cheetah Funnel Builder – The world’s first drag and drop real funnel builder (Clickfunnels doesn’t build funnels this way). This is the first tool in the world that you can actually build your funnel in a blueprint, have a complete preview, create the pages, email sequence, automation, simulation, a/b split test, and so much more! For the end result, the system will actually create the funnel for you! This is not just a blueprint, it is a real funnel builder!
  • Cheetah Builder is Completed – Yes, after one year and more than 500k websites built, Builderall have finally completed their Cheetah Builder. If you take a few minutes to learn how to work with Cheetah, you will definitely fall in love with it… the builder is now complete, user-friendly, beautiful, and full of high-end features.
  • Builderall Funnel Club – More than 300 funnel templates for you to edit and build money-making funnels to promote and sales Lead capture funnels to build your email list in different niches. And there’s more! Agency funnels for you to sell your services as an agency and local business Chatbot messenger funnels to offer your clients.
  • Booking Calendar App – The official launch of the Booking calendar app integrated with Google Calendar and Zoom.
  • Design Tool – A tool for you to download hundreds of designs and images for your website… all copyright free since Builderall have created all the images.
  • Super Checkout With e-Commerce – Aside from a complete e-commerce solution on their super checkout app, Builderall are also going to officially launch the auction and reverse auction systems, the new layout, and the Cheetah integration.
  • Animated Mockups For The Design Studio – Create amazing new animated mockups for your website with this new tool.
  • Webinar Upgrades – Now you can start a live or recorded webinar with ghost audience, waiting room, tagging, automation, call to action, new layout, new share screen layouts, and much more.
  • Builder Website Agency System – Create sub-accounts for your clients and run your website agency.
  • Builderall Marketplace – Buy and sell products with the massive Builderall affiliate network.
  • Share Locker Upgrades – The all-new share locker is now much more powerful! Create a viral effect on your website with videos and pictures.
  • Chat Builder And Private Chat Builder – Start a group or private conversation with your visitors on your website or membership area, and yes… it can be used as a help desk system.

So, as you can see, you really do get a lot of bang for your buck.

The Builderall Affiliate Program

Builderall Affiliate Program

Builderall has its own affiliate program which is free to join.

It’s also a 2-Tier program, which means you will earn a commission on any sales people you recruit make.

You earn a 100% commission on the first month of a direct referral’s payment and a 30% monthly commission on your direct referrals.

You also earn 30% from the people your referrals sign up.

These are recurring commissions, so you’ll receive them so long as a subscriber stays with Builderall.

Sign up for the Builderall 4.0 affiliate program here.

The Builderall 4.0 Launch Affiliate Competition

Builderal 4.0 Top Launch Prizes

There’s also a competition being run during the Builderall 4.0 launch during October (make sure to read the rules so you understand how the competition works) where the Top 40 affiliates will win at least a Macbook Pro.

The Top 3 affiliates will win a muscle car each or the cash equivalent if they prefer!

So there’s lots to play for here.

Sign up for the Builderall 4.0 affiliate program here.

Promotional material is available on the affiliate dashboard.

It’s possible to build a business from simply getting people to join Builderall because of those 2nd-tier earnings.

So sign up and start promoting even if you don’t want to subscribe to Builderall! 🙂

Final Thoughts

Builderall vs Clickfunnels

I use Clickfunnels myself and have been with them for almost 2 years now.

I’m on the basic $97/mth plan and can’t justify a $297/mth expense to get access to some extra tools and being able to build an unlimited number of funnels and pages.

It would be more cost-efficient for me to simply take out a second $97/mth plan as I can’t see myself needing more than 40 funnels, at least not for a while yet.

Now that Builderall has it’s own funnel builder and templates, unlimited email marketing system and no restriction on the number of funnels and pages I can build…and so many other tools for $69.90…I decided that was the way to go.

So I subscribed to their Funnel Builder Plan.

I’ve always thought that Clickfunnels was over-priced but that’s what you get with a monopoly.

While I do really like it as a tool, I find it a bit clunky to use and it doesn’t give me the option to fine-tune how my pages look.

The restrictions on the number of funnels and pages I can build is also a pain.

So why don’t I just dump Clickfunnels and switch to Builderall?

Well, since Clickfunnels is what most of the big marketers use (at least in my experience) there are a huge number of free funnels that other members have built and they can share to other users.

Most of my funnels are shared funnels though I do modify them and test those mods with A/B testing.

These funnels can’t be imported into other funnel builders.

And many of these shared funnels use videos that are hosted on Vimeo and can only be watched when they’re placed on pages built in Clickfunnels.

Having Builderall 4.0 means I can now move some of my funnels over from Clickfunnels freeing up space for me to build more shared funnels there.

My advice would be to sign up for a Free Builderall Plan – you don’t need to give your credit card details – and test-drive all the tools.

Then, if you think Builderall 4.0 is worth the investment, and I don’t see why you’d think that, upgrade to the Funnel Club Plan if you can afford it, or the Premium Plan otherwise.

But upgrade before November 1st so you’re paying $69.90 per month instead of $99.90.

Click here to see my bonus package…or…click here to go directly to the Builderall website

My Builderall 4.0 Bonus Package

Mega Bonus Package For Builderall

I’m offering a Mega bonus package of 32 products for Builderall 4.0 which you can see here.

In addition, during the whole of October, as part of the Builderall 4.0 launch, I’ll also be offering additional Launch Bonuses to you if you decide to sign up.

Once the launch is over at Midnight October 31st, I’ll be permanently removing these Launch Bonuses.

There’s only one such bonus listed at the moment as this was a last-minute idea and I still have to put additional bonuses together.

There will be several exclusives added over the coming days.

Whenever you subscribe, before November 1st that is, you’ll get all the launch bonuses, no matter when I add them to the Bonus page.

The other 32 bonuses will still be available to you even if you subscribe after October 31st.

Free Courses From Builderall

All the best,

Gary Nugent

Check out my Instagram posts and reels here:

P.S.: Don't forget, if you want to create an internet income of your own, here's one of my recommended ways to do that:



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  1. Thanks for this review, Gary. Builderall indeed sounds better than ClickFunnels. I have had CF for a couple of months, and ran into limitations all the time (I am very critical about how design should look and just couldn’t get my pages the way I wanted them), so I am going to have a look at this software.
    And the affiliate program sounds appealing as well.

    • Those are the exact same issues that I’ve encountered with Clickfunnels too, Hannie.

      It’s ridiculous that you can’t place page elements exactly where you want them on a page in 2020.

      And their page and funnel limits on the basic $97/mth plan are too restrictive for that price.

      I’ve found, however, that lot of the marketing strategies involving generating a passive income revolve around getting people to sign up for Clickfunnels themselves.

      This might have been a no-brainer 6 years ago when Clickfunnels was formed. But there are viable alternatives out there now that either provide a less expensive service or provide more tools for the same price as Clickfunnels.

      Now that GroovePages has officially launched, its pricing is now similar to Clickfunnels’. And limitations and restrictions are imposed, depending on your Plan.

      Builderall 4.0 is now the same price as Clickfunnels but you get a huge range of tools for that money that you don’t get with Clickfunnels.

      I did subscribe to Builderall in the end because I think the tool combination is very good. I signed up for the Funnel Plan so I could get access to the 300+ funnel templates. And I got the Lifetime 30% discount on monthly membership as well, that’s on offer this month.

      With Clickfunnels, you automatically get access to their funnel templates (again, there’s hundreds of them) so you don’t have to pay extra them. So it rankled a bit that Builderall is charging for access to their own templates.

      I haven’t had the time to test-drive their funnel builder yet to see how it compares to Clickfunnels’.

      But I’ll certainly be moving some of the simpler funnels from Clickfunnels over to Builderall just to free up resources on my Clickfunnels plan.

      Builderall’s affiliate program is also better than Clickfunnels’ since it pays out on 2 Tiers and Clickfunnels only pays on 1 Tier now.

      It used to pay 5% commissions on 2nd-Tier sales but that option was retired in 2019.

      Builderall pays 30% on Tier-1 sales (your direct referrals) and 30% on Tier-2 sales (people your referrals sign up).

      So, from an affiliate marketing and passive income standpoint, Clickfunnels have stiff competition where Builderall is concerned.

  2. Wow! So much more improvements have been made to the Builderall 4.0. Though I didn’t knew of its existence till now partly because I am still a newbie marketer and it has really not been easy familiarising with everything. However, seeing all that has been shared here, I really value you and thank you for sharing here. Thanks

    • I have to admit to being a recent convert to Builderall myself, DarmiMaddie. Clickfunnels, while I still use it, just looks like bad value for money now. Builderall has so many more tools and an email marketing component that the basic Clickfunnels account lacks – you can only get that on the CF $297/mth plan!

  3. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoy going through your review as it contains valuable information one can hold on to in order to grow one’s marketing business. I never knew Builderall is this effective and with a lower cost as well, thanks for shrinking this

    • Well, the post isn’t really a review since I haven’t had a chance to delve deep into Builderall’s tools and write a definitive hands-on review yet.

      But based on what’s included in the latest version, I thought it was a “no-brainer” to sign up with Builderall and not have to worry about the number of funnels and pages I can build, as I have to with Clickfunnels.

      I’m probably going to keep my Clickfunnels account because so many top marketers use it and share funnels there. But I can build copies of the simpler funnels in Builderall and free up space in Clickfunnels for the stuff that can only be on that platform.

      The Lifetime 30% discount and the free access to the Builderall Funnel Club during October made the decision to subscribe to Builderall easier! 🙂

  4. Hello there! Thanks for sharing this amazing article on Builderall. I’ve gone through the article and I really did enjoy it. Your efforts are commendable as it contains valuable information and is well detailed. I’ve not heard of Builderall before, just Clickfunnels and all my friends that used Clickfunnels condemned it mostly because of the price. Seeing that Builderall is more effective and it has lower cost, I’d share this article with my friends. Thank you 

    • Hi Sophie, thanks for the great feedback! Yeah, the price of Clickfunnels is too high for what they’re offering when compared with the competition.

      Even when Builderall goes to full price on November 1st. it’ll still be a better option than Clickfunnels given all the additional tools you get for the same price.

      And there are no limitations on Builderall accounts like there are with Clickfunnels. 

      Elsewhere on my blog, there’s a post about the GrooveFunnels launch. This is another competitor to both Clickfunnels and Builderall.

      The reason I mention it here, is that it too is providing a suite of tools rather than a single funnel-builder tool like Clickfunnels does. 

      It’s Launch Sale ends on Sunday (October 18th). While you can open a free account, you only get limited access to a couple of the tools and upgrading to access all tools in the suite and getting unlimited accounts costs a one-time $1,397 fee (at least until midnight October 18). 

      Yes, it’s an expensive up-front payment for GrooveFunnels, but that’s the only money you’ll ever pay. It’s the equivalent of 15 months of the Basic Clickfunnels Plan or 5 months of the Clickfunnels Pro plan (which does give access to extra tools and unlimited accounts).

      So, this month, anyone looking at getting a funnel builder has 3 choices (2 excellent ones) – Builderall, GrooveFunnels or Clickfunnels. 

      But the special deals on Builderall and GrooveFunnels pricing are only available this month.

  5. I like that Builderall is a digital marketing software that provides an all-in-one-solution to digital marketing problems, beginning from building speedy websites, creating sales funnels, email marketing, chat-bots, webinars, host courses, mock-up images etc. One of the most great parts of this new launch of Builderall 4.0 is the affiliate program where the organization is giving out a huge sum of about $165,000 in launch prizes, which is the highest in the digital marketing industry. So I am going to have a look at this software.

    • Hi Joshua. Using Builderall has been a breath of fresh air after I’ve been using Clickfunnels. It’s great not having to worry about whether the latest funnel I’m building is going to push me over the account limit, as is the case with Clickfunnels.

      I joined their affiliate program back in September, and I’m seeing a small, but steady flow of people checking out the offer. I expect to see more sales coming in once the competing launch of GrooveFunnels closes on Sunday.

      Both it and Builderall offer great value for money with their launch pricing this month. 

      From an affiliate perspective, you get several hundred dollars in a one-time commission from GrooveFunnels sales and a recurring monthly commission from Builderall sales. 

  6. So nice to see this review. I’ve been a Builderall user for quite a while and I’ve been receiving emails from them. Well, the expectation of the Builderall 4.0 launch kept me thinking about things like the new and improved Funnel Club, New plans, bug fixes, new features on existing website builder, etc.

    I’ll say that Builderall 4.0 is an improved version of the 3.0. It comes with news of both payment plans, also making the service for free although with some limitations. It was done for users to get a feel of all the tools that Builderall brings, get themselves familiarized with the tools, and if they feel this will be something worth it, then they could upgrade to the Premium Plan.

    • Yes, Kelvin, the Free Plan that gives access to all of Builderall’s tools is a nice touch, even though there are limitations on use.

      And you can stay a Free member as long as you like, so it’s not a limited trial thing either.

      The Premium and Funnel Club Plans are exactly the same except that the Funnel Club Plan gives you access to the 300+ pre-built funnel, website, page, chatbot, etc. templates.

      And, during the October launch, pricing for both plans is exactly the same (including the Lifetime 30% discount), so it makes sense for a new customer to opt for the Funnel Club Plan.

      After October 31st, it’s a different story – the Lifetime discount goes away and the Funnel Club Plan will cost an additional $199.

      I’m still getting used to the tools in Builderall 4. Their funnel builder is quite different to that in Clickfunnels, which I’m now used to using!

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